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How to become the man romantic? The code of behavior

Almost all women wish to see the romantic man nearby. Why? What stands behind this desire? When begins also what the romanticism comes to an end with? How to the man to be romantic, and the most interesting - as long? Questions are difficult as there is no accurate and unambiguous definition what is romanticism. Let`s try to understand.

Romanticism - the state got by idealization of reality and pensive contemplation an escape from reality, aspiration to create, comfortable, fantastic, caused by personal needs. Can be way of perception of the world in which the leading role is played by lyrical and drama emotions, dreams, ideals and elation, a certain superstructure over reality.

At once I will tell - not ideal definition, but others it is even worse. For example: “Romanticism - the way of life emphasizing positive emotions, altruism, the sublime attitude towards the person of an opposite sex (as a rule - men to the woman) both other values, and opposing to their material values, including a pragmatism, and also political activity and other “serious occupations“. Romanticism is connected usually in assessment of the situation from ideal images of relationship“ .

Is much and other definitions, unites their one: romanticism is a separation from reality, conscious leaving which it is possible to call the neurosis which is actively advertized on the TV, radio in romance novels. Consumers of “teleneurosis“ and other accompanying products are generally young ladies therefore adherents of logic, mind, reality have no success in women.

Neurosis, a condition of a sincere illness, can be easy falling into a negative and jamming in it. Happens in the form of a condition of a strong dissatisfaction when everything is bad, life was not successful, around one villains then the desire from this state appears to escape, get rid. It is natural as neurosis can be followed by discontent with and decrease of a self-assessment, irritability, dependence on people around, indecision and at the same time tendency to impulsive reactions therefore the person wants to get rid of neurosis.

Often there is a vicious circle, romanticism - escape from reality, conducts to neurosis of which it is possible to get out, idealizirovav reality, having returned to romantic experiences. But as soon as life shows what happens very different, and beats with “a muzzle about a table“, neurosis begins again. So many people on this circle also run, women always ahead.

Estrogen - women`s hormone which causes in the woman feeling of satisfaction with life, the relations, itself(himself). The set of researches in which it is established that romanticism, light touches, melodramas, series, romance novels, promote emission in estrogen blood is conducted. If at romantic movies, books there are babies, then at the same time progesterone - the hormone which is responsible for desire to nurse, look after, cry is thrown out blood. Yes, men practically do not have this hormone.

Young people have to reconcile that women are biologically dependent on romanticism.

At men it is simpler and simpler, hormone - the testosterone which is responsible for sexual desire, and also causing romantic behavior is produced in order that the man began the woman to want and according to itself to conduct. How? As it is written in magazines, is shown in the TV, cinema - it is romantic if wants to reach actually sex with the woman. After performance of function of possession of the girl, romanticism does not become necessary, before appearance of the following pretender. With age, at reduction of release of testosterone, all romanticism disappears, and there is “an old soldier who is not knowing words of love“ as in the movie “Hello, I Am Your Aunt!“.

In other words, the romanticism is not really peculiar to men, that is biologically is not caused. So what? If the man is sincerely rich, then, of course, he should not, but can be romantic. He is not sorry, and it is pleasant to it. Pluses much, for example, girls will be interested more often, the family relations will be simpler to be kept and joint life will become better. For this purpose it is useful to observe “The code of the romantic man“ .

Article 1. you are not right.

You are not right if you think that you can convince the woman logic, reasonings, she can only be persuaded, and only with use in the way, feelings, beautiful words. You study it.

Article 2. should study Romanticism, to study and study as men the stale, rough, rectilinear, anxious beings.

And only romantic experiences in a brain of women can present these hairy animals courageous heroes of beautiful love affairs. Everyone is for this purpose simply obliged to make the list of romantic words and acts. For motivation use the rule: you are not sorry, it is pleasant to it.

Article 3. Women different.

Therefore what one will consider romantic another will not regard that. Everything depends on a set of those tales of love and the relations which young ladies acquired since the childhood.

It is important to understand that for this girl will be romantic and to work according to her representations.

Article 4. All of them are identical.

At all variety all women are identical. For example, cats are different colors, various habits, characters, at the same time all of them are equally in cats: they have moustaches, a tail, four paws to whom they go. From this point of view romantic to be simpler, cats are greedy for mice, women - for the words of love showing and underlining advantages, and superiority over other young ladies. General metamessage: you only and favourite, such are not present others any more. Add colourful adjectives, it will turn out romantically, practically for all women.

Article 5. you phrasemonger.

If only you speak and you do nothing. Words have to accompany actions. And actions have to be romantic too, show that it only for it as it very best (add the correct adjective). The standard set of actions on which you should not stop, but for a start will go. Restaurant, candles, slow music, walk under the moon (holding hands, but not a breast as you want it), at the same time words, words, words … Watch article 3, 4.

Article 6. Rejoice.

To what she admires. It can be snotty children in a sandbox, or a floret in a bed, some hairy fruit on a show-window of shop, the tearful movie with the tear-stained main character and the villain the lover. All this her romantic experiences, support, you speak about it, develop a plot, only the person at the same time you do not bend, be honest, I remind, you are not sorry, and it is pleasant to it.

Article 7. Listen.

Romantic and other nonsense is called feelings and experiences about which it is necessary to tell at girls. If she stays at home in grief, so just near at hand there is no phone. You have to listen, nod, admire it and exclaim emotionally: as it is exciting to be stunned, cool! Even if it will be the experienced story about purchase of a new short skirt.

Article 7. Small pleasant accidents.

Small spontaneous gifts, just heartily are perceived romantic! For example: you went down the street and saw on a counter the hairy monster filled by sawdust, in its interpretation “a pretty, fluffy bear“, now buy and present. She will sleep with him or will put on a foreground and with affection will remember your romantic gift.

Article 8. Change.

There should not be constantly identical romantic acts and words, from repetition they stop being those. Variety guarantee of romanticism. If absolutely new ideas do not come, use the principle: the same, but in other situation. If read verses in park, read them on a skyscraper roof - romantically.

Article 9. Touch.

Gentle touches, “obnimalka“ are very romantic. You remember the rule: if it is not touched by your words, then should not touch also hands. The sequence is such. The rule “undertook a breast-say something“ not absolutely suits the romantic man though everyone happens …

Article 10. If does not want, then all the same it is necessary.

Create a habit to be romantic. Teeth in the childhood were not wanted to be brushed too, but anything, got used. The habit is created approximately in a month or two, on condition of everyday exercises. Let first there is no wish, there is such word - is necessary . Not to you, but it. What you will make for the sake of the beloved! You can, and she wants if you can - means, will make. You remember, some efforts of you will pay off repeatedly.