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Microwave oven: whether it is necessary to be afraid of it?

If there was a competition on the most useful kitchen equipment, think, the microwave oven would be high on the list. In it in only a few minutes it is possible to defreeze a zakamenevshy piece of meat in the refrigerator, to warm food, for half an hour to make chicken thighs, it is less than for fifteen minutes “to cook“ vegetables for vinaigrette... At the same time products almost completely keep aroma, color and mineral substances. Why then still many consider that such device is unhealthy?

Scientists say that myths generate misunderstanding of how the microwave oven works. Let`s tell, many consider as if this equipment - nearly radioactive source. Actually from it it is no more harm, than from the TV. Radio and the microwave oven - waves have the identical nature.

In any food which you warm or you cook, there is a set of molecules of water. Everyone has two poles as a magnet. When you turn on the furnace, its basic element - the magnetron with wave guides - creates the external magnetic field (the electromagnetic field of high frequency) rotating with very high speed around a product. Under the influence of this field of the molecule N 2 Oh, which, roughly speaking, magnetics, begin to move quickly, to fluctuate as a last resort on the place therefore products heat up. As soon as the furnace was switched off, the electromagnetic field disappeared - and your lunch differs in nothing from prepared on the stove. Also there is no need to banish all from kitchen when the furnace works. Its metal case detains the lion`s share of waves. Catches them and the grid which is built in door glass. It is by the way, very important to hold its pure as dirt can break tightness.

Though the microwave oven in general can also replace a plate, buy it usually as addition to the capital kitchen equipment. Most of consumers in it only warm ready foods or defreeze products. And in the furnace it is possible to prepare much tasty and useful. At the same time we will tell, meat will remain juicy, and fish will not boil soft. Such culinary processing, experts claim, is the healthiest for those who prefer dietary food and do not love hot fans. Special researches scientists proved that after radiation by microwaves in food 75 - 98% of vitamins remain. In case of traditional ways of preparation - only 38 - 60%.

Many complain that the food cooked in the microwave oven tasteless - as if boiled. It, of course, is useful, but there is a wish that foods were though a little fried, reddened. For this purpose producers equip this device with a grill . In such mode the sandwiches covered with a crisp will keep up to a table for four - five minutes. And by means of the convector any pie will bake slightly more than for a quarter of hour, instead of 45 minutes, as in a usual oven.

Belief that, it seems, the microwave is intended for bachelors and impatient, wrong. The furnace also actually gives the chance to significantly diversify a diet of those who got used to eat “fast - feet“. And for those who do not know how to cook, this equipment in general a find. Especially, if the automatic modes are provided in it. Also it is not necessary to penetrate into culinary subtleties. It is enough to choose in the menu on the main panel a desirable dish and to specify its weight.

The furnace itself will find the program, and if necessary will increase or will reduce power, will include a grill. The timer will help to prepare the products put in the furnace in time. For example, in the morning to rise or in the evening to return from work. The “advanced“ users can use function by means of which it is possible to bring own modes of preparation in memory of “assistant“. Of course, it is necessary to choose the size of the furnace necessary to you correctly. For one or two people there will be enough camera 18 - 20 liters, for a family of four people - 20 - 25 liters.

Having bought the furnace, it will be necessary to show a bit of generosity also on special ware for it. It is considered the best heat-resistant plastic or glass. Many often manage usual plates and pans. However it is worth remembering: iron capacities cannot use . Metal does not pass a microwave, it shields them, and is quite effective - with categories and an electroarch. Speak, this beautiful show, but the furnace can be spoiled.

To check whether it is possible in the pleasant ware to prepare, it is necessary to make simple experiment. In ispytuyemy capacity to pour water and to put in the furnace for a minute, having included on the maximum power. It is necessary that water heated up, and the ware remained cold. By the way, one-time packing for semi-finished products should not be neglected too. In the microwave oven - furnaces warm even foods on paper plateaus and napkins.

Many people consider that such equipment needs a fantastic sum on the electric power. And the few know that the microwave in comparison with an electric stove is more economical. Approximately twice. Besides the efficiency at it is rather high: almost all electric power is spent for cooking, but without having heated the room.

It is impossible to tell that the microwave is absolutely safe. High intensity of radiation can cause a burn of fabrics, but for this purpose it is necessary to thrust a hand or the head into the furnace, and the normal person of it will not begin to do. And if your assistant is serviceable, and you correctly exploit her, the radiation which the person facing the furnace, minimum - can receive much less, provided by sanitary standards. And it is probable, in each recipe-book there will be a recipe of food which can be made by means of the modern microwave oven so that you will lick fingers.