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In marriage nevterpezh?“ “ Zhanna Epple eyes of the psychologist of

B recently shown “Female view“ of the actress Oksana Pushkina almost reported nothing new a complex of the common-law wife to Zhanna Eppla about the heroine. All that the movie star told about itself about the children and common-law husbands, that she did not manage to finish any beloved on official marriage, was known from many other sources for a long time.

That later the unlimited number of years (figures disperse: from 17 to 21 years) joint life the common-law husband dared to expel Zhanna Epple with children from the one-room apartment, probably, only the one who did not hear and did not know about the actress with a strange surname did not know. Now, after this transfer which absolutely glorified as the latest villain of her former common-law husband, Zhanna Epple can quite consider the mission of vengeance to the husband executed.

So, one of the main subjects of “A female view“ of destiny of the famous actress was successfully opened: in spite of the fact that the husband turned out her with 2 children of her dream, Zhanna Epple is successful and demanded as the actress today, is happy as mother of two remarkable children.

However not less important subject, so to speak, the red thread “stitched“ through all transfer was: why such lady talented, hardworking, successful, nice and pleasant in every respect for all the life could not register the marriages? Zhanna Epple explains it with the fact that, probably, her main mission - children, but not marriage, and with it, probably, it is necessary to reconcile: it is not given it by destiny to be officially married. As “The female look“ did not give other answer to this question which became for Zhanna Epple persuasive, there was a wish “to survey“ his look the psychologist.

We will try to answer this tricky question, only proceeding from those facts of the biography of Zhanna Epple which are known to us from various mass media. So, we will repeat: what prevented our beautiful Cinderella to find such prince who would offer her not only heart, but also a hand?

At first about common-law husbands of Zhanna Epple who always were, by her estimates, beautiful, stylish, charming, talented and ambitious.

the First husband threw very young Zhanna in several years of joint life, having gone abroad to realize the ambitious plans.

Having not for long condoled, being extremely amorous, the young actress finds the new friend to whom gives birth to two boys, perhaps, in hope that the civil marriage will come to the end with official marriage. Years went, Zhanna Epple not only raised boys, looked after the common-law husband, but also did career. And eventually became the famous actress and the TV host earning very decent money. However she again, despite the birth of children, did not wait for the offer of a hand.

As it happens, to financial freedom which was ensured by Zhanna heavy work, it began to get also internal freedom which not really was pleasant to the husband who got used to be the leader in a civil marriage. Having left a civil family, he in several years turned out the one-room apartment the former common-law wife Zhanna with their general children, probably, because it was its only housing, and he was going to marry new vozlyulenny. Despite extreme indignation of the former common-law wife, the husband motivated the act with what Zhanna earns enough now to buy also to children the apartment.

The third beloved whom Zhanna dreams to see the lawful husband too appeared, unlike the father of her children, very decent person and left everything acquired, including the apartment, to the wife and children. If the new common-law husband so strongly fell in love with Zhanna Epple that he left for the sake of her a family it must be assumed that he wanted to be in the opinion of the beloved the noble person, but not such “villain“ as her ex-husband. Therefore about what Zhanna Epple with regret states, it had to meet her expectations: the husband has to leave the apartment to the wife and children even if itself remains on the street.

How there was a wish to be the married woman, Zhanna should look for delights in the third civil marriage now, even that they live in the different cities and meet not so often. These delights, in her opinion, that rare meetings give brightness of feelings do not allow to die away to love fire, and it very much inspires Zhanna as the creative person. However she does not manage to forget dream of the real marriage, and this dream already sits in it as a certain “complex of the common-law wife“. By the way, it had a happy opportunity to share these complexes in an image of one of TV hosts of “Club of the thrown wives“.

So, very important for understanding of this complex is the fact that Zhanna Epple falls in love only with very bright, stylish, ambitious, creative, nartsistichesky men - such is her ideal. Others to it are uninteresting. However she is not suitable for such men with its brightness, eccentricity, rough emotions and passions. For its ideals the women capable to be dissolved in their narcissism are necessary, to be their the second I, their modest addition.

Men of her dream lose the head from the beautiful actress, bright, open, enthusiastic, ready to strong passions, in the beginning. However quickly begin to understand that the role of obedient and their enthusiastic half, their additions is not so its role that it does not suit for housewives, creating homeliness which is necessary for them for realization of their ambitions at all.

Choosing such ideal for a role of the husband and the beloved, Zhanna Epple risks to be their lawful wife never. Except that man instinctively feel those with whom it is possible not to make out official marriage and therefore sometimes prefer to be someone`s fifth husband, than to marry that which never was in official marriage.

There are also other reasons which prevent Zhanna Eppla to construct a family on the official beginnings. Judging by the biography, her mother was very young when there was a girl whose birth was, most likely, casual or even unwanted. Zhanna`s father very much early left them, and the girl was sent from the capital for several years to the far province to mother`s parents. After mother took away Zhanna to Moscow where she lived 10 years in the house of the stepfather, the girl was in full and implicit submission of imperious mother, did not marry in a hurry on passionate love yet.

Unwanted children, especially former in the early childhood in long separation from mother, especially endured parting with the father (and here also with the stepfather), grow, feeling unloved, thrown, unworthy love. These feelings are aggravated with authoritativeness of mother which love should be deserved. The girls who endured these feelings when grow are afraid to be thrown, are afraid to lose love of men, unconsciously feel unworthy love, even being beauties. Such women can build the dependent relations with darlings, quickly agree to the illegitimate relations if only to hold the man, can be persuasive in love or too available in sex that often frightens off men from the introduction in official marriage.

These complexes going from the childhood which prevent Zhanna Eppla to be sure and strong in the relations with men, probably, will push more than once still her to modern love stories with imperious, selfish, but charming and talented men who first seem such strong near this little woman with the naive person. Even if these men will be blown off then as a soap bubble, and will prefer for a marriage of others, then hardly Zhanna will change herself in search of the ideal to repeat everything at first.