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How modern libraries and why there to go look?

new academic year Began. Modern people still think that libraries stopped in the development and already nothing new is able to bring in cultural development.

I do not want to disappoint you, but it absolutely not so. Libraries never ceased to develop and be improved. The 21st century, a century of introduction of new technologies, concerned also libraries.

As the modern library and what it can please us with looks?

Large libraries began to be renamed and transformed in bibliotechno - information centers. In such centers standard ideas of library, as a rule, remain. They also consist of subscriptions and reading rooms. But in them electronic or computer halls began to appear.

Probably, each person knows that the subscription is a department of library in which it is possible to take literature home. Art, educational and just informative. The reading room is a department in which it is possible to receive information selection from more rare and unique books which usually home are not issued.

For what then the electronic hall is necessary? In the electronic or computer hall it is always possible to obtain any information which cannot be provided in printed form, well that is in books and periodicals. It is the Internet, spravochno - legal bases are databases in which it is possible to find any law, the resolution or even the code with all comments. If the visitor of the center is not able to use the computer, then it will always be helped by employees - consultants of the electronic hall.

If the speech came about library workers, let`s dispel the myth about appearance of the librarian at once. Many draw at themselves in the head an image of the librarian mistakenly to this day: the strict woman wearing spectacles, without make-up, in the washed-off clothes and with a hairdress - a cockleshell. No, it far not so. Modern employees strongly looked younger and got prettier.

Today to become the worker new bibliotechno - information center, it is not obligatory to have library education. Now I admit employees of absolutely different professions to such centers - it is psychologists, philologists, economists, public servants, ecologists, designers and even programmers. And all of them are obliged to own the computer, right bases, etiquette, psychology, generally, to be comprehensively developed persons.

The library is as if the center of information obtained from different sources. Books from classical to elite literature, the huge choice of periodicals from scientific to entertaining.

At each such center the club on interests, and even not one always works. The club training people to sure knowledge of the computer and the Internet, club for teenagers and pensioners. And all clubs organized on the basis of the center are absolutely free.

Various experts are often invited to meetings of clubs: to teenagers - the psychologists helping to understand plans for the future, the love relations; to pensioners - various doctors and lawyers with hunting answering all questions. You can not trust, but such meetings are often attended by very eminent experts who conduct receptions for big money. Why they hold such meetings free of charge? Everything is very simple: libraries sign contracts with a huge number of the organizations on joint cooperation.

In each city, as a rule, not one and not two large libraries, them usually tens. It is possible to find easily necessary for itself. Libraries began to be profiled in different areas. In one you will find the center of legal information, in another - business information, ecological, municipal, local history, and it is not a limit yet.

In library it is possible to prepare the paper, to gather and print out it, to learn about fiction novelties, to listen to a disk, to find any law, to get free advice of the lawyer, to cut out a pattern for a fashionable skirt, to give to gift the old read books and to receive something in exchange.

Also now the new project - bookcrossing started. It is possible to find a rack on which it is possible to leave the book in every second library and to choose to itself another just like that, and then to leave it in park on a shop, thus, having transferred her to the following owner and having inhaled life in forgotten or long ago the book read by you. Pretty cool, huh?

Glance in library on the way from shop or going from work, look round there, suddenly it will be pleasant to you and you forever will become her guest of honor.