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How not to “burn down“ on the way to the purpose?

to Recognize the person inclined to “combustion“, simply. Usually it is the active and dynamic personality which is carried away by career, some business.

In this group of the increased risk there can be people who as obliges help others, teach them. These are teachers, doctors, rescuers, social workers etc. But in development of a syndrome of combustion not the last role is played also by personal qualities of the person.

Including perfectionism (aspiration to reach perfection), the overestimated requirements to and people around. Usually such people have fear of failure, seek “to correspond“ always, the increased feeling of responsibility is peculiar to them, they live with feeling “everything keeps on me“. Besides that these people, as a rule, workaholics, they can be internally not sure, are even inclined to excessive self-criticism.

The similar state at people is shown differently. But the main signs are a fatigue, apathy and emotional exinanition. Very often happens so that the person sets before himself the purpose, aspires to it, but vital circumstances it is insuperable impede its implementation. Sometimes even the workaholic, having tested fiasco, can become puzzled, turn into the weak-willed performer.

Experts pay attention to three steps of development in people of a syndrome of combustion.

The first is tension. During this period of people the dissatisfaction with, disappointment, uneasiness, irritability feels. The second is a rezistention (the situation worsens, less positive emotions), the number of problems with which the person cannot cope grows. As a result, the person tests moral and physical exhaustion. This lack of emotions, loss of, can arise serious problems with health.

It is necessary to tell that the people testing similar states not always see a doctor. Many of us, feeling as what brought joy earlier, does not please now, are suppressed, disappointed or cannot cope with commonplaces, take all this for usual overfatigue. Say, it is not so terrible. It is necessary to have a rest a little, and everything will be restored by itself. Cases are frequent that even after rest apathy does not disappear, the mood is not lightened, the fatigue does not leave.

And that is absolutely unpleasant, the person begins to feel headaches, back, breast pains, he is tormented by sleeplessness. Very often “burned down“ complain of the growing weight. So, overeating, they run away from problems. For the same reason people have a thirst for alcohol, nicotine, gamblings etc. of

By the way, responsible for a syndrome of combustion - the internal conflict which comes from discrepancy of the desirable to valid.

Let`s say that the person is obsessed with some idea, for the sake of it he is ready for all. Other spheres of life cease to interest him, there is a certain distortion, career (business) blocks need for hobbies, friends, the family suffers. This contradiction badly affects mentality. Such person all the time feels the leaving train running for with which, alas, it is very difficult to catch up.

Or still example. The person has very veiled requirements to himself. He established for himself such “level“ which to overcome not in forces. And then quite successful people begin “to burn“.

Methods of treatment of a syndrome of combustion are individual. But there are also general recommendations connected with positive thinking which are applicable for each person, okazavshegosyav this situation. The main thing from them is to understand and to fall in love with itself. The person has to realize that he is unique and unique that not progress is a criterion of its eccentricity, and the personality. The personality acts as a source of success, pleasure and love. At last, satisfactions with life.

It is not less important to learn to respect own requirements and desires. Be not afraid that someone will badly think of you, in something will condemn. People do all this through a prism of own perception. And still. You should not follow “idol“. When the success in a profession, the ideal relations, etc. becomes an idol, for example. When for the sake of it the person on the card sets all for achievement the purposes, from the owner of the aspirations he turns into their servant, and then loses also himself.

You will tell that only very keen people make discoveries, become heroes and Nobel laureates. Everything is right. But agree that transcendental heights are reached not by all.

However to achieve something essential in life, to achieve the objectives, it is necessary also to manage not to burn down on the way to it.