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Selective technologies: Analytics.

are the cornerstone of the analytical direction ability of a human brain to complex judgment of information obtained by it and to exarticulation on the basis of this process of basic laws in our case public, generated information obtained by a brain, and also the subsequent synthesis, on the basis of the revealed regularities, ways and methods of the reality surrounding us recommended for transformation with the purpose to achieve the necessary result. Or in other words the selective analyst on the basis of results of the previous elections received from studying of electoral statistics, monitoring of mass media, studying of results of sociological polls, results focus - groups, data obtained at the candidate`s meetings (future candidate, his authorized representatives, the analyst) with the population, studying of results of processing of the orders received from voters, the analysis of actions of opponents (participants of last elections) by analytical judgment has to produce constantly recommendations tactics and strategy of conducting campaign allowing to arrange under the requirement receiving the maximum electoral result. In small campaigns the role of the analyst is usually carried out in combination by the chief technologist, in big allocation of special established posts under the division of a staff which is engaged in analytical processing of conditions of conducting elective campaign is necessary.

As a matter of fact participation of the candidate in elections has to begin with analytics. On the eve of elective campaign future candidate or itself, or by means of the invited expert or experts estimates prospects of the participation in campaign. At this stage estimate chances of future candidate to gain trust of voters, estimates a circle of possible opponents, and also the approximate plan of future campaign and its preliminary ideological filling is created. All this is estimated on the basis of studying of last earlier elective campaigns in the constituency, electoral statistics of these campaigns, drawing up and the subsequent studying of a social portrait of the district (or the main social groups among voters of the district are more simply studied, social properties of these groups are described, moderators of public opinion in these groups, and then, on the basis of this studying, the reasons and ways and methods of actions which have to lead to support by these groups of future candidate on vote for the election day come to light), the social portrait of the district is detailed by sociological researches and it is possible even by carrying out focus - groups.

At the subsequent stages analytical research of change of properties of society during election campaign is not less important. Good analytical ensuring election campaign is comparable with the functions which are carried out by the skilled pilot at navigation of the ship in the place abounding with reeves and shallows. Without pilot the ship inevitably either will sink or will run aground. Therefore it is very important to organize within campaign continuous collecting analytical information by monitoring of mass media, studying of actions of opponents, carrying out periodic sociological polls, and focus - groups on each occasion causing ambiguous understanding in members of a staff. Usually the journalist or a rayter who needs to be included in a staff is engaged in monitoring of mass media, he creates on the basis of this monitoring periodic analytical reports with the indication of the most significant from his point of view the revealed information, and also with drawing up short expert opinions according to this information. The sociology is a business of the sociologist which can be not included in a staff as constant unit, but it is necessary to attract periodically. Very good style is anonymity of such attraction (it is desirable that the sociologist did not know for whom works), performance of this criterion reaches objectivity of information obtained during sociological research. Focus - groups has to be engaged in carrying out the skilled psychologist owning bases content - the analysis. In Russia involvement of psychologists for work does not practice in campaign headquarters, and in vain. Only the psychologist as the expert can give objective treatment of reaction of participants focus - groups on information obtained by them during research. Besides the help of the psychologist is very important for the candidate - to help the candidate correctly to behave at meetings with the population and on performances before members of the media. The psychologist is also very important during the work with moderators of public opinion as the expert the communication, necessary for the successful solution of problems of campaign, helping to establish with these people. Often during campaign in Russia involve as an expert the astrologer - it is pseudoscientific approach which has no relation to realities of election campaign and respectively the harm doing only.

of Action of opponents is monitored either by the technologist leading campaign or the special technologist who is responsible for collection of information about opponents.

Total turns out that the main operational analytical data attached to a concrete stage of campaign have to produce four experts periodically: the journalist, the sociologist, the psychologist and the technologist studying actions of opponents. On their basis, and also on the basis of recommendations of the experts who provided these data, and also on the basis of knowledge of a social portrait of the district, the previous electoral statistics the technologist leading campaign also has to exercise operational management of campaign to make change in tactics of actions, and perhaps and to change campaign strategy. The skilled head of campaign has to possess the skills and methodical knowledge allowing it to estimate and use the analytical information obtained by it from experts, and also to act as the expert capable to critical evaluation of this information for prevention of nonprofessionalism of experts that also often meets in the Russian reality. The exact knowledge of electoral properties of the district and plans of opponents gains special importance by the time of vote, it allows to choose the correct strategy and tactics when carrying out it really the most difficult and complex action within election campaign. On the basis of the analysis of all this information decisions, for example, are made on mobilization of electorate on vote or on the contrary carrying out actions for decrease in an appearance, tactics of behavior of observers and members of the commissions with the right of an advisory vote on UIKAKH, support groups, to the invitation of detached onlookers, the organization of other special actions. Vote it as breakthrough on a home straight and optional wins against the one who the first ran out on this straight line. The analytical knowledge of a situation, knowledge of the opportunities, ability to use all these opportunities on - to a maximum often allows or not to miss the advantage, or to catch up and overtake even having smaller absolute electoral weight before vote. By the way the correct assessment of electoral weight at a preliminary stage often leads to inclusion in election campaign of so-called candidates of setups whose purpose to take away or reduce the electoral weight of the main opponents. Also on a case of systematic violation by opponents of electoral laws it is necessary to involve the selective lawyer to analytics, perhaps main opponent will manage to be withdrawn from elections.

Alexey Nezhivoy