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Political marauding: exists or not? We Will begin

with definition. In the modern explanatory dictionary of Russian (Institute of linguistic researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2001) we read: the marauder - of people, plundering the killed and wounded in the field of battle or in the war zone, large natural disasters. Respectively, marauding - is a behavior, the marauder`s acts.

A we will distract from linguistics now and we will remember some milestone events.

in the Summer 2010 - go years happened in the center of the European part of Russia the largest environmental disaster of the last years. Wildfires destroyed thousands of hectares of the wood. The ultraboundary heat and a smog made intolerable life of millions of people. In Moscow from - for abnormal weathers died hundreds of inhabitants.

How in these circumstances the authorities behaved?

a Number of the Russian politicians on history with the fires tried to score political points. It became deliberately loudly, participation of politicians in ogneborchesky operations was in detail lit in mass media, however these actions were senseless and useless.

Here it is possible to remember an action of members of a youth wing of the party “United Russia“ of suppression of the fires in the Ryazan region. Subsequently it became clear that in that place where they allegedly extinguished fire, the fires were not in general.

Still it is worth remembering flight the prime minister - the minister V. Putin in a chair of the first pilot by fire plane. It is unlikely the Prime Minister is able to operate levers and pedals of the amphibian which scoops water from a reservoir, and then dumps it on fire. (By the way, - TASS stood on a tape of the ITAR news agency: the plane - an ambition; here precisely the reservation according to Freud). Then why this carnival in natural disaster and how many it cost? Yes, it is difficult to be God. Especially if sense of reality is lost.

And when the head of Gazprom publicly promises the president of Russia to deliver to fire victims satellite plates “NTV Plus“ for reception of 36 TV channels is what it? At them everything burned down: both clothes, and property, and a body - boxes too. Where they this plate remarkable prisobachat?

We will add to told other history which happened same hot summer - cutting down of the Khimki wood situated near Moscow. When it became clear that defenders of the wood will not recede, and ecological actions are inevitably transformed to a political protest, the United Russia party reversed and at the same time decided to score popularity points. Notice, the party did not recognize the mistakes, did not refuse the unusable project (approved by the party leader), and told: we always stood guard ecology, we for dialogue with the people. Misters, where you stayed all long months when set on defenders of the Khimki wood louts and OMON?

... There was a Beslan tragedy six years ago. At the Beslan school No. 1 occupied by terrorists during storm 334 persons, generally children died. Let`s lay aside a question: whether it is admissible to fire from the tank and grenade launchers at the school occupied by terrorists with children. But how to call cancellation of governor`s elections in all Russia right after the Beslan tragedy and allegedly to strengthen fight against terrorism? Where manor, and where flood?!

Sometimes it seems that in the country there live two Russian people. At one the woods burn, the fires devour their houses, terrorists kill their children and their; others - fly by plane - an ambition, interpret nanotechnologies, cut down the Khimki wood, “outfit“ discordant a bludgeon on the head, on elections “choose“ in the power themselves, and then with feeling of the executed debt go to have a rest to democratic Europe. And if someone in Russia has no bread, then let eat cakes and watch 36 satellite TV channels.

Now we will return to definition of marauding from the explanatory dictionary and it is comparable with the actions of politicians described above. I will not be afraid to tell that in recent years any large-scale tragedy in Russia was anyway used by imperious elite for a demonstrative self-praise. Authorities tried to benefit by each happened trouble, to score political points, to raise the rating or to carry out on the quiet unpopular at the population, but this or that bill, convenient for themselves. What does it differ from behavior of the marauder in?

When the politician profits on human trouble, against others grief cares only for the rating - it looks disgustingly. Time is now not military, here and freely political marauders feel. Nobody to a wall will put. Though they, of course, cause feeling of fastidiousness.

It is not so difficult to fight against political marauding: it is necessary to participate in elections. In the voting day to come to the polling precinct, to take the bulletin and to express the attitude towards marauders.

And it is possible to be engaged in real political work. If the person does not politicize, then she begins to be engaged in him soon. However, it already another story altogether.