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What useful properties at a peanut?

the Peanut in sugar and sesame, in yogurt and in chocolate... All this sweets, and interests us something salty, stimulating appetite. The peanut is popular in various forms - fried, as a part of peanut butter, confectionery and culinary creations: stuff with them a bird, add to various salads and even cold soups. When there is a desire to chew something tasty, we reach for a bag of nutlets which just cleared, fried and salted. Sometimes - also flavoring seasoning with aroma of cheese, greens or bacon.

The homeland of a peanut underground is definitely not known. However archeologists found it in ancient storages in the territory of modern Peru, and it is considered that in the western hemisphere this culture appeared earlier, than in east. Ways of its distribution are not clear. Though Indians gave seeds of a peanut underground to the European colonists, those were familiar with them also before arrival in America.

We got used to call a peanut a nut though it is more correct to call it a bean. However on food advantages it is the closest to nuts therefore so and we will call him. The peanut is unique by the biological nature: not only that it earth, so it also reaches the earth on special. The matter is that after pollination its ovary expands and turns into fruitful escape which at first grows up, and then changes the direction to the soil.

Having reached it and having gone deep to a damp layer, escape forms a fruit which develops in the soil. To such vegetable ostrich! However, on cultivation and cleaning it is more similar to potato. Especially if to pull out a peanut bush with a tops of vegetable from the earth. Only nuts will be more, than potatoes. The peanut well on the friable soil grows, sow it in the spring as soon as the earth gets warm. Though the peanut is also grown up practically on all continents, but the main producers are China, the USA, Indonesia, Nigeria and Burma. The peanut can be both largely semyanny, and small semyanny.

In the world four main grades of a peanut are cultivated: spenish, ranner, Virginia and Valencia. In the different countries these grades can be called differently. For example, the grade peanut spenish with the small kernels covered one-time - a brown cover, has many derivative grades. And in South Africa, for example, it is called by Natal and mudflows, and in India - Java. This grade of a peanut contains bigger percent of fat, than other grades. Spenish use for preparation of nuts in sugar, salt and peanut butter. And the biggest kernels at a grade Virginia. Therefore in Egypt they are called the Egyptian giant, and in China - large size also use only entirely. Rannvr - a hybrid of a spenish and Virginia, his kernel more oblong, than at a spenish. Valencia differs from these three grades brightly - a red cover. It is grown up in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Usually the plant gives 25-50 beans.

Bring to our latitudes generally the cheapest nut - Chinese. And it is a pity, American and Argentina is much more tasty. In 1825 the peanut was grown up for the first time in the Odessa botanical garden. After its steel to cultivate in Central Asia and Kazakhstan where it grows still. But all of us equally eat Chinese. It is necessary to store peanuts in the dry, cool, dark place. Otherwise the mold mushrooms possessing cancerogenic properties can easily take control of them. The first symptom of infection - dark stains.


If the doctor hints at that, on your vessels of a zashlakovana, and in blood the increased maintenance of a holeterin is revealed, you do not hurry in a drugstore. Scientists assure that the peanut is rich with antioxidants which protect organism cages from such misfortunes of our time, as well as cardiovascular diseases. By the way, as scientists found, in roasted peanuts of these substances is 20-25% more, so, it is even more useful to health.

If to compare a peanut to other products, then it, along with wild strawberry and blackberry, concedes, only to pomegranate - the recognized leader in the content of substances - antioxidants. Besides, in a peanut a large amount of protein and useful fats. It is known that all nutlets improve work of a brain, slow down processes of aging in an organism, but the peanut especially in this case succeeds. Only it contain the substances close on chemical structure to components of red wine.

However everything is good moderately, and even you should not abuse the most useful nutlets it also very high-calorie product. Though say that the peanut has the smaller content of fat, than the majority of other nuts. The peanut gives sense of fulness from - for high content in it digestible protein, is a basis of diets for weight reduction and is especially popular among models.

Still this nutlet contains mineral substances, saturated and nonsaturated amino acids, vitamins Bj, B2, PP and D. And besides well influences a sexual potentiality. Probably, not for nothing they are recommended for beer: and that some too abuse frothy beverage, and is frequent to the detriment of the man`s force.