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To Lyub`it - not to lyub`it? (Part 1) of

In October already, one may say, the leaving 2010 publishing house of the International Academy the Solar Way publishes Mikhail Shchelkonogov`s book from the Doctrine Solar Way series under the loud name “Law of Love“. The name as we see, so pretentious as far as also inconsistent, we can only guess contents. But now we have an opportunity to ask questions to the author - to Mikhail Shchelkonogov.

O. Yu. Mikhail Nikolaevich, leaves the new book, whether but such it NEW actually? What new will be found by those who will buy it?

M. Shch. Ideas soar in air, all new, as we know, is well forgotten old. It is important to staticize it, to show from a non-existence. At the same time there is a modernization of information connected with the fact that new knowledge, new opportunities of mankind was shown. Not to stop progress, evolution, and we are forced to reconsider constantly old traditional concepts with one purpose - to correspond to a new century, a new era of mankind, to increase our opportunities for transformation and improvement of vital conditions and expansion of prospects.

What will be received by the reader? Hard to say. Depends on the one who reads - everyone the, probably. In general, the new concept / doctrine / doctrine which accurately, clearly, unambiguously defines the concept of love jammed and leveled now gives concrete behavioural reference points, the principles and techniques of the organization of activity, adjusts a beacon, awakens hope and self-confidence and people.

O. Yu. What means “awakens“? How?

M. Shch. Kazhdy from us in a different measure, but already tested destructive consequences of treachery, insidiousness, change. When the faith in people and hope for tomorrow fall. And the person is already afraid to open the heart, to believe, fall in love, trust in another. But also without love it is absolutely impossible to live, drearily, boringly and sadly.

It is quite possible to understand everyone, well, were young, are green, did not understand that there is a love on what it is possible and it is necessary to hope to whom and as far as to trust. Now, nowadays, there is a social experience of communication, but also knowledge and abilities is necessary. The book serves this task - to consciously awaken all best qualities in the person, at the same time explaining him the possible reefs expecting on the way. Returns belief and hope and learns to Love responsibly, accurately, consciously!

O. Yu. No why “Law“? Unless the love submits to laws? The law - the severe word, people dream of heat, tenderness, care, freedom, at last...

M. Shch. The law - the severe word? Well, then all best words are severe, for example, a debt, service, belief, hope, mercy and so on … Actually everything depends on depth of understanding of concepts. As they say, it is heavy in the doctrine - easily in fight. It is heavy to penetrate into an essence and to learn, but then it is so easy to live!

Love - concept extremely capacious and exacting, on the one hand, but also, dialectically, absolutely empty if upon feeling, thought, words and acts remain not divided. Let`s consider the concepts “price“ and “cost“ something. On bowls of scales - pricelessness and pricelessness, costs very much and do not cost anything. Different sides of the same coin, the defining absolutely various way, an image and lifestyle, and, of course, as the result a result of life will be extremely opposite. Everyone chooses on himself. Whether it is worth devoting time for studying of the Law of Love? Not to me the question, and to readers is their right of the free and independent choice - what they want?

O. Yu. So, so people should not? Unless it is not obligatory for all and everyone to obey to the Law?

M. Shch. Dolg is severe when the person serves with total dedication, and is absolutely indifferent in case the person does not divide him. Example? Please: severity of the Russian laws is counterbalanced with a non-obligation of their execution - corruption does not demand sense of duty, on the contrary. Between the power and citizens not just there is no public contract, and all difficulties as the narrow egoistical morals are at the moment more favorable to the majority are made to its emergence. It is one of the elementary consequences, by the way, violations morally - the moral Law of Love. You want to love and be a darling, but at the same time do not want to live honestly and validly is a nonsense, but your option.

Executing the Law of Love, it is possible to trust people and to be sure in tomorrow since. naturally the person is confident in results of the work. But it is possible and to ignore all laws of human community, and also naturally to reap deserved punishment. The person - the God`s creation which received will power and a freedom of choice from the birth. Therefore all from the person, all in hands of the person!

The law of Love is, first of all, protection, the house native, uniform for all; especially sharply it is felt by those who since the childhood were deprived of heat of a home. Everything, to the countries and the people, all mankind - the law!

O. Yu. Oy!

M. Shch. Yes. Agree, it is difficult, very difficult to show care, heat and tenderness in the steppe under the scorching sun, “with uncovered to stand the head“. And unless each person dreams of it? All want to have the cozy house, a strong family, healthy and clever children and grandsons, want work and creativity in pleasure, is equal also to financial independence - and so on all these questions which set the person from century to century, answers and solves individually (!) Law of Love.

And everyone, I emphasize, each person, irrespective of religion, race, education, will find the personal individual “instruction of life on Earth“. And it is the first step because further, having firmly got on feet, everyone seeks to increase power of the found Love, effectively, it is practical and pragmatically to build the future to itself and the descendants.

O. Yu. Well why all - “law“? This word, in my opinion, causes only unpleasant associations...

M. Shch. Govor so, you brightly show the vicious world outlook installations reigning in our society. The law is the order, an order necessary for stable and forward development of society. There will be no law, there will come the chaos. What we also observe. Lyubov is the power phenomenon which is a basis of any primary basic motivation to life, to work, to creativity. The disorder, unrestrained love often conducts to awful tragedies. And at the same time without love everything grows dim, and with it all blossoms and so what just right to speak about Miracles!

O. Yu. All of us are citizens of any country and we submit to various laws, starting with the Constitution and finishing the Criminal code. What rights gives also with what punishments the Law of Love threatens us?

M. Shch. The law of Love - the Divine law, super and nadchelovechesky, Natural, universal. Such concept as the Moral Right which costs and is appreciated above, than the legal right is connected with it. Compliance with law of Love leads to legal life in general, in whatever state and society you turned out what collisions from which nobody is insured happened to you, - is told: do not promise.

The law of Love is a core, a basis of bases of life, service, honor and conscience, a board and a sword. Thus, the Law of Love gives to the person all the best, all necessary and sufficient for life - what the mankind from the most emergence dreamed of. And I will repeat after Alexandre Dumas: “There is a law which does not depend on opinions and acts of people, here only it also should serve - the Law of Love“.

O. Yu. What will happen to those who will begin to follow the Law of Love?

M. Shch. Kazhdy needs chance! Further everything is limit individually according to need and aspiration of the person to full value of life. Nobody can force or force the person to be happy, to love and be darling is besides the free and independent choice of the personality. (see the Program “Freedom. Choice. Independence.“ - a comment of O. Yu.)

However if I follow the Law of Love, then I have a moral Right to demand to Mer observance of all laws in relation to me, and there we will look at results. Students of our Academy for the last twenty years endured several reorganizations, several crises and several doomsday and what? They have families, children, grandsons, prospects, smiles on faces, and every day «everything only begins“ that means not just certain light at the end of some mythical tunnel, and a real operational scope for life in its fullest manifestation, and not on some there Mars, and now in Russia, here, in the homeland, at home.

Be continued.