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We go to Karelia? The instruction to application of

So, before you small digression on beautiful and peculiar country. Or just story about Karelia.

Part one. Fact-finding


Yes, not Egypt, and even not Turkey, but believe, here is what to look at. And as the intolerable heat of summer casts thoughts of a cool, you also will find rescue for the transitory ph.

in Karelia So, one after another. You were already defined that you go to Karelia and take away for this purpose at least one and a half weeks. If it is less, then, probably, the manufacture game is also not necessary. You will see no more, than in the advertizing leaflet.

I will remind that from the South on the North Karelia was stretched even on one thousand kilometers. And across too there is a lot of. Therefore to you not to capture such scales in any way. And if one nature sanctuary before you, then to another it is necessary to go not less than 2-5 hours.

It is necessary to prepare for such travel seriously. There are no campings along roads where it is possible to spend the night easily. Hotels are usually filled by Finns in the summer, or ours - “russo - the tourist“. Therefore at the first stage of preparation for travel you should determine by Karelia:

1) season of your trip;

2) on how many days you go;

3), how many people in group;

4) for what you go;

5) that you want to see;

6) on what you will go.

A season mentioned not a sprost. Climate of Karelia whimsical and, I would tell, rather “rotten“. Remember history. In imperial times there was a reference for objectionable here. And not for nothing. It in present living conditions somehow is not noticed influence of eternal dampness, low temperatures and winds. And earlier all this set led to serious illnesses. Therefore also reference.

But be not frightened. For a week of stay here cold or the ears bitten by mosquitoes can only appear the most terrible for you an event. We will return to mosquitoes separately.

You go in the winter? Well. For the last years ten the climate changed significantly. Frosts under 40 degrees from 80 - x, smoothly flowed in slushy -3, -5. The first real frosts happen in December. Stand no more than a week and thaw. Literally. New year can be met or on ice, or in general in the rain. Last, winter we do not take 2010 into account yet.

Then the cold snap steps according to the Russian calendar, on the Epiphany, that is after January 19, and lasts of a week to three. February appears coldest month of year. If the purpose of your travel - week rest in a lodge for tourists which bred in enough, then, probably, the end of February - the beginning of March you are is suitable quite.

If you want to fish, then it is worth gathering from the middle of March prior to the beginning of April. If in 90 - e years fishing at the end of April was quite everyday occurrence, then now at the beginning of this month it already comes to an end. Global warming, however. Ice on lakes by this time not reliable, and statistics just indecent.

The main enemy of the tourist in Karelia in the winter - at all not frosts. It is very high humidity of air. 90-96%. And at wind of 4-6 m/s and a frost of 15 degrees from you will blow not only heat, but also I smother. Therefore the warm woolen sweater has to be at itself anyway. And good down-padded coat or tulupchik.

In general the winter comes to Karelia at the beginning of November and keeps there until the end of April. Ice on lakes floats also in May. In the north of the republic this period extends a little. It in in brief about winter.

We miss spring and fall. Fall rainy and cold. Therefore the melancholy will crush you in one day, and the spring begins in May, and in May comes to an end. Month it though spring, but cold. 5-10 solar days. Temperature of May, as a rule does not exceed +10-12 degrees. Therefore the warm sviterok from a backpack is not spread.

You learn about the Karelian summer in the following article.