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Well what to tell you about... SESHEA?

Ya for life (school - institute - army (fleet) - production) was an experienced, Soviet (not sovok) stengazetchik and the designer. Besides, I store a package gazetno - journal cuttings with masterpieces of my letters. There is also a melochishka paper and veshchnagrad, including free, annual (!) subscription for the Ogonyok magazine (1998). Therefore when I appeared in collective of the American supermarket, I lacked something, some dim melancholy overwhelmed. There is no labor union here, there are no Communist Party committees republican, democratic party, someone do not even stammer at party accessory. Everything is solved routinely and not the worst image.

But all - ghosts of the Soviet system occasionally mirazhirut. Recently there took place absolutely unnecessary and useless competition on high-speed loading of the cart purchases. This purely technical competition under a stop watch had nothing in common with real working conditions. Nevertheless the winner was defined (one bright fellow from our market), he was handed in a festive atmosphere on the general meeting a gift - cart model on a pedestal and, perhaps, a monetary bonus (did not learn the sum).

Still began to dawn similarity of the wall newspaper - the poster Our stars appeared. Here thanks of buyers in the hand-written original for the diligence shown over a normal level in service are hung out. Very curious thanks, very touching. I write

Ya this for those from back rows who did not manage to lomanut foolishly to America yet. For them I will paint action, not it frequent and in / at - the Union. It is day of free lunches. Settles in August on Saturdays: the chief in civil shorts in an apron, in a baseball cap with a shaggy peak is active on a barbecue on a backyard, all such house, democratic and contact. Smells of fried. You can have breakfast and dinner hamburgers and jotas - mastiffs by the principle of a buffet. Of course, cucumbers - tomatoes (but without beer), drinks and any cakes - cookies. By the evening the plentiful illiquid asset is transferred to a restroom and there gradually thaws.

But we will return to the wall press on - American. Different surveys on different subjects are very often conducted. Once even I won a bonus on 5 (!) dollars for 4 questions guessed correctly. And here poll came to the end quite recently - it is necessary to write the short characteristic on the fellow worker (a sekker, the cashier or the leader of team (foreman). Than it is pleasant that does over a normal level.

And here punched my hour of triumph! I felt that I found a trace, grabbed by a tail good luck. Here do not feed me with bread. Everyone fills in 3 forms. I monitored all for a long time, I needed only to put on a leaf. I wrote in Russian, houses helped to translate to me, and I filled in with close handwriting forms.

Recently results on a poster by the size in a Whatman paper were hung out.

In the right top corner obliquely my leaf about the cashier - the man.

(Communicates with customers veri well. His mowes are veri quik and precise. He listens to customers veri well. He is especially veri good at entertaining customers kids. For example, he would draw a funny face on the paper bag, put it on his hand and do kind of like a puppet theater.)

Also in the left corner a leaf of the cashier about me - Frenchwomen (!).

(Serghei picking up trash or gum stuck on the floor. Get his little stick device and TR to strape floor to clean it up. Serghei does above and beyond jf what is required jf him).

Weeks two I did not see in it anything special: well placed on the top corners, shtoshtakovich? But today...! I beheld that wash and a leaf are placed by Sofie under the word Winner written by a felt-tip pen! I went to joke with Fielding, the hero of my composition, about the one who the winner? I, how author, or it, how the best cashier?

What appeared? I, it turned out, it is mixed in two compositions - winners as the author and as the character. Double hit!