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How to bake mutton with potato?

Well, began! Began … Did not manage to write about mutton with lentil as fell down … From all directions!

“Yes you from where took what lentil is ours? You at least once at whom on a table saw it? You never know in the days of yore was! Was and bylyyom last century overgrew. Personally I, so saw that lentil only in Avhan how sarboza kneaded it. Meatless, of course.

And itself, znamo business, tried. Interestingly. Not … Not! Not that absolutely. Only bawls. Not that a kartoshechka which melts directly in the mouth. Especially, when put it, weeded, dug out. Yes here sour creams, it is buttered it is not necessary. Directly itself on a table asks, and then and in a mouth without what help jumps. Though boiled, though baked. Though whole, though tovcha.

Here kartofan, I understand, is ours. And you that? “Zhograusha“ … What, really, what more solid potato dish did not lay up? No, so - that and cheese cakes - anything. But itself you understand how to the meatless man? Perhaps is with meat - the fact that?“.

Yes how not to be? Is, of course. And with potato. And with myasky if it, darling, the soul asks. And unless you will refuse to it?

Here also we take a baraninka piece. It is desirable such that the hand felt - is, there is in it something like that. What the sense surely will leave.

Also there will be it if from half a kilogram and above. And the top level, so that is everyone to itself itself establishes. If my opinion of whom interests, then it is possible to be limited to kilogram also. Though … A holiday, it never happens much. So if the soul asks, it is possible also for a pobola of kilogram.

We take this weighty piece in the left hand, and in right - the knife which is sharply ground. Also we do them in meat small, but deep such cuts. Like pockets. And these pockets have to be two types. One - are deeper that reached a stone (if that, of course, in our piece is available!) and others more small. In them we put small pieces of lard. It is possible Belarusian. It just - already with spices. And for - apa … No, probably, more appetizingly, than at Belarusian. To them - precisely mutton not to spoil that!

And in those “pockets“, what is deeper, we put the chesnochok cleared. Where a clove and where also there will be enough half.

As larded a mutton piece everything, than it is necessary, - to rub it with spices. The pepper is black, red - it is obligatory. Well, and the rest - everyone is guided by the taste.

After spices the turn of soy sauce came. It is better to take “Kikkoman“. He, however, “bites“, but … Perhaps we will remember that we are not so rich to buy cheap things? It it is also required - that 3 - 4 tablespoons, it is no more. And butylek on 150 grams. For a long time will last. Of course, for the lack of stamp, it is possible and that to a podeshevsha to take. Vietnamese or Chinese sauce. But not that it. At all not that. They impact much sharper relish to meat. And “Kikkoman“, even if it not original, Japanese, and German production … Absolutely other calico!

I never measure it by tablespoons. So, by eye, slightly dripped on a piece that sauce on it, butylek began to flow - away and already two hands, properly sauce not that smeared, and vmassirovat it in meat carefully and diligently. Then put in the enameled saucepan, covered with a lid and - in the refrigerator. On the lower shelf. For about four hours.

And as time will approach, for a half-hour before to get meat from the refrigerator, you take potato medium-sized - ten - one and a half tubers that they completely covered with one layer a bottom of small, but rather deep baking sheet - and you clean it. Cleaned also tselenky, without cutting, you stack in a baking sheet on which bottom already dripped a little, the trifle, vegetable oil.

Laid potato, added some salt and from above too - slightly sprinkled masliyets. And already on potato - mutton. From above closed all this wealth a foil and - in the oven which is previously warmed degrees to hundred twenty.

There to meat to stand hour. Can slightly more. But it is not less. As meat is ready - at once will understand on that aroma that it will fill not only kitchen, but also on all apartment will extend. And even neighbors will begin to hammer on the door. Like, not to a tatara we and that came uninvited, so are guilty - there is nothing to brag of different delicacies on all entrance.

Here also justify that I do not brag. Itself in an entrance crept out. Even through the door closed.

For now neighbors at a table take seats, forks - plates among themselves divide, the foil from a baking sheet can be removed, watered meat with the formed yushka and to include the top fire in an oven. Let the baraninka will slightly be reddened.

In principle, all. It would be possible and with neighbors in couple of news to be thrown. Especially, did not see them how many … Yes perhaps, from that time as the last time baked meat with potato. And there was it … Oh, long ago … Long ago. So news collected …

But! Not time still to be thrown by news. It is better then when mutton already on portion plates is spread out. Well, and potato - with it near.

And now … Not time so far. Still salad! And that what mutton and without salad?

For it we first of all need a knife. Sharply ground. And all the rest will be put to it. Also pomidorka will be put, first of all. It is desirable tasty. And still - not really large. The grade “slivka“ - will approach. Better “gold apple“ and where it, this “Yabloko“, you will find now? So we take “slivka“, we wash and we cut it thin circles. We add a pepper to tomatoes. We cut out a fruit stem, we clean from seeds and we cut. Too - they are onenky circles. For this purpose and the knife sharp is necessary.

It is better to take a pepper zheltenkiya. Because to it and krasnenky tomatoes to add still small chopped greens … And the name beautiful for salad can be thought up. Like “the traffic light of desires“. Like, our soul wished a holiday, we to it also included “green“ to the full extent.

And in addition to the name, cleared a clove three a chesnochka. Cut it swept and crushed. It is possible in a mortar, it is possible in a chesnokodavka. More mortar is pleasant to me, but when time draws in, then not to do without chesnokodavka. And now, I feel, draws in … Here - here neighbors forks on a table will begin to knock.

So garlic suppressed and - in salatik it. In addition to it - a spoon wine, and it is better - apple cider vinegar. And masliyets, masliyets. It is desirable - not refined and not deodorized. That it though smelled of oil. And that what flavourless salad? Watered with dukhmyany masliyets, mixed thoroughly and - on a table. On which already mutton with potato on plates are spread out. And a fork at everyone already about half an hour as in the left hand, and a knife - in right.

Here only before to use them, counted everyone about itself to twenty, calmed down and remembered - and for what, actually, all of us together sat down at a table. - joint stock company?! And to be thrown by news?.