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One day from life of the desperate housewife: and to you it is weak?

Part one. Dream and awakening.

“What beauty around!... Not to have eyes glued: mountains, hills, Atlantic, in the distance Montmartre - the highest point of Paris. On the right vicinities from a white stone, at home, greens of the woods and an arable land of the cultivated fields stretch. France! Dream! Suddenly they are surprised: why they on the peninsula and on the right Montmartre? … It cannot be … Geographically and actually“ it is strange …. Already half an hour in a dream sounds a melody about the Cheburashka, “I was when that a strange toy anonymous …. Take me with yourself … Oranges! Also grow directly in boxes. Hee - hi!“ and again at first. “Mother, Mother! We already woke up? Let`s go to drink tea!“

Began …

8:00 She wakes up. The kid is awake long ago and tests for a battery resource in the Cheburashka directly over her head. She overworked yesterday late, was 2:45 on hours when laid down. Long could not it will be adjusted on a dream, to calm the head and thoughts, there was a wish to embody everything them in reality, but as always - a lack of forces and hours in days. “Good morning, Kid!“ Sat down to rise on an edge of a bed, forces few … As if all night long unloaded the car (((Even own legs at a look from above seem thin sticks - weak, thin. And on them it is necessary to run all over the half-cities!? Oh … Probably, it is the Syndrome of Chronic fatigue - concept fashionable now. But there is no time for a pandiculation, of course, - it is necessary to recover very quickly.

8:15. It goes on kitchen, anticipating fragrant coffee, blue fire flashes in a kamforka, the silvery teapot begins to heat up. “Mother, look! I draw“ Multi-colored lines from pieces of chalk decorate a wall from expensively bamboo of handwork … The special children`s board for these occupations stands nearby … Oh, now the first minutes of awakening she is not ready to explain and abuse, just there are no forces. Washes cold water, erases ink under eyes - yesterday, probably, did not manage to find for herself time. Notes - skin looks sluggish, nonideal …. Did not sleep. Stacks a short hairstyle wet hands, quickly, habitual movements. Hair will dry and will settle in “a creative disorder“. So now it is fashionable)))

“And me kofy! It is necessary to me kofey!“ - the kid hung on her dressing gown and demands an adult breakfast though he is only 2,5 years old. “It is bitter, tasteless. It is impossible for you“ - it is necessary to try strongly quietly to have breakfast. Children`s hysterics and crying from scratch for quite some time now so enrage her that she sometimes is afraid of herself. Also knows what often speaks not that it is necessary. From it a stone on heart. “Can be a tea green to make?... Coffee excites nervous system, and I am already already absolutely bad.“ - she thought … but, made ma - and - an alenky cup of fragrant coffee with milk. “Without it I and a step from the house will not step!“ is precisely, a stimulator No. 1.

On a plate porridge runs away. Again to wash the cooking panel. Ooh! Watched! Well as ill luck would have it! Drinks coffee and at the same time collects a bag with all necessary documents. Policies, the passport, copies of an extract, water for the child, napkins for hands, phone, keys, boot covers in hospital, the Zephyr to the doctor … “Mother, I want in a toilet!“ “Idi, you know where and how to sit down“ “Is not present! I want with you, help“ Puts coffee, switches off porridge, puts the child on a pot. City calls. Puts the earphone - a garniturka in an ear, continues to collect a bag and to make beds. “Hi! We gather on affairs, the husband cannot help again, money for a taxi to drive about everywhere is not present, we will go on foot to hospital and to health center to consultations“ - only the close girlfriend, mother of two kids, takes the hint. “And yesterday you represent …“ “Mother, I finished!!“ - washes away the child, washes hands, dresses, puts him at a table. “... I had to be engaged with it in the gym - that there was created! Instructor shocked. But at this time the grandmother at the dacha drank tea … And on me all: both hospitals, and a side job, and its development, and has to run on shank`s mare everywhere because the husband has a blockage at work! You eat porridge. I speak not to you)))“ Washes a pot, wipes a floor, washes hands. “I understand you, at us absolutely too most. Any solidarity! It does not excite me.“ The ringing ringtone forced to look for cellular - where she put it yesterday?... “Second, do not put down a reciever. Yes, I listen, everything is good, thanks! See you. Bye! And so, she still says that to me to complain there is nothing … Eat up all porridge, Maxim where went! Wipe hands, and a mouth. What there at you for shouts? Fight already? It is more senior, can concede younger“

the second wind Opens

10:30 Put on, left. Uf! So far you will catch the kid and you will persuade not to play now, and to put on (“wait for the aunt“), the head will begin to spin, and even all day ahead. Smok such costs on the prospectus that in a throat feeling of bitterness. It is noisy so that cellular in a bag it is not heard. There is no accuracy and beauty in the city, it is not enough sidewalks with borders, an equal grass, footpaths are trodden where it is not necessary, garbage everywhere …. And here on this wall She would draw graffiti with brick sulfur with ecological or social subject... The ringtone played: “Alyo, hello! Rada that you liked result. I will finish the project to hours by eleven in the evening, not earlier today. About paper I remember“. Customer. Adequate. It is pleasant to cooperate. It is more than such)))

11:10 Physiotherapist`s office. Main case. Thank God, for the kid familiar procedure - quartz light on area of bosoms of a nose. Quietly transfers it. Now to fight against it and to listen to his hysteric it definitely has no forces. And there were situations when it was necessary hardly - were in hospital with an infectious disease and so suffered much that you will wish nobody.

“Hello! - pleasant conversation with the chief physician. - To us now on consultation to the neighboring building, and familiar with the child it is necessary to write down the next week. You represent, at them still any inoculation, and they in a garden gathered …“

11:30 Office of the immunologist. “Good afternoon! We are written down at 11:30. …. It would be desirable as that to be prepared for new attempt to go to kindergarten, we are ill constantly, hardly we adapt“ …. How many was such attempts, she even began to lose hope already “to adapt“. A ringtone (forgot to disconnect, it is so awkward): “Yes, hi, … try there will address, the good logopedist there … Sorry, the acquaintance from Moscow here of doctors with the kid passes for kindergarten, does not know where - that she, consults“.

12:20 Runs in a drugstore. Redeems. The refrigerator of the house is hammered with drugs (while we lead a healthy lifestyle).

13:00 Runs in kindergarten. Puts a carriage to the platform, rises with the child in the manager`s office. Tries to write the application behind preservation of the place for the period of holiday. Maksimka, without hesitating, the press, a leaf, a half of prints already on a table and on other documents takes …. How many patience it is necessary for mother. She got used to be on the alert every second for a long time, and even during important conversations at her one eye looks at the child, and another in the statement, for example. It is good that the manager understands all specifics of the work, treats quietly and with understanding to active kids. So such kids also do not become silent for a minute: “Mothers, pasyat ( look )! Here I drew!... Give me here an etiv (this )! Give.“. By the evening from all this babble in the head as the bell calls and noise long does not take place in ears …. Our pleasure, children! As we waited that they will begin to speak!

Opens the third breath

13:20 It dragged a carriage on 4 - y the floor, so dirty entrance, it is just impossible to be … Irritates! “I am! I an otka ( I will open )!“ It is necessary to give to the kid keys, otherwise will be upset to impossibility, and then I will fly into a rage from his hysterics. All right, it is even useful - small motility and so on. Minutes 5 we stand at a door, tired, hungry, we learn to open … Keys fall, we lift and again we study … As is - that there is a wish! And the lunch still needs to be made from scratch … “Dai I will call! Give!“ It lifts the child to a doorbell - the kid weighing 15 kg is happy, this main thing. Wants to develop and to know everything. It only needs to gain strength, to help to recognize and develop.

Undress, learn to wash hands at once. She quickly makes a lunch. It is very similar to Yulia Vysotskaya in the We Eat Houses program on NTV - immediately, beautifully and tasty everything turns out))) Itself will not praise, nobody will praise. “Mother, I want to eat!“ “Now, the kid, wait minute“ “I went to satet an animated cartoon (to watch ). Vkuch ( include ) to me an animated cartoon“ “Soon a quiet time, you eat and we will go to bed“ “Well in heaps, in heaps!“ … Scandal is about to happen. The quiet time cannot be passed. Perhaps, strict measures of education will be necessary. After them at it especially suppressed mood and headaches. It gathers to the husband: “To have dinner you will arrive?“ Is not present.

14:00 Quiet time. Work on the computer waits - and there are no forces, eyes stick together, she was tired …. Was really tired. Near the child sleeps in a children`s bed, holding him for the small warm handle, and he before falling asleep, touched its hairdress, eyes, eyebrows - “I you yubyyu“. “And I so love you!“ Embraced him. “Happiness my, small warm little body, the personality, identity future“ - thought. The quiet time sometimes divides day into two parts and helps not only to restore forces, but also not to go crazy finally from 4 - x walls, life, routine and the rigid mode.

Part second. Rather following dream.

16:30. She wakes up. Rises. Puts in kitchen a teapot, at 17:00 tea in English)) It is time to awake the kid. He woke up: in good or in whimsical mood - as will carry.

The feeling is such that hardly it is necessary to be accepted for same daily again - to prepare, to clean, dress, walk, come back, again to prepare, to manage to train and develop the child, to cope with frequent whims and toys scattered everywhere (plasticine, paints, balls, pyramids, parts from machines, the battery from panels, the covered with drawings sheets which are pulled out from an album, sometimes even the earth from a flowerpot on a carpet - games in a sandbox …). Who was not on “holiday under the decree“ at full scale - will hardly understand. A household, education of children, the relations with the husband, psychology of family life - the desperate housewife learns every minute all subtleties of these concepts and improves the knowledge to keep love, a family and health of children. who is able to live the house, that does not go to tell fortunes (the Russian saying). “In marriage life the connected couple has to form as if the uniform moral personality“ - Immanuel Kant told. Therefore it is necessary to pull in one party and to be able to concede each other at least in turn in questions of education of children and a personal liberty.

To be continued ….