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To Lyub`it - not to lyub`it? (Part 2) of

O. Yu. All of us know that to recognize justice of the law or a precept it is rather easy, but here to correspond, execute, submit - quite another matter. Especially, in Russia the people from time immemorial prefer to be in a peculiar dissident contradiction with legislature. The law of Love waits for the same relation?

M. Shch. Priznavat is possible anything, and under violence, social or economic, we recognize any power, though we will grumble, by the way, that in Russia became traditional for a long time. But not such is the Divine Law of Love. It is not creation of hands human, it is a natural reality. It should be known and applied in everyday activity, whatever spheres, hierarchical levels and segments of life it concerned. Submission of the life to the Law of Love is the most responsible, honourable and noble task of each person, each citizen of the country and the patriot of the homeland - Earth.

I do not know, and nobody knows that he waits for the Law of Love in the future, but I am firmly convinced, very well I know that people were tired, neither two, nor one and a half yearned from absence of love, from social uncertainty, especially from these eternal Russian “neither fish nor fowl“, ““, from eternal slyness of the power and people around. People want, demand, insist that the answer was “yes or not - no“, otherwise already forces just are not enough for anything.

Everything accurately places the law of Love on the places, gives everyone a certain fatal support in life. And bigger it is also not necessary because all the rest the person can and wants to make. In it it both Honour, and Slava, and Pride, and the Essence, and Meaning of life. And all from capital letter. The person - it really sounds Is proud. The law of Love says how to reach it, to achieve, create itself at any age. What will leave all this, time will tell …

O. Yu. On Earth wise men spoke about accession of the Law of Love for a long time. In particular, in Russia the count Tolstoy was his big preacher. And it is clear that similar conclusions do not arise from scratch. Whom do you consider as the mentors and is valid at the Law similar prospects?

M. Shch. yes. Great the world trusted and hoped for development of humanity and predicted fast emergence of the Law of Love. Starting with Zarathustra, Hermes, Moisey, Buddha, Christ, Magomet and finishing classics of philosophy, art, science - many names, by the way, are entered in the list of references to the book. All of us it is from the childhood, about 350 million years as were born as the first living cell appeared, since then and we wait - page. Waited, at last … (laughs - a comment of O. Yu.)

But it is serious. The law of Love is dialectically based, on the one hand, on the Divine component presented by such concepts as belief, hope, love with another - on a material, human component with such concepts as instincts of self-preservation, reproduction, a herd instinct of fauna, therefore, it is possible to speak about Divine Absoluteness of the Law. More reliable support in life, in principle, does not exist. Here to you and the answer to a question, what prospect at the Law of Love - fine.

What race, country what what people will understand rather and the Law of Love, that country will introduce in the mass of citizens and will dominate in the world. Those people will have accurate reference points on the future, clear doctrines ideological, political, socially - demographic, voyenno - economic. In more detail these consequences following from the Law of Love as bases of the Ideological doctrine are described by me in work “The global Project of mankind of the third millennium“. I all - hope and all my work is devoted to that it occurred in Russia. I am ready to cooperate with power structures which development of these doctrines interests.

O. Yu. You are not confused by similar “immodesty“ of your claims?

M. Shch. Okh, I do not even understand about what a question. In what immodesty? I created the doctrine, defined the principles, created laws, and all this for whom, is asked for whom I worked? Nevertheless for people, for the sake of mankind.

Forgive, and it is possible a counter question? And for whom Tchaikovsky wrote the First concert? And the mechanic for whom works? And bricklayer or janitor? Poets, musicians, scientists, public servants? And military to whom serve? What does it have to do with modesty as concept?

To make fatal discovery and to hide it from mankind, and such single examples exist, it is meanness in relation to those who grew up you, fostered, educated and lives near you, in the native land. I more worry on the fact that could not release the work earlier to the world as time for strict and rigid scientific approbation was required. I am a scientist, and professional ethics for me not an empty phrase.

I have no claims and cannot be in principle. Give - that God that there was a world and prosperity to my favourite Homeland and all people on the earth. And if it is promoted by the Law of Love, then I will only be glad. Then the Divine idea will come true.

O. Yu. Eto your first book, Mikhail Nikolaevich?

M. N. Books within the Doctrine the Solar Way quite a lot, in any case, quite enough for inquisitive mind is written. My books can be found in electronic form in the Internet, and also lectures in audiooption are published. It is possible to get and begin to master them independently science and art to live, without waiting until all books are published in printing option. And everyone can independently and responsibly define intensity of training and introduction of the Law of Love and other principles taking into account age, education, in general - need and desires to love and create.

What most important, important, necessary in life? - Life time as irreplaceable resource. Health and forces as an opportunity to live and work.

What gives to the person the Law of love? - Clarity and pleasure of life, but before saving of time and forces, and it very much and very important in our unruly, prompt century.

So read and you do not say what was not read, listen and you do not say that not heard … Having eyes and ears yes will see and will hear.

See you!

Conversation was conducted by @Olga Juntunen.