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What invention most strongly changed the world?

Someone says that the person became a creation wreath thanks to work. And some boring people claim that presently the return process began - people turn into animals. And alcohol very much helps to accelerate it. What would the civilization lose if our ancestors did not take somehow time of the begun to ferment mash?


At ancient shumer was a saying: “Not to drink beer - not to know pleasure“. Ninety centuries ago the world dragged pathetic sad existence until in Mesopotamia learned to cook beer. Who that magician that presented to the world the sparkling drink charming taste and bringing fun? Shumera considered drink as gift of gods, to the patroness of brewing of Ningkaxi composed odes. Beer was drunk by all - young and old. There were special grades for women and men. The most popular beer brands between the rivers Tiger and Euphrates were Good and Very Good beer


invented Glass, most likely, incidentally. The ancient Roman historian Pliny - the senior wrote that Phoenician sea merchants warmed to themselves the tourist`s breakfast on fire. Fire was made on sand, and pots with food propped up pieces of lime. The combination of high temperature, sand, lime and ashes allowed to find in the morning in the cooled-down campfire pieces something smooth and firm. The most ancient products from glass are found in the territory of Egypt - a beads, bottles of perfume, a mosaic. There will pass not enough time and people will find for glass more worthy application - will invent a bottle for beer.


in the middle of the 19th century in France drank milk of unhealthy cows and hurt a consumption. And to recover from a consumption - drank, certainly, milk. So unfortunate French drank and were ill, were ill and drank... So far the microbiologist Louis Pasteur did not decide to break off this vicious circle. To kill in milk a tubercular stick, the product is decided to be heated to temperature of 60 - 70 degrees Celsius of 30 minutes. Thus, both microbes perished, and nutritious properties of milk remained. Pasteur made a lot more good. Invented a rage inoculation, for example. But the most part of the population remembers this scientific only as the person who spoiled beer.

the Refrigerator

John Gorri worked as the doctor in the State of Florida. Its hospital was located in the city of Apalachicola - will sweat until you say. Not to sweat most and to cool the patients, the ingenious inventor constructed the first-ever compressor compressing air which, passing through a coil, extended and cooled. This principle is applied in all refrigeration units and conditioners also today. On the basis of the invention John Gorri constructed the car for production of ice - the first refrigerator of model of 1851.

This year three years from the moment of the real triumph of refrigerating production will be executed. In 2007 22 - summer John Kornuell invented the refrigerator which on a signal from the control panel throws directly in hands a jar of cold beer. whether

the Radio communication

was Known by Popov, inventing hundred twenty years ago the first-ever wireless telegraph, than its opening will turn back for the world? It it is guilty that in minibuses we listen to radio “Shanson“, we keep the eyes glued from television a reality - show, we cannot sleep without mobile phone and for months we live in the Internet. However it is even possible to struggle with horrors of a modern civilization its weapon. To avoid information stress, it is possible to glance in the refrigerator, to get a cool bottle, to wipe the misted glass and with a pleasant sound to open... new window in the Internet - the browser.

When this article was already written, in the press the message that the Italian researchers recommend to give beer flew... 16 - to summer teenagers. Probably, that progress moved quicker...

Actually it is not about accustoming to drinking of younger generation, and about the prevention of teenage alcoholism. Paradox! However, scientists demand to give to children beer strictly under control of adults and exclusively at dinner. A half-glass of intoxicated drink at a family table allegedly will create the correct relation to alcohol, and from attracting “forbidden fruit“ alcohol will turn into an opposite duty. Italians drew such conclusion on the basis of what most of all strong drinking teenagers grew in families with rigid “taboo“ on alcohol within the house. Than more irreconcilably parents pass an opinion on alcohol at teenage parties, especially children of such parents take hard liquors, having escaped from - under control.

And you could pour an unfaltering hand to the child of beer? And if in the childhood of beer offered you how you think, it would be reflected in your attitude towards him? Personally I cannot give a definite answer to these questions yet...