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“Do not make laugh my horseshoes!“ And to you general endarkenment is necessary?

We walked all family in the center of the country town. There was an early autumn, but heat all did not recede. Under a genial sunshine birds fervently chirped.

At a playground the children babbled. We with mother were gone ahead by the father, and near him, holding a forefinger, his grandson - my son hobbled. Ridiculously distorting words, rearranging sounds, the boy called everything that met to us on the way after the grandfather.

“And - hectare - tobus!“ - by with growl passed the bus.

“Kixia Bai - Bai! Babble - babble, bys!“ - birdies obeyed and flew away from the sleeping kitten.

“Car! And - and! I am afraid!“ - on the sidewalk where only pedestrians usually go, dusty “bumer“ came around - so the gilded youth calls “BMW“.

The young man dressed a little provocatively and quite carelessly got out of salon. “Advanced!“ - one my familiar eighth-grader delightfully would tell. On mobile it was called, and all districts was filled in with the cacophony beating from phone loudspeaker.

What the youth said to the interlocutor (or the interlocutor?!) I will not be able to repeat. Such words on paper do not lay down. The most terrible that this disgusting scene was witnessed by the children playing on the platform, my one-and-a-half-year-old son and the gray-haired father. Without knowing where to get to with shame, we four together hurried to leave.

Literally shortly before it we had to feel similar shock in the yard of the nearest school. And the perfect strong language flew from absolutely young lips on which, as in the known saying, milk did not dry yet. The adults who are nearby, teachers, elderly people were not taken into account. There is an impression that in a circle of schoolmates such behavior is considered special valor, adds points in a rating among peers, helps also to itself to seem “more abruptly“!

“To what you are surprised! Now they have such fashion! - mummies same, as at me convince, kids. - Here you will arrange the in a garden, you will hear not it yet!“ But explain

to me why? From where in our society it undertakes? Why in fashion now - to build the most disgusting in a cult, to spoil language, with relish to say what it is a shame to the person respecting himself even to think of in the presence of old men and kids?! I listen to lovely, touching babble of the kid and I do not believe that it is possible. Though...

A few years ago to TV screens there was an animated film “Alyosha Popovic and Tugarin Zmey“. Having heard then that premier display is expected, I very much was delighted. There now, thought, at last officials from culture understood that for education in youth of patriotism it is necessary to address such plots, and began to shoot new animated films based on the Russian bylinas. And what? Our youth “was kidding“ over these motives much, and creators of the movie just mocked at the Russian heroic epos, consciousness and spirituality.

About what to speak if in this animated film the baby Alyosha, the priest`s son, takes in a mouth instead of a pacifier a napersny cross - a great symbol of sacrifice and a martyrdom from Christians, and takes out a ringlet with a strelochka - a symbol which at sexologists designates a machismo. So supposedly all of you with your spirituality!

The silly “powerful horse“ bearing a name Guy Julius Caesar philosophizes much and, by the way, teaches the epic athlete Alyosha to hide for backs of old men minutes of danger and preaches a self-interest. Any nobility, any national pride! “the powerful horse“ meets their slightest manifestations by the remark “Do Not Make Laugh My Horseshoes!“ well, very modern approach!

And songs powerful at them in style “hip-hop“. Though of what else national idea “author“ of the modern legend on Alyosha Popovic could inform descendants if, according to the script of the animated film, was engaged in the biography of the athlete Moisey with gold hoofs and the mouth full of gold teeth settled?!

Many parents already reconciled to the fact that children do not want to watch normal animated films, in what there is no violence and heroes are similar to normal people and animals. No, give them some horror stories where blood flows, ugly characters destroy everything around and cut out each other skulls.

Sometimes, changing channels, you will see it that the nervous tic begins. What do we want from children with their unstable mentality?

From here and bad manners, phobias, suicides, aggression in children`s collectives, the sharp conflicts with parents, ukhoda from the house, familiarizing with terrible sects … How many creators of these “masterpieces“ pay owners of TV channels for their advance in Russia, and really really general endarkenment of youth is favorable to someone?

Probably, it is favorable. Otherwise there would be no children`s seamy side on screens of our TVs! Would not allow a patsanva to buy “shooter games“ and to have a good time virtual murders! Ugly dolls with brutal expression of persons, musical toys with such terrible soundtrack would not be on sale in the markets that the first reaction to it - to switch off, destroy, pull out microchip “heart“ that did not cry out, did not irritate, did not turn children into the zombie.

“Monster“ from the next entrance whacked one my familiar boy on the head a piece of a pipe. The benefit that everything managed “with small losses“.

“Offspring“ of my acquaintance, having seen enough any rubbish, began to collect “tribute“ from junior school pupils, banged them ruthlessly if they refused to give him money. And after parents learned about it and punished him, pulled down all cash from the house and moved in races.

One more juvenile company in the cellar breathed glue. Having become slightly more adult, began to smoke “grass“, and after that, become stupid, went to gather passersby. On easy money “wetted“ monsters in computer salon. Where a guarantee that once they “will not kill“ quite real person?!

Children do not realize real danger. And if realize, then the consciousness drugged by their moronic animated cartoons and computer “shooter games“ needs feed by evil adrenaline. For them the Success, Good luck, the Victory is a stream of obscene language under the arches of school, it is the night spent at the computer, it is the monitor screen which is filled in red: “You won!“, “You killed all!“, “You are abrupt!“.

Yes any you are not abrupt! So the moral freak who needs to be isolated from society behaves and to treat seriously! Otherwise years through five when from foul language, animated cartoons, “shooter games“ and “Moment“ already ceases “to peret“ you, for the sake of evil adrenaline you will pass to things become serious.

What can happen further? Yes anything! But the most terrible if to you, the guy when you mature, in this life is not presented to drive a happy occurence for the handle of the little fragile man, to show it kind animated films about Leopold`s cat, the uncle Fedor, the Cheburashka, to teach it to the best human qualities and the pure, beautiful native language.

Therefore itself solve whether this endarkenment is necessary to you? Or - well it! Perhaps to become reasonable? September came!