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Selective technologies: Work with the candidate of

Each person on the is unique! Uniqueness is, for example, that there are practically no similar people, there are no identical characters, handwritings etc. However psychologists learned to describe character, and in narrow-minded understanding a certain image of beauty and the truth is formed, techniques the certain qualities allowing to develop at the person and on the contrary the techniques allowing to correct perception of an individual people around are developed. Election campaign business not cheap and in formation of image of the candidate and the correct work with on fixing of this image among the population in many respects depends on correctness of the chosen strategy its success. Work with the candidate is directed to formation of the correct image, the help to the candidate in work with the population. Formation of a certain image is important also for candidates of setups. There is a lot of techniques, application of these techniques depends on specific conditions of election campaign.

So, it is very important to be able to convey during the work with the candidate information about it is mute, to the population in the form in which it will be assessed by the voter most positively. As it is known the person perceives world around on the basis of sight, touch and hearing. Further information is exposed to the analysis on the basis of experience, the standard categories of an assessment (it still is called mentality or stereotypes), the knowledge after that received in consciousness of an individual receives the certain assessment consisting of several categories, two are important for us: 1. Important - it is not important 2. Well - it is bad. Therefore campaign for studying of properties of perception of electorate has to precede work with the candidate. Bazovo such information arrives from sociological researches which give information on basic needs of the average voter and on the main average stereotypes of perception of the taking place events. More detailed information can be obtained in the course focus - groups.

- As a result the set of criteria of positive perception is developed by the candidate`s population.

Obtains the main information on the world of people through sight therefore first of all during the work with the candidate it is necessary will take care of his visual image on propaganda materials and at live meetings with the population. The technologist is faced by a problem of combination of visual image, natural to the candidate, with the image causing in the population trust to the candidate. If image of the candidate does not correspond to criteria of positive perception, then it should be developed and brought to necessary requirements in the course, most natural to the candidate, otherwise the requirement of criterion of naturalness of visual perception of the candidate is violated (for example, it is impossible to make full of the person image of the athlete or to the person sharp and imperious image of the soft and interested listener).

For creation of images of the candidate for Propaganda Propaganda Materials it is necessary to invite the skilled photographer who will have an opportunity to finish shooting a large number of photos. Selection of photos it is necessary to make for APM on the basis focus - groups, at least among workers of a staff. (It is general is known the fact that sometimes to 30 - 35 percent of voting coming to polling precincts, make the choice at the last minute, often vote just for the candidate who most of all was pleasant to them on a photo.)

Having obtained visual information on the candidate and without having managed to hear him yet or to read about him the voter already places it on a certain position in the internal scale of values. And the main category - it is important for this visual scale - not important (interested or did not interest). Depends on this situation how the voter will show consideration for speech or text information on the candidate.

During creation of texts APM or for performances of the candidate, requires the room in them as a mention background as it is possible bigger quantity of the facts causing a positive assessment in the voter. The main motive of such materials has to answer received on the basis of sociological polls and focus - groups to the main inquiries and needs of the voter (which set can vary depending on target group). The problem, the more attention to it is more actual for the voter it is necessary to pay. Most of people estimate information owing to own not competence of a pas to a basis of external sensory perception of its source or on the basis of opinion of other people whose opinion the authority has at them (these people still call moderators of public opinion). Therefore style of a statement of a problem and ways of its decision in speeches of the candidate and in materials APM has to cause surely trust in the voter - this criterion is reached in case of its initial discrepancy to requirements by continuous trainings of the candidate before the audience consisting of workers of a staff or faithful supporters, and it is the best of all to discuss ways of the solution of problems in the moderators of public opinion revealed in advance and to sound in performances and in texts of APM the most acceptable for them.

At this stage the candidate by the time of elections holds already accurate position on a two-dimensional scale of an assessment going to vote: 1. Important - it is not important 2. Well - it is bad.

That at whom it is better indicators Important and Well wins.

Here it should be noted such very important indicator of an assessment of the candidate the population as an anti-rating. The anti-rating comes to light during sociological researches and shows percent of the voting population which for the candidate will definitely not vote. Also during poll the reasons of such decision are established (for example, the candidate not the local or consists in some political party). Very important component of work of the technologist on elections is prevention of in advance negative perception of the candidate by the population. Therefore, the candidate has to avoid at communication with the population of a mention of the facts causing in advance negative assessment, to have definite answers on the questions asked about these facts which have to weaken as much as possible negative impression (such answers are besides fulfilled on focus groups).

In the light of certain properties of electoral process in Russia, often the result depends not only on ability of work with the population, and on perception of the candidate so-called elite. We already mentioned one of elite - it people whose opinion has big social weight. Often exert the perception of the candidate solving impact on result the operating elite - officials, business by elite and power elite - militia, prosecutor`s office. Work of a staff of the candidate with this elite depends on a set of circumstances, one of the general criteria is not commission whenever possible of actions for increase of an anti-rating of the candidate among representatives of this elite that can cross out all efforts in receiving positive electoral result. (In my practice there was a case when the mayor not to allow a victory of one of candidates on elections of city council, authorized campaign before vote during which at night all houses of the constituency were painted with black paint with appeals to vote for the objectionable candidate, the militia naturally did not catch malefactors, and most likely even protected - similar actions were caused by aggressive behavior from the candidate concerning other candidate who was supported by the mayor).

Work with the candidate is the very interesting and important complex part of election campaign demanding big professionalism from the technologist and counter big desire from the candidate to win elections (sometimes the purpose happens also other, but the purpose of achievement of increase in social weight and the status of the candidate following the results of elections is anyway set)

Alexey Nezhivoy