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By what forces to build the house cheap?

are inexpensive to build the house is very desired dream of many people, Russians - especially. Unfortunately, the Russian reality for many possession of own house made, almost, unrealizable dream.

Life forces the person to look for exits from similar situation. To have own housing is not just human whim, but foremost of need. Any who will be puzzled with a problem of acquisition of own housing will get up, obviously, before very rather thin choice of options. Approximately it.

1. Option of purchase of already ready housing.

the Most desired, but the most expensive and therefore, as a rule, option, unrealizable for the majority. The universal high cost of housing in Russia caused by a time artificially, sometimes real deficiency of housing (of course, it is called “were lived“: in not poor, softly to tell, to the country to manage to have deficiency of housing and very rather poor population; but it is a subject of other reasonings; the Russian people always had a special style of existence) raises market prices of housing to remote tops.

As one of ways everything is to solve a problem of purchase of already ready housing is to take a mortgage loan to a vbanka. Perhaps, we sometime will also live up to that time when in Russia it can be made simply and cheap. In sense, not only it is simple to take the credit, but also the main thing, simple and without problems to pay it. However, these times did not come yet and so far not really smells of the beginning of their arrival.

Therefore at all obvious pluses of this option, it is necessary not to consider it for option, preferable to the average Russian.

2. Option of independent construction of own housing.

In this case it is about construction of the private house the hands, to itself the hands to build the apartment not to turn out. And here house, it seems, really. By real this option is done especially by the question price. In certain cases direct prime cost of the built house, including also land value, it turns out twice lower, than market price of such house.

Romanticism it seems: “it is necessary to plant a tree in the life, to grow up the son and to build the house the hands“ and other in such spirit appeared, probably, from the fact that other options how to make it only as without having rolled up own sleeves, in Russia there is not a lot of (the son - “to give rise“ to that precisely without foreign help it is possible to manage, process it seems in itself is not expensive. With the house it is more difficult.) .

However, at obvious price plus of such option, construction of the house own hands has a number of difficult resolved issues. In - the first, experience of construction or at least the most minimum necessary construction qualification and knowledge is for this purpose necessary. If they are absent, then it is necessary to spend not small amount of time what somewhere and somehow to get it.

In - the second to build the house most it is necessary again - time. And if the person has a satisfactory place of work and the family satisfying it, then a factor of lack of time to become difficult surmountable at this option.

Health is one more of composed, necessary at construction of the house by own forces. Often happens that in the course of construction it vanishes even if it was at its beginning.

3. And, at last, third option.

It harmonizes, it seems, pluses and minuses of the first two: independent construction, employing “free team“ of workers on the heavy and demanding qualifications of work (to pokleit wall-paper and other works of similar character can be made and most). Atakzhe to employ the person supervising the course of construction of the house in your absence.

It is about hiring not of contract organization, but hiring of team of workers. These are two big differences in the Russian reality.

This difference is evident when comparing the price of a question for the performed works. The matter is that the Russian legislation imposes on officially registered construction organizations powerful financial burden in the form of directly income tax, social taxes on officially issued workers. From year to year percent of these taxes change, but they will average about not less than a third of profit of the organization. Plus the organization is forced to incur additional expenses for rent and service of office, the maintenance of the additional workplaces which are not participating directly in construction works (the secretary, the deputy, the accountant, zavsklady and other). In addition, any organization is obliged to put a certain percent from profit on depreciation for replacement of the equipment which is used in the course of construction. And percent on development of the enterprise, in budget business this column carries the name “target profit“ (by the way, according to the operating budget norms on some types of works normative documents provide target profit to 80% of the salary fund). All this forcedly increases total quotations by construction works.

All this cannot be told about “free crews“. Today this strongly reproached phenomenon in the construction market of Russia. This phenomenon has pluses and minuses, strong and weaknesses. But on the person the fact that conducting construction works by means of crew costs much more cheaper, than by means of the contract officially registered construction organization.

Of course, in this case on the customer to lay down special responsibility at the choice of the necessary crew for necessary works. Important that the crew had necessary construction knowledge and experience for conducting contract works. It is especially important that in its structure there were no thieves or persons having any narcotic addiction (I have to a look directly addicts, alcoholics and heavy smokers; from them I pound not much too).

The written contract at the conclusion of the contract for works is necessary even with “free crew“ in which it is obligatory to register in detail all types of construction and installation works which the crew undertakes to execute and their cost, with reference to the made estimate which has to be as the annex to the contract. In the contract the procedure for payment of works has to make a reservation surely.

But the fact is that, unfortunately, in reality, even the firm having the form of the organization as society sogranichenny responsibility (“Ltd company“) can have so limited liability for the actions that the solution of problems with it through court will not bring big moral satisfaction and normal compensation of damage to the claimant.

In other words, construction from the house by means of hiring of crew has a number of very powerful advantages. On the one hand, you build this house, with another it does not borrow and does not take away from you seven - ten years of life. The house-keeper - a class will occupy construction of the house all about a year, including also internal finishing.

On the one hand, construction is more expensive, than in case of completely independent squatter settlement, with another, the question price everything is 10 times less, in comparison with purchase of already ready house.

The third advantage is a quality of the performed works. It can be obvious better, in comparison with squatter settlement option, and also wins in comparison with purchase of “pig in a poke“ in the form of the ready house.

On the one hand, this option will demand knowledge of the main construction norms and rules too, but on the other hand, to have just knowledge is most not too that to have construction skills. And the volume of this knowledge to control the construction course according to the chosen project, quite is located in the average brochure by the sizes.

In other words, for the majority the option of independent construction of the house by means of hiring of “free crew“ and the person supervising construction is option of the optimum choice.