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What salary to ask on interview?

When we look for work, we want that the salary was more. But what salary to ask on interview not to “sell too cheap“ and at the same time “to frighten off“ the potential employer?

Many young specialists determine a salary by the principle: “such - requirements, so I will also ask that from me so much“. Such approach in a root is not right .

Actually the employer in labor market acts as the buyer, and you need “to sweat“ still properly that it is the most favorable to sell himself. But time so, it is very important to decide on the price correctly. As to make it?

Here that I will tell. If you already have a little - you already have to know malsky experience, “cost“ that the question of the potential employer of a salary did not take you unawares. In the same way as you have to have on call a summary that at emergence on “horizon“ of the potential employer, it was possible to send it to the shortest possible time.

From time to time, say, time in half a year - year, it is necessary “to be verified“ with labor market, that is to be interested in the existing level of payments.

How to make it? First of all, it is necessary to collect the maximum volume of information on salaries. Then these data need to be analysed. At the same time it is important to use all available sources, I will list them:

- announcements of employers and the questionnaire of applicants on the websites on work;

- announcements of employers also pass - the curriculum vitae of applicants in editions with vacancies;

- announcements on the websites of recruitment agencies;

- the websites - “zarplatomer“;

- the special websites on which workers anonymously sound the salaries;

- forums about work, professional communities;

- the published data of researches of labor market.

As not the wage level is specified in each announcement of vacancy or the questionnaire of the applicant, it means that you need to touch the bigger volume of information.

At an analysis stage of information it is necessary to eliminate the maximum and minimum values, to find the descriptions of positions which are most corresponding to your level or the questionnaire of applicants, to count value arithmetic averages. At the same time it is necessary to consider that inquiries of applicants often happen overestimated, proposals of employers underestimated and not all data - reliable.

It is also necessary to involve whenever possible in quality of informants of the colleagues from branch or a profession, familiar HR - managers, the staff of recruitment agencies, etc. of

It is possible to proceed from the following rule also: to ask a salary approximately it is one third above, than you receive now. But it only if you work now, and new work is approximately equivalent today`s and has no fundamental differences in respect of opportunities of professional growth, career, the social package size, etc. If at new work there are a lot of essential pluses, it is possible to go even for decrease in a salary.

Well and, at last, figures of the salaries offered by the interested employers will be one more reference point for an assessment of “cost“ (the employers not ready to pay employees on market level, it is not counted). It is necessary only to manage to make so that employers sounded salaries the first. If these figures are equal or exceed the “price“ counted by you (provided that you were not mistaken), I congratulate!

I wish a good salary and successful career!