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Police in Russia: on guards of the state?

Read the new bill “About Police“? Did not read? Read surely! And participate in discussions! Not to prove to be and oppose the personal opinion to all rest, and just state other point of view. Not the fact that your remarks will be considered, but they will be read and taken into consideration.

The full text of the bill appeared last month on the official site (ru/). During this time it acquired more, than 18000 comments. People speak and want to be heard.

Specially created commission will analyse opinion of the people. Then the draft of the federal law “About police“ will be submitted for consideration in the State Duma in December, 2010. And since January 1 we will receive the approved version of this document, and together with it we will lose “militia“ and we will acquire “police“.

Militia (from armor. militia - “army“) carries out functions of maintenance of a public order and stability, protection of the rights of citizens, interests of society and the state.

“Militia“ as the term of designation of body of protection of a public order it was established by the Provisional government which succeeded the Imperial monarchy after February revolution. It was so accepted to call once imperial “police“ which became a national militia - the “community defense volunteer squad of the proletariat“ urged to protect a law and order of open spaces of the Soviet state. There is even an official date - of March 06 and 10, 1917 when the Case of gendarmes and Department of police were liquidated. “The national militia“, was created on April 17, 1917. At that time the militia assumed all functions of police, over the years they were partially changed and reorganized, but generally remained and so far is a respect of the rights and freedoms of the person, preservation of legality, humanity.

What legendary “militia“ to our times became so objectionable?

to the Person in a militia uniform an essence of the oath is not allowed to forget!

on the most not office background - ponder! - what it has to be,

If people of different breed, looking at it from outside,

On it on one, at times, is judged the law of all Country!

(R. Rozhdestvensky) of

According to numerous polls, in recent years the percent of trust of militia promptly falls and about 30% hesitate. People do not trust the corrupted militiamen and are afraid of them. The militia guards not society, and just performs the work as it at it turns out.

Mister Medvedev left with the offer to rename “militia“ into “police“, to thereby completely change structure of activity of this executive authority.

Pauly ́ tion (fr. Police, from other - Greek ἡ π ο λ ι τ ε ί α - the state, the city) - system of public services and bodies for protection of a public order. Functions of police - prevention and disclosure of crimes, offenses, protection of objects, implementation of administrative control and supervision in various fields of activity, executions of decisions of other government bodies etc. The police is around the world, for an exception of space of the former USSR and some countries which was sots. camp.

Of course, it is simple to change only one name will be insufficiently. Everything is going to change much. The bill is developed within the international standards.

The first that is obvious and important - the police will become the most open. Police officers will report to citizens, public councils and the power structural organizations of the territory subordinated to them on the done work.

Will impute duties of police officers to apologize for the illiteracy, abuse of authority and mistakes which caused violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens. Having met the police officer, perhaps, you will hear: “You have a right within the current legislation …“. And further clearly will explain you the Legality Presumption because “legal requirements of the police officer are obligatory for performance by citizens and officials“.

An important point - the police officer will have no right “to strike to the person blows with a stick rubber to the head, a neck and clavicular area, a stomach, genitals, to the area of a projection of heart, and also to repeatedly strike blows to the same place“. The application of handcuffs, and also binding make-shifts which is obviously attracting injuries will not be allowed “application of water-cannons is not allowed at a temperature below zero than degrees Celsius“. And before use of physical force or “special means of fishing of information“ the police officer will have to warn in an oral form of the intention.

The uniform database about citizens that it was easier to be guided in search of potential criminals will be created.

All for people and all for the sake of people! One is clear precisely - polices already precisely to be! What it will be, will show time …