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Comments to a full map of the Guryev stone quarries (history of topographical surveies).

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: The commander of public PSO Tula confirms that on February 18, 2003 forces public poiskovo - saving group of tourist club of “ODYSSEYS“ carried out evacuation from the Guryev stone quarries of a body gr. Sanchuk G. N. who died under the obscure circumstances. Ivashchenko S. O.

On this fact of the explanation. It is connected with a large number of false information and rumors which enter the public into a cardinal error. I had to participate in search and, subsequently, in evacuation of a body of Sanchuk. I collected all information on this question and I bring to the general attention.

On November 4, 2002 I held meeting in Novomoskovsk. Sanchuk was present and when I began signing up in group for a trip to “Baddies“, refused to go, having referred to feeling sick. On November 16 at 16:37 the group drove off from Novomoskovsk. At 18:35 I sat down by them in Venyov in the train. On a platform of 168 km we descended and went through of Hruslovk. Near club there was a group of local children. Them was the person 10 and they were strongly drunk. I began to worry that they “will get to the bottom“ of my lagged behind children, but everything managed.

At an entrance to a cave we were at 19:50. On a surface asked me whether we met Sanchuk on the road. I was surprised that he went. It appears, Hera (Sanchuk) went on Friday with Makarov V. M. group, but decided to go home to Uzlovaya in the evening on November 16. Explained the decision feeling sick. Assumed that got poisoned with mushrooms. Running forward, it is necessary to tell that these mushrooms except Hera were eaten by all his relatives in Uzlovaya and anybody had no poisoning. Makarov`s group was large, about 30 people. With me there were about 20 people. Further departure took place without incident and during the lunchtime on November 17 we returned on houses. I arrived to Tula.

On Monday November 18 I was called from Novomoskovsk and reported that Sanchuk did not come back home. He did not answer the phone calls. At that time Hera rented certain apartment in Uzlovaya, but his parents constantly communicated with it. I began to ring round all participants of departure in Baddies and found out a situation.

It appears, Hera swore with one of inhabitants of Tula. Then it seems reconciled and even managed to fight for fun with it. At the same time put to Sanchuk neck scratch around an Adam`s apple. Made it a knife. The wound was weak, but bled and therefore Hera tied a neck bandage. It happened during the period from 13:00 till 15:00 on the station of Bezymyank. Further Sanchuk asked Nalobin Lyosha to take away (Cachalot) it on St. A smoke since there it hid things. At 17:00 Nalobin brought him on St. Smoke. Sanchuk declared that he badly feels and wants to go to Uzlovaya. Nalobin advised it not to go, and it is better to go and have a sleep. After that Nalobin left, and is farther with Hera there was Bodpar Sveta from Novomoskovsk. She helped it to pack a backpack. According to her, Hera hardly turned the head. Besides, he was drunk, but is adequate. Asked to show it the direction to an exit. Whether on a question it will reach, answered that already the second time in a cave and the conductor is not necessary to it. Without waiting when it goes, Bodpar left to herself on the parking. As a matter of fact, it the last who saw Sanchuk in live. However, it is necessary to notice that subsequently one more girl declared that Hera came to her to St. The fairy tale at 3 o`clock in the morning already on November 17 and, having eaten, left. This story does not maintain any criticism as, in - the first, in this case Hera would pass in 20 m from “the Boatswain`s grave“ where the group in 20 - 30 people sat till 5:00 and nobody saw it. In - the second, he did not know where there is a St. The fairy tale, and being the second time in Baddies just would not reach it. Besides, reputation of the girl in such questions not really good.

It is finally clear that Sanchuk perhaps did not come to a surface from Baddies, became at the night on Monday. On Tuesday I took up watch on Service of Rescue and reported about all the deputy chief Makarova V. M. He made the decision to carry out SPR in Baddies and at 11:00 on November 19 we left six together on office “Gazelle“ in Baddies. Except rescuers about service as the conductor Dubovenko P. I. left. (Obscene Pavel). From 13:00 till 17:00 we two groups on 3 persons carried out Sanchuk`s search in Baddies. Besides examined the river bank the Sturgeon around an entrance and bypassed all thickets on a surface. We did not find any traces. Went to hospital Mr. Venyov and hospital of the item Metrostroyevsky. Victims to them did not arrive. However, having talked to locals, we heard history that the day before hooligans hit some “miner“ into of Hruslovk. Then it was taken away in hospital by car.

In the Department of Internal Affairs Mr. Venyov criminal case was brought. The formulation caused bewilderment in the beginning. U. D. excited under the article “Deliberate Causing Death (Murder)“. The strangeness was that the similar formulation is applied in the presence of a corpse or recognition of the suspect. Neither that nor another in this case was. However, in several days it became clear that the suspect nevertheless was. Employees of OUR got to the bottom of a case with a cut of a neck and incriminated to the inhabitant of Tula who scratched a neck to Hera, causing the injuries which entailed death of the victim. However, and this business faded as the corpse was not.

Further many groups and on a surface and underground were engaged in Hera`s searches. In particular, in a week after its loss it was looked for by children led by Mischa Holodkov. Then soon after some more amateur groups.

On December 12 I held underground orientation competitions. Instructed all participants regarding unclear finds (notes, things etc.) and especially putrid smell. The main attention was paid to this factor at all search actions. These searches did not yield any results. In January held one more competitions in PSR. And too result negative.

At the same time among local population crazy rumors about the dismembered bodies, the chopped-off heads and human bones even more often began to arise. Figures on 2, 3 and even 4 corpses appeared. We were assured over time that Hera died on a surface as a result of skirmish with local bandits. This version seemed to the most real. Underground nobody conducted searches.

On February 18, 2003 I arrived at 8:30 to Service of Rescue Tula and took up daily watch. At 9:30 from Venyov called us the operative of OUR and reported that two 16 - ti summer children from the item Metrostroyevsky incidentally found a body of the unknown man in Baddies. Where it cannot be definitely explained since there were in stone quarries 3 times. But well remembered the road there. According to their stories the man lies in a pose of sleeping. It has a beard. The fact that children found Hera with a beard plunged us into confusion. It turned out, something is not Hera, then the quantity of corpses in Baddies became menacing, or we badly looked for it and he spent underground many days before dying. Naturally, it strongly oppressed us. Nevertheless, me as the commander of public PSO of “Odysseys“ was sent to Baddies for carrying out PSR. I arrived at 10:00 to club where our group gathered. We were 7 people by two cars. Carried with themselves gas masks and rubber gloves. Besides polyethylene film and adhesive tape. At 11:00 left Tula. At 12:00 were in the Department of Internal Affairs Mr. Venyov. There took away police officers and one venyovets.

At 13:00 were at the item Metrostroyevsky. Two children who found a body already waited for us. They strongly worried. From their story I understood that they got lost a little and absolutely incidentally left in a deadlock room. They did not operate with names of parking and areas in Baddies. There they saw the sleeping man. But after called to him, reached them that it is dead. They did not feel any smell. Having a little become puzzled they hit in races and did not begin to examine it especially. After their story we left to an entrance to a cave. There we were waited by representatives of prosecutor`s office and the forensic scientist with the photographer. Under the earth 8 rescuers, 4 police officers (3 operatives and the expert) and 2 conductors went down. From a surface we bore with ourselves a set of poles for a stretcher, gas masks and polyethylene. In 15 minutes left to “Hippopotamus“ and at the inscription Nenets Autonomous Area I left all group, and itself together with 2 - mya children went for investigation. We moved on “Begemotnika“. There took place turns on N. Z., “Izba“, the rip-off to the CIS and on a fork behind a garbage can of the CIS turned to the right. Further children refused to go, but explained that remained very little. Having left them at a clay pupyrya, I one passed 20 m and curtailed to the right. There is a zabutovka razed almost to the ground and the small platform. On this platform the body of the person lay.

I stopped without reaching it 2 meters and, having turned on the second light, carefully examined all room and the earth around. I did not find any traces of the people preceding me. After that I carefully approached closely a body and examined it and the things lying around. The situation was following. Certainly, the dead was Sanchuk G. N. It lay on a back blindly. The right hand was bent in an elbow and brought to the head. From above it was covered by a sleeping bag. From below under it there was a tropic. Under the head - the curtailed camouflage winter jacket. From - under a sleeping bag stuck out a foot of legs in woolen socks. To the right of it on stones a neck the open bottle from - under “Red Vermouth“ of 1 l lay up. At the bottom of a bottle a little mouse corpse. To the left of Hera on stone shelves two cigarette packs (one unopened) half eaten bank of stewed meat and a transport bag with one more can of stewed meat, a pack of vermicelli and bread lay. Hera`s footwear stood at it in legs, and the decayed gauze bandage from a neck lay near a bottle. The fact that children took for a beard - was dark-a gray mold which covered generally a neck in the place of a cut and part of a chin. For the rest features and soft fabrics on hands remained completely. In a consequence, I was interested in this fact and found out that we dealt with so-called “wax mummification“. At the same time all soft fabrics do not dry out, and get a consistence of wax-like substance. Similar processes are possible only on cold, at complete darkness and 100% of humidity. All listed factors it were available. I close bent down over Hera`s face and tried to catch a decay smell, but except a light smell of the decaying clothes could guess nothing.

After that I returned to children and we went to the left group. In 10 minutes we already were on the place. The forensic scientist photographed everything, and O. U. made the detailed description. We collected a stretcher meanwhile. Decided to transport Hera directly in a sleeping bag on a tropic, primotav its adhesive tape to a stretcher. This operation took 10 minutes. We did not manage to unbend a hand. At the same time could carry him only 2 persons. Decided to change more often.

Remembered it alcohol and at 15:30 began transportation of a body on a surface. In 30 minutes could carry him “Trishmond“. Here a stretcher got stuck. Big length of poles and the sticking-out Hera`s hand disturbed. I had to creep under a stretcher and to bend to it a hand. Children put pressure and pulled out a stretcher up. On a surface we carried them to a bath and loaded into cargo “Gazelle“.

Actually on this PSR also ended. We went to Tula, and carried Hera for examination.

Incomprehensibilities began then. Examination issued the stunning conclusion. Sanchuk`s death in their opinion came from overcooling against alcoholic intoxication. It is more than any diagnoses. If it was possible, then corpses from Baddies would take out in tens every Sunday. Other unclear feature of this history is that at the dead did not find any light source. Neither lamp, nor candle, nor lighter. The truth remains a possibility that we lost them when transporting.

Generalizing all information it is possible to assume with big degree of probability that business was so. In the evening on November 16, 2002 Hera made the decision not to go home to Uzlovaya, and to sleep in a secluded corner. For this purpose it went on the main course to the place which is most suitable in his opinion. Since he did not know caves, and to himself chose the place not on the traditional parking, and equipped it in the new place. It was carefully prepared for a dream. Drank and has a snack. It was undressed and covered with a sleeping bag. Then fell asleep and died in a dream in the night of November 17, 2002. It is confirmed by large supplies of food and cigarettes. It is obvious that it is not violent death. Well and of course, not overcooling. It is possible to assume a lot of things. It both poisoning, and heart failure and suffocation by emetic masses and diphtheria attack. All this unprovable and will remain leisure conjectures.

We remembering Hera as the cheerful and cheerful guy need only to regret for his death. That memory of it lived, I beat out on the place it the last hours of life an inscription. Unfortunately and to shame I so never was at it on a grave in Uzlovaya. I hope that this article will play a positive role in this sad story. Ivashchenko S. O