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Siding: for what it was so fallen in love by owners of country real estate?

Many owners of country houses and dachas know that over time paint and plaster of a facade lose color, are soiled, obluplyatsya, and it is necessary to update them from time to time. And it is every time takes away many forces and means.

At the same time to put in order a face of the house, besides quickly and for a long time, the so-called system of the hinged or ventilated facades allows. For owners of dachas and country houses it is, first of all, wall panels which most popular version is the vinyl siding.

The siding was thought up in the USA one and a half centuries ago. Then it was purely wooden finishing material. And its name goes from the English word siding, that is outer side, a covering. To us this material (already in a modern look) was delivered rather recently, in the middle of 90 - x.

Finishing of houses a vinyl siding became very popular with us in the country. With its help it is possible to make any dwelling of slag stones, a brick or combined boards quickly and cheap beautiful, elegant and fashionable. No matter, how equal walls of your giving, which you are going to dress a saydingovy shirt and what they are made of. The main thing that walls were strong.

The vinyl siding represents ordinary panels or profiles of different coloring (including imitating a covering from a tree). The siding in many respects replaced wooden lining known to us which quickly rots under the influence of dampness.

The sizes of profiles of a vinyl siding - various, convenient for finishing of any facades. Their length usually makes from 2 to 6 m, and width - from 10 to 30 cm. For finishing of houses release both smooth, and relief panels. They are supplemented with various elements and accessories. Accessories of a vinyl siding allow to sheathe a facade of the house of any configuration. Panels are elastic and easy as their thickness no more than 1,5 mm, but at the same time rather strong. Producers of this doubling front material assure that such shirt for the house will serve not less than half a century and give a guarantee for a vinyl siding for this term.

The vinyl siding possesses a number of useful properties. This material does not grow dull over time, is not afraid of big differences of temperatures, moisture, a mold and corrosion. At the same time the vinyl shirt for the house of a paropronitsayem also allows it to breathe. Also the fact that combustibility of a vinyl siding is equal to zero is important. At fire emergence it only melts and does not sustain combustion.

Color combinations of a vinyl siding are a separate subject. The companies making this construction material offer not less than two tens its coloring for every taste. At the Russian buyers pastel tone, white color and imitation of wood are in great demand. To be afraid that the color of a saydingovy facade will burn out on the sun, there are no bases.

Assembly of a vinyl siding for a hinged facade of the house - business simple and a lot of time does not borrow. For this purpose in panels there are locks - latches which allow to connect them among themselves, and the punched edges which serve for fastening of panels as self-tapping screws or nails to house walls.

Care of a vinyl siding does not represent special work. It is only enough to wash sometimes panels with a water stream from a hose.

The cost of a vinyl siding, depending on firms - manufacturers, makes 120-600 rubles for square meter. Among the most famous producers of this construction material it is possible to call the Kaycan and Mitten companies (Canada), Nailite and Varitorm (USA). There are producers of a vinyl siding and in Russia. These are Docke and Mordside firms.

I will tell how it is correct to choose a vinyl siding.

Besides verification of the certificate on goods where the producer is specified, take an interest at the seller of what raw materials the siding is made. The matter is that panels which are manufactured of the processed plastic can over time not only lose initial color, but also be stratified. Look attentively at a panel wrong side. At qualitative it always light-beige, at made of “vtorichka“ - it is dirty - gray.

Finishing of the house a vinyl siding - quite good option of reconstruction and updating of your dwelling.