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Integration as work. Part 1

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Integration as work.

After the radio YLE of my interview @Levan Tvaltvadze which passed across the canal of the Russian service, appealed to me to write article on a subject of immigration and adaptation in Finland. I will repeat that as I never moved from the country to the country, I do not feel sufficient confidence in conversation on these subjects, in Finland and in other countries I was only as the tourist or the guest. However in the phenomena of life there are some universal moments, and I perfectly know what means to move from the city to the city or to pass from one place of work to another, and also advised the private people and the organizations who faced this perspective therefore, I think quite a lot, I have the moral right to express the opinion. I will also try to make a start from these moments in the further reasonings.

Let`s approach this question a little unconventionally: whether it is possible to compare process of immigration and integration into the new country to transition, for example, for new work? Long-term experience of teaching techniques of personal growth and spiritual development prompts to me that such comparison is lawful. Why? Let`s try to understand together.

1. The reasons of change of the place of work, as well as the country of accommodation, can be various, but they, as a rule, and) are caused by search of the better lot: you or do not accept with something old conditions, or to you offered much more favorable option; b) have a voluntary nature. Exceptions make dismissal or flight of the country against the will of the person, but also in these extreme cases of people reserves the right of rather free choice of the future therefore the subsequent theses will be partially fair and in this case.

2. In both cases - change of work and emigration - the person gets to new external conditions in which his old experience can be both is useful, and is harmful. The education, education, development received until changes, the person for achievement of wellbeing has to adapt to the changed conditions and use most effectively in a new situation. Your previous experience and new requirements can be opposite, consider.

3. A new environment - new people. At best, units know you, your abilities and opportunities, your history. You - a pig in a poke how you can be trusted? From where strangers can know what relation you deserve? You should gain the authority anew, in whatever status you arrived to the new place.

4. The new place - new rules, traditions, communication language. Even in case you only replaced the place of work, you should penetrate into a new command slang. And the quicker you will accustom, the results necessary for fixing of the authority will go quicker.

5. The new place - the new purposes and tasks, new functionality, new tactics, i.e. a new way, a way of life and behavior.

6. New life - new prospects. A task - to see them, to make a long-term plan and to begin the movement to achievement of the objectives. What new you brought to the country, than enriched it? That is why youth taking into account possible prospects is always welcomed, and with age chances of success inevitably fall.

7. The new situation is an occasion to take a step up a ladder of personal growth. Difficulties wait for any person always and everywhere if he seeks for development, for advance. And we understand that any difficulty is only a task which waits for the decision, i.e. the application of efforts. Life is work, that is difficulty which should be overcome, and at certain labor costs it is possible to cope practically with any problem if, of course, you really seek to become dear citizen of the new country bringing it real benefit. But if your egoistical task - to minimize the efforts, to quietly attain the age and at the same time free of charge to use the various social benefits and conditions, then your prospects are very foggy because there are practically no motives to development and adaptation, therefore, claims to public services and indigenous people are groundless. In that case at least do not wear without grounds the country which provided you a shelter (yes, and it happens), keep human dignity and respect.

You will tell, it is too dry and delovo and where sympathy for experiences? I will agree. But! In which eyelids sympathetic emotions helped the solution of problems? Consoled - yes, but did not relieve of problems, so, did not improve quality of our life. Now before us a task - to be discharged of destructive emotions of a self-regret and despair, to understand that nothing catastrophic in our life occurred, it was not as if difficult and to pass to constructive establishing vital way in new conditions. And what there is a competent recommendation as not the highest measure of sympathy?

We will try to rise over the ordinary and to look at the life from outside, and then a lot of things will seem much more prosaic and simple. What task of the person of life? - Calling Execution, for what he was born, i.e. work, work and once again work. At everyone these works will be the: the education, the family, the position, the hobby etc. - everything is limit individually, but at the same time there is a lot of also the general. Let`s make mental experiment: present that, having moved to the new country, you only changed the place of work. Then, perhaps, corresponding to the listed above points of the recommendation will inure to you to benefit. I will add only that here theses will be submitted below, universal practically for all, recommendations for each case demand concrete trial and individual consultation. Well, went! (to be continued)