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Whether it is easy to be mother? My maternal “capital“

If me was suddenly asked: “What it is necessary for you for entire happiness?“, I straight off would answer: “Second child! And by all means girl!“ However, then strong would reflect, would analyse a situation - weighed all pros and cons. With all the heart, all maternal being, of course - pro! But in our society - contra.

Never loved those who abuse the country. I do not love and now. But one business - the homeland, and another - society.

My homeland was the fair socialist country where the leader and party cared for that children had day nursery, kindergartens, schools that children had mothers and fathers - happy and cheerful, not cowed by life and eternal search of means of livelihood, not victimized by notorious “housing problem“. You work - at you though the hostel, and there and on the apartment through five - ten years the turn will reach. Therefore we - my generation 70 - x - grew at happy children, despite lines for sharp-clawed blue chickens, sausage and kefir, and also immemorial deficiency of everything is from a children`s belyishk to qualitative furniture.

Homebrew “democrats“ brought to us at the beginning of 90 - x the surprises. One by one hot spots flashed on the map of the former Soviet country. In one of them my youth was singed. The most expensive - faith in people and justice burned down on this fire. As though houses of cards, developed on my eyes the Grozny nine-storey buildings, and together with them - plans for the future in which I could become at least - Candidate of Philology, and by all means - mother of big family. Under a terrible roar of installations of volley fire I understood that it is better not to have, than is so cruel, inexplicable, it is ridiculous to lose! Understood because saw how mothers lose the children. Also there passed long ten years before my soul thawed. Then I became a Mother. It is noble, sacred mission, however who, except mothers, considers that it so?

You saw sometime the employer who was enraptured with the fact that the subordinate gathered in a maternity leave? And if she is going to come to work, having left the kid to cares of the nurse? Delight, to put it mildly, any. Still! The small child is frequent colds. And frequent colds are the compelled absence of the woman on a workplace. Nevertheless, the benefit that measles, chicken pox and quinsy will respond to treatment. But Mothers have an enemy much more terrible and more dangerous. This callousness of officials.

We already weaned from the concept “deficiency“ and from turns in shops. And turns in establishments still make the life of us miserable. Unfortunately, though be indignant though is not present, and any does not do without the long hours spent waiting under state doors a little - malsk an important issue. You want to receive the passport or to issue registration of the kid at the place of residence - turn moreover what!

Recently I tried to get to the chief of a passport office several days in a row. It was possible from the third attempt. What I there only did not see: and the old woman fainting from closeness and narrowness and disgusting fight when the healthy man, trying to jump the line, grappled in a fight with the woman. Young mother, by the way!

One more misunderstanding unworthy a civilized society, - recalculation of payment of utilities for juvenile children since the birth. You can imagine how many our kids “ate“ gas and drank waters in Russia - the country losing from year to year population but rich in natural resources! Oligarchs of it will not worry! Them is that the capitals consist of our remains!

Yes children will not eat around Russia! Annually we become exactly one so many less how many to the people lives in any Russian province! We will die out as dinosaurs, but will not concede magnates to our children of the right free of charge, or at least for 50% of cost, to use gas, water and other benefits of a civilization! Behind recalculation of a communal flat - the same turn at the end of which you can just be barked for sluggishness and untimely registration of registration.

Though if to judge, where to young mummies to think of it if there are pressing problems, being urgent - to feed, dress, put on the child (well if money is enough not only for the Chinese consumer goods!) to pay to it the decent nurse because mummy, first of all, needs to earn on all this moreover and on the livelihood! And, by the way, our society such is that often nobody, except her, does not care before!

Registration of any documents - turn. And to get to municipal kindergarten - it is necessary to register when the kid was not born yet, differently the turn cannot wait at all - the child will just stop being the preschool child!

They are problems of mothers. But it is necessary to pass hell circles that mother to become.

At the end of fall, crude, frosty early in the morning incidentally became the witness to the scene which is simply shocking with the cynicism - lines of pregnant women on the street, under a door of a maternity welfare unit. To get on ultrasonography, future mummies came to get in a queue a bit earlier, hours from seven, and stood, covering from ice wind stomachs, on a path from concrete plates. One woman in a dressing gown over the night dress fitting a large stomach asks Prikovylyal: “Little girls, pass without turn! It seems that I began an otsloyka of a placenta - from a hospital urgently sent!“ The turn hooted - prior to reception still kind half an hour, and here such situation moreover and on cold in one dressing gown. I ask the man in a camouflage with the inscription “protection“: “Why in women you do not let? When it was?“ It appears, before eight nobody it is not allowed to let in. Probably, in the light of the last decisions on fight against terrorism...

Now sometimes I think, than this history ended - whether the child at that, in a dressing gown survived? Everything is clear, the order is an order. But how now that man in a camouflage for which life of the woman and future child costs cheaper, than own comfort looks in the face to pregnant women?! It could not endanger itself(himself) to lose such work, having violated once the instruction. Why then to it camouflage? These are clothes of the soldier! Knight! Put on it a skirt! And it is interesting that officials from medicine think?! Kids at us are born painful. And so to you! Temper them on a frost in a womb! And it is unimportant that future mother can have serious problems with kidneys and other bodies, very important for a child-bearing.

Subject this difficult. To speak aloud and to write about it it is not accepted, but I write. Perhaps society will wake up and really will turn facing Mother. Then that children - not only our specifically future, but also the future of mankind, are just etched in similar turns. And then - in turns in children`s policlinic where even for a fee it is not always possible to child of the working mother to get to many narrow experts.

I very much love children. If my destiny developed differently, for certain I with pleasure would be mother having many children. Yes the era of Knights ended only long ago. Presidential promises you will not be full today. And not in them put. Not the Woman, not Mother the one who agrees to motherhood for the sake of money. Therefore I have only one child. Whether I from the son Rytsar, the Man, the Father for the future grandsons will be able to bring up? I will be able if society does not prevent.

Anyway, I know one: my son - the most expensive that is in this life. My main and only maternal “capital“. And he will give me strength to put it on legs - to bring up, dress, put, to learn and make Rytsar, the Defender, the Man.