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Integration as work. Part 2

1. Try to analyse once again carefully that forced you to change the residence what true motives of your decision and how you saw the solution of your problems by means of moving. Whether something changed in this deal after arrival to the new country as why it is concrete? Who and what influences your decisions and actions now, on the place? If records help to fix thoughts - do not neglect a pencil and paper or computer opportunities.

2. Answer questions: what do I know? what do I am able? and how it is possible to realize it in new conditions to achieve goals? What can I use and from what it is necessary to refuse or learn new? What skills and crafts which I own are demanded in the new country right now? Example: you is an engineer, but to get the work permit the engineer, you need to master a modern language and to be disaccustomed some time at university, and, let us assume, it is possible to use your English or the driving license though tomorrow.

Nobody ever will tear off you from your roots even if you want it, it is impossible by definition. To chop off to a tree roots, so to deprive of it life; the tree can be dug only carefully and with roots to replace to the new soil where it has to become stronger, having absorbed in itself new juice of Novaya Zemlya. Completely you cannot refuse the personal history, you cannot withdraw the soul and reason and to inplantirovat new. For this reason in a case with the person who moved to the new country aged 7 years are more senior, the speech about full assimilation cannot go - it is initially incorrect an objective. Even the children who were born in families of immigrants manage to absorb adequately “old“ culture of the family and a mentality peculiar to it to differ from the peers, aboriginals. Assimilation can be assumed theoretically in relation to the third generation, but then already all society will change in general, and will speak more correctly about emergence of a certain third culture. But these questions of historical evolution of society are already beyond this article.

Integration is always adaptation, i.e. a prisobleniye (not a timeserving, but conscious adaptation) of the developed personality to the changed conditions. Any country of the world, and first of all Finland, does not need badly also carelessly assimilated “new“ Finn when here and, primogenital, it is enough. But interests all strong, sure, skilled, knowing, well adapting in the conditions of Finland, the Russian, the Ukrainian, the Kazakh, the Chechen - yes anyone who would introduce in the traditional, settled way of life and thinking a new creative stream, thereby having enriched culture of society. You can be also interesting by the individual originality and originality to people around, so, are demanded. Synthesis of two and more cultures by one personality, creative processing of experience of many countries and the people, knowledge of several languages and ways of the organization of life and business is your unique wealth, demand for which will never become outdated! It is your value and an asset. Here we observe some pseudo-paradox clear at small reasonings: to be a good citizen of Finland, it is necessary to be good Russian, i.e. the worthy representative of the nation. And then in any country of the world as professional and worthy member of society wait for you with open arms.

3. Meet new people, gain their trust the optimism, good nature, politeness and diligence. Great-power chauvinism, snobbery, arrogance and impudence cause the same rejection, as well as pessimistic moaning, weak will, untidiness and laziness. You should not demand at once and many, nobody will give it to you because also is not enough - the lack of resources and the competition are universal. You remember: you arrived to the country, to you and to assert the right for life in it, especially qualitative life above the average level.

Coming to the new place and to new collective, people hope that they will be estimated on old merits that they will appear in the same social status which they left. Is not present and once again not, it is the rare occurence of special invitations when the person formally holds an adequate position, but actually it all the same should win the former authority. Be ready to opposition which is overcome by exclusively friendly diligence; workaholism is peculiar to Russians that is welcomed in all countries.

The recommendation is initially universal: agree to the first offered work - only in real business people will be able to recognize you, and you people. Further search of the best options is not forbidden you, but, having though some work, you are already the acceptable member of society, to you and the relation another. Without saying that, cooperating with locals, you master national customs, culture, language much quicker. To get accustomed, new fabric it is vital to accept at first rules of the game of an organism and only then, gradually and consistently, to enter new blood.

4. Penetrate into rules of the game of the country, society, collective, a domupravleniye etc. You learn language; to live in the country, to plan the future and children and not to speak a state language, at least, disrespectfully. Master local traditions. Questions are here too lawful: what I own that I will keep what I will refuse to what I will learn new. Not all, not all is so good in the new country that should be accepted blindly and recklessly. As well as in your baggage for certain there will be something that any more it is never useful to you in the future and what it is desirable to get rid once and for all of. It is necessary to clean Augean stables, and do not worry, all valuable will remain with you.

Successful integration demands the active beginning from the person. We always face a problem of a ratio of the external and internal worlds. Yes, it is possible to tell, this country does not understand me and does not accept it what I am, and I do not want to change and I do not consider it necessary, - these words you doom yourself to a way of burdens and deprivations of eternal opposition. And it is possible to tell: yes, I understand nothing here and I do not know, but I am capable to penetrate and learn. As soon as the person understands that in any situation rescue drowning work of the most drowning and ceases to wait for favor by nature and the states, i.e. transfers a responsibility vector to the inner world, right there all problems begin to be clicked as nutlets, one by one. And Finland, in my opinion, it is in this regard simple - paradise on Earth - before the person incredible opportunities are open.

Concerning, for example, language and a way of life, my recommendations brought to emigrants in the USA certain initial social difficulties and still what, but subsequently yielded unique results: in the first three years of life in America avoid communication with compatriots, try to interact only with indigenous people!

5. On the old place you had a plan of life which was formed taking into account that, outdated already, a reality. The new situation demands revision of all strategy taking into account the most large number of the changed conditions (see other points). Reconsider that remained actual and here and that is required to be modified. Sometimes changes are required so global that seem excessive, and helps out understanding that the burden is always given on shoulders, nobody demands from you what you not in forces to make. Having beheld your sincere efforts, all public services will come to the rescue of you.

The most difficult - transformation of the settled stereotypes. Adequately to work in new conditions, it is necessary to change the habits which ate for the last decades which, as we know, the second nature, therefore, will be required personal changes at the deep level. We need to change the system of a world view: attitude and outlook. And as the great yogi Sri Aurobindo learned, the head human is the most unapproachable fortress, i.e. you have ahead an enormous work.

It is necessary to try to follow strictly rules of conduct and norms of decency traditional in the new country. Yes, radical citizens, deservedly fact of the birth, are able to afford small pranks, but not the immigrant of the first years.

6. The changed conditions and plans, open new prospects, such which you also could not guess earlier. Banal example: if earlier you also could not dream of own house, then in the new country it almost reality, it is enough to get a job and take a mortgage. It is important to see these horizons because they will serve one of the main motivations to overcoming.

7. How it was difficult, important to remember: any problems are solved on condition of the application of due efforts and efforts, despondency to eat the most serious mortal sin which is taking away the person from life to a non-existence. The success of any enterprise is defined by an initial internal spirit of the person, in other words, the thesis “your belief rescued you“ remains fair. Self-confidence, the forces, the destiny etc. of

we will crafty not philosophize and if in the reasonings on future in the conditions of immigration, you make a start from a metaphor with change of the place of work, perhaps, all your life will appear before you in a new light. And I need to wish you good luck!

Yours faithfully, Shchelkonogov @mikhait