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About techniques and “standards“ business of planning

is present At the websites of many consulting companies specializing in rendering of services on business to planning information that their works conform to certain “UNIDO standards“.

Also the wrong opinion that foreign investors, as a rule, demand to provide them the investment documentation developed according to “UNIDO standards“ where financial models are in turn made in the program COMFAR III environment (the program which developer is UNIDO) is widespread in the business environment.

For reference.

of UNIDO (The United Nations Industrial Development Organization) - the United Nations on industrial development (YuNIDO).

Was is founded in 1966. as the structural division of the United Nations specializing in assistance to sustainable industrial development of developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Should notice that in the world there are many recommendatory materials on drawing up business plans.

In particular, similar techniques have such organizations as World and European banks of reconstruction and development. the technical documentation developed within the TACIS project is Still extended by

(Ni - Co Northern Ireland Public Sector Enterprises, Belfast, UK).

In the Russian Federation in 1999 is approved new edition of Methodical recommendations about an assessment of efficiency of investment projects (Min. economies, Min. finance of the Russian Federation.) .

Similar Methodical recommendations or instructions are present at Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Post-Soviet countries.

Own approaches to contents of business plans also have such companies as Goldman Sach & Co, Ernst & Young, KPMG, BFM Group, McKinsey and others.

at the same time all given techniques have in general similar structure of contents of the business plan.

the Phrase “UNIDO standards“, since the beginning 90 - x years strongly entered a business conduct, incorrectly, in fact.

of Actually any UNIDO standards does not exist.

instead is:

- “The guide to an assessment of industrial projects“ (Manual for Evaluation of Industrial Projects. UNIDO, Vienna, 1978), republished in 1993;

- “The guide to preparation industrial equipment - economic justifications“ (Manual for the Preparation of Industrial Feasibility Studies), published in 1991

(authors - Verner Berens and Peter M. Havranek),

and also some other printing publications, published under the auspices of UNIDO.

These works are quite fundamental, available to understanding even not experts and in detail describe step-by-step methodology of development business - plans of industrial projects for emerging markets.

On the official site of UNIDO is provided a possibility of acquisition of these materials. Together with them:

- Guidelines for Project Evaluation

- Guide to Practical Project Appraisal: Social Benefit - Cost Analysis in Developing Countries

- Manual for Small Industrial Business; Project Design and Appraisal

- Manual on Technology Transfer Negotiations

- Guidelines for Infrastructure Development through Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT) Projects

- World Information Directory of Industrial Technology and Investment Support Services

- Guidelines for Investment Promotion Agencies: Foreign Investment Flows to Developing Countries

the Cost of each document makes from 16 to 25 Euro. Payment can be made on VISA, MasterCard or a bank transfer.

At the same time, is present opinion that now the Austrian office of UNIDO not really qualitatively works with orders. Thus, it is possible as a result and not to receive the paid materials.

in the conditions of formation of market economy Berens and Havranek`s works began, actually, the basis allowing businessmen not to miss the essential moments in the description of the flowing or planned activity of the enterprise and to report results of the project in a look, the most suitable for perception of material investors.

In spite of the fact that UNIDO and its recommendations are not so widely known outside the CIS, use by applicants of investments of the techniques developed by committee at the UN creates them positive image. And overcoming of mistrust of foreign investors to business - to the plans prepared in the Post-Soviet countries - nearly the main problem at the presentation of the investment project.

Is unconditional, the market does not stand still. There was a set of the new marketing tools and financial performance estimating efficiency of implementation of the project.

Descriptive part of the managements of UNIDO is in many respects already obsolete and cannot display fully all aspects of business.

But, nevertheless, all techniques and the guides to development business - plans, offered by the state, the investment and consulting companies unites that the description of structure business - the plan, UNIDO for the first time offered by experts is their cornerstone.