Rus Articles Journal

In search of Highest

B what true beauty of life is hidden?

In aspiration to open main, the highest, the greatest:

In the woman, in the man, in the child: Dawn comes, and you open the door to the World of the nature where smells awaken mind and bring satisfaction.

Where this highest aspect - God from our attentive looks which are looking for inspiration and getting into each particle of the universe took cover? In each molecule, atom of a flower or in each section of our being? But who then looks and who looks for this highest beauty?

Wise say that when we look for God - that we find ourselves...

And I want to tell you - will throw out your illusion of street doors! God is not a facade!

Is not a masquerade and it is not illusion! It is not religiousness. It is not all positivity and virtue. No. God is a reality of life, this ours I, our reason which is rushing about, looking for new games and inspired from attention and care to it! This is the child of eternity to which to spit on any “conventional“ morals and material comfort. It with pleasure will break your favourite bagatelle of which you decided to brag to the neighbor! It with pleasure will turn off the head to your elegant doll - only to look that at it inside. Because interests him, that in Everything. He is interested in Him.

I was where God everywhere where there is no nothing left from your flesh and where the eternity and time are the same. I was there - at terminal station where terrible black walls hang and crush your fear and where you are dissolved in own pain by indifference and detachment and when you begin to realize something - that all this appears freedom:

I was there, and I have no pity to myself now, I have no pity to others - I have no pity any more! Because I know precisely - that pity is a evil!

I was there, and I have no compassion to myself any more - I have no compassion and to others too because when I felt pity, I was bound hand and foot, I could not move, I could not be inspired, I could not reach hands the sky and stroke hair to divine.

I was there - and I have no knowledge of anything any more. Neither about good, nor about the evil, nor about bad, nor about good, nor about correct, nor about not correct - because when I knew all this, lived in the traps and traps placed to me by my parents and teachers.

You do not trust? You already what you do not trust to... Also it is not necessary! Go, look! There is my slogan. Go, look, - fail in this gaping emptiness of temptation, reach not only church parish, and up to the end in the thirst - to Learn who such God!

And you will see that I do not lie. In a word. God - all this only my World which I create and I open myself for surrounding space.

There is a lot of means. If you want to learn who such God, there is a lot of means. The main thing in all this is that you want to recognize God. So you want to recognize him? Or you want to argue once again on this subject?

If you so want to recognize him, then all the rest - does not matter... All your life, mother, father, brothers, sisters, wives, your children, your relations, your religion, faith, outlook, work, comfort:

It needs to be made for this purpose - or that for this purpose... All your debts and obligations... All this does not matter in the ratio to your desire - to recognize God!

And if this is true, then means to appear by all means, for you - your means, your tool, your tool. There is a lot of means: Falling it or take-off. Mace it or onions. Screw-driver it or hammer. Car it or plane. Water it, earth or fire.

your means will find you - when your strong desire, your shout, your despair, your pain, your pleasure, your song, your prayer, your meditation - reaches his ears. It has to be reckless what it was. Ancient called it the simple word yo - hectare, connecting subjective and objective in a single whole. In yoga the simple essence and a form merge in aspiration to Create!

my beauty is my find. I found the shadow, breath. I found what forces me to breathe, I found the reason of why I breathe. It something is difficult achievable.

It is at all and always. But not many look for it in the life.

the True gift for me is my recklessness. It gave freedom for flight of an arrow of desire to reach the highest. I sing glory to the recklessness! I sing glory to the blindness and the ignorance. I sing glory to all dark in me which served as the soil for rising of a fine flower of knowledge: who, I am, actually.

My love - always with me. My love is deep sides of my opening of. In total what I touch - it is part me now. All who near me is a part me. All who it is far from me - it is part me. As I can not love myself - I am beautiful, I am live Soul!

My belief is a melody of life which sounds constantly in my heart. With each its blow, with each rhythm or nervousness which is endured by it all orchestra, all harmonica of my body and a being comes to life. My belief always with me - it always goes after a beating of my heart.

My knowledge is my experience which is given by rest and meditation, I am attached to rest as to a being expensive to me, I like to iron it on the head, I like to have a rest in his shadow, I just like to be with it - as with the great-great-grandfather, to sit about anything, speaking - just listening to all his presence.

My work is I, my movements and aspirations, plans, verses, contracts and the relation to life. My work is expensive to me because it helps me to feel necessary addition and a particle of whole. My work is a manifestation of internal, return of without the rest.

Put flowers to the legs - you are live! Bless life and living it - only it matters!

Bows divine in you.

C love - Shiam