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How it is correct to learn, to make dough?

Flour has to be dry, soft and have white or slightly creamy shade. If to squeeze it in a fist, flour forms a lump, and it is scattered not at once. When pressing skin drawing has to remain a finger on a surface of flour. Good flour from water should not darken.

sift Flour before use to remove foreign impurity to loosen it and to enrich with oxygen. Products from the sifted flour turn out magnificent, with uniform porosity. Systematic, time in 3 weeks sifting helps to avoid emergence in flour of a moth.

Can learn taste of flour, having tried it a language tip. Good-quality wheat flour has taste of starch, rye flour - is sweetish. If flour, too sweet, means it is received from the sprouted grain. Bitterish smack is gained by the flour stored in bad conditions. Bitterish or sharp taste can be a consequence of impurity of weeds. Sometimes in pro-rancid flour put charcoal to reduce bitterness.

For a batch of any test liquid has to consist, at least, of a half of a glass of water - for cultivation of yeast. The rest - water, milk, sour cream, serum, buttermilk, the kefir mixed in any proportions.

Milk does dough more magnificently, more softly, gives it elasticity, elasticity. But it has to be as much how many water, or it is even less, otherwise dough does not propechtsya.

of Fat put no more than a half of a glass on each glass of liquid, otherwise dough will be dry, thinned.

Connecting flour to water or milk, pour in liquid in flour. If to pour flour into liquid, dough will turn out non-uniform, komkovaty.

Is difficult to shift thinly rolled dough to a baking sheet, without having broken off therefore slightly sprinkle layer with flour, screw on a rolling pin, transfer to a baking sheet and roll.

That dough did not stick to a table during a raskatyvaniye, it is necessary to lift it on a ruler. For this purpose take a usual thin wooden ruler with a bevel on edge, accurately advance it under layer of the test and the short movements from themselves and to themselves carry out by it between the test and a table.

is easy to roll soft sticky dough, having covered with parchment paper. Roll abruptly kneaded dough sticking to hands with the bottle filled with cold water.

Correctly kneaded dough has to be smooth freely lagging behind ware walls.

If at you the fermented dough approached enough for now there is no opportunity to be engaged in pie, cover dough with well moistened and wrung out paper.

If dough is salted insufficiently, dissolve salt in a small amount of water, pour in solution in dough and again well knead it.

the Put too much salt dough badly wanders and easily hardens, products from it turn out pale. To correct business, make a new portion of the test, but already without salt, connect to the put too much salt test and carefully knead.

Can vary taste of products, from the test adding flour of other grade or changing liquid part - flowing to the main liquid sour cream, serum, sunflower oil, onions, carrot juice etc. In each case dough with other taste will turn out.

Baking soda promotes a test loosening as during the heating and addition of food acids carbon dioxide is emitted. At excess amount of soda of a product get darkly - yellow color, an unpleasant smell and taste, at a shortcoming its dough is badly loosened.