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Whether the Japanese car is necessary to me?

Today we will talk about the most reliable Japanese cars and we will consider in detail each brand, we will reveal their advantages and shortcomings.

Without underestimating advantages of many models of other brands of the Japanese cars at all, at once it is possible to tell that Toyota cars is expensively best of all are suitable for ours.

The statistics of the cars bought in Russia speaks about it. And not a sprosta, of Toyota on forces to sustain awful quality of roads, climatic conditions and the gasoline which on quality is leaving much to be desired.

On reliability polls the first places from Toyota, occupy the Corolla and Carina models.

Toyota cars have great popularity thanks to traditional qualities of their car - reliability, durability in work. All this thanks to laborious and correct approach of engineers to development of a car.

On boundless open spaces of Russia where for hundreds of kilometers there are no car services, it is possible to find the reliable Japanese Toyota cars maintaining any extreme conditions without breakages.

In each class Toyota have all-wheel drive cars which are improved and developed more than 20 years which as any other cars are suitable for the Russian roads.

At Toyota cars each car in independence of model and a class has the identity, and their SUVs have no equal around the world, they are used by missions of the UN even on the most impassable roads thanks to the tested reliability, quality and non-failure operation.

The following brand of the car which is let out in Japan about which we will talk, will be of NISSAN .

They practically do not concede on quality of engines of Tayote and which - where surpass them. In them difficult systems of suspension brackets, are applied to comfortable driving and convenience in management on the most unpredictable roads.

But the difficult design is not intended for constant potholes and ruts therefore suspension brackets quickly fail, especially at the models Almera, Primera and similar. And design features are executed in such a way that the most part of loading is the share of the case that, eventually, influences its durability.

Best of all the models Cedrik, Laurel, Skyline are suitable for the Russian roads, etc.

the Following to belong to the list of the reliable cars which are let out in Japan of Mitsubishi .

Trying to apply the most advanced technologies when developing cars, the company as though does not have enough financing. To it suggests an idea to detailed survey of quality of assembly of many models where it is possible to find not qualitative welded seams, the hidden cavities, a thin covering from corrosion and some other defects.

On the Russian roads of Mitsubishi feels not very well. The Russian gasoline and the more so climate is not recommended to GDI engines to start the car in 30 degrees of a frost the perfect condition of all systems is necessary. Transmissions “tiptronic“ need continuous service and specialized oil. Also on Mitsubishi the short-stroke multilever suspension brackets demanding leaving and frequent service operation are established.

But these “defects“ do not become an obstacle in acquisition of the new Mitsubish models,

such as Lancer Evo, Pajero Evo and others.


the Trump of these cars are the fast and having the full drive versatile persons and sedans which engine is created on the basis of the reliable and proved EJ20. It has 4 cylinders at the volume of 2 liters and has a capacity from 137 to 280 h.p.

such engine is ideally suited for the Russian conditions of climate, it has optimum power, but there is also a shortcoming - tendency to an overheat.

Subarus are in general the reliable cars checked by time. Has excellent controllability, especially during the winter period but, as well as all have the shortcomings:

Complexity of a design, hypersensibility to quality of gasoline, a problem with spare parts. But these “shortcomings“ grow dim against its advantages and quality of driving to which not each car can be compared.


Characteristic feature all of hondovsky motors of small volumes is the maximum turns: capacities over 8000, maximum torques - more than 6000.

For example, the Honda S2000 engine - F20 (2. 0 liters, 250 l. forces., at 8300 revolutions per minute, the maximum torque makes 222 Nanometers at 7500 about. / min.) - is the champion on power among atmospheric motors.

It is undoubted that in order that cars worked without failures in operation, conditions, favorable for them, it and good gasoline and oils, roads of satisfactory quality, high-quality service are necessary.

From Hondas adequately on the Russian roads in comparison with other models Accord, Saber, Inspire, etc. behave. Sport cars - Integra Type R are especially good, S2000 which, without having turbonaduv, give excellent results on roads.

Finally we will talk about cars of MAZDA firm . It is possible to carry to shortcomings of these cars a small gleam, and quite weak suspension bracket that makes impossible their use on roads of bad quality.

Despite it, in them price / quality ratios are harmoniously combined. For use in Russia models can carry to the best Familia, Capella, Millenia.

The Japanese cars can be carried to the best, but there is nothing perfect therefore to what brand to give preference - to solve to you!