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The sad fairy tale

the tsar-father on the next council seigniorial Solved somehow to hold elections of the tsar in the country.

- The correct decision, - council seigniorial hooted. - The tsar - the sovereign, as usual, we will choose you?

- Fools, - the tsar was upset. - I was tired to reign. Let`s choose the most worthy. Let`s give to our people chance of times in life of the governor ourselves clever, reasonable to choose.

- Earlier the people only on a cap was given, - boyars were surprised. - Why to it elections if we have everything?

- At you - that everything is, and the small fry has nothing to eat, - the tsar skalamburit. - We only feed them many years with promises. Any minute vzbuntut!

Boyars were frightened and imperial declared in the country elections. Like, any lackey can participate. Any cook and any groom.

There arrived from the countries distant observers. To take a look as the power samoderzhny will be replaced.

The tsar for the period of elections threw off from himself a crown imperial and began to wait when wishing to be elected the tsar he runs probably - is invisible.

Day waits, month waits, there is nobody. It is visible during board imperial fought belief in elections off the small fry. Or were frightened everything that whom will be cried out on the square, certainly at once in a lock-up and hidden that.

But the tsar-father was stubborn. Began to go over the country and to be enough any passer - cross for sleeves.

- Go supposedly work as the tsar. I am the second ten years as the convict Siberian in an enty God-forsaken hole I plow. Bothered to death.

And well give the crown on this passer - cross to stuff.

And narodishko from it as from leprous jumps aside. Go a pier, the tsar-father, on the place on working. So many years you already order us that already all and adapted. And elections of an enta let in other kingdoms - the states eksperimentrut.

And boyars, so those on the quiet only laughed. Here supposedly as narodishko tamed in years samoderzhny. Life for the tsar will be given, and the throne will not be dared to be taken. Even on the bases legitimate. Hares in fields, and those will be more brave.

And the tsar meanwhile the next time on the throne got, shabby got on a crown. And more unfortunate tsar all over the world was not.

And as the chronicler imperial told subsequently: there is no

“Life above, but it is not below“