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How to prepare mutton with lentil?

To regret, but are not remembered by us the roots. There was once a time when not that - in lips all progressive mankind kissed Russia on the top of the head. Also was to it for what: 85% of world export of lentil fell to our share. Russian.

4 million poods … Poods, poods. Business - that was at the tsar-father and before transition to metric system of measures and scales. 4 million these most, each of which on 16 kilograms, took out out of borders of the Russian Empire. On a foreign market. Plus to which and internal - completely closed all need for lentil at the expense of the, domestic producer.

And now? You will come into shop, you will approach racks where grain. Leguminous - in the same place, stand, to them “prislonyuty“ … And what? Someone saw the, Russian lentil? Look, look as required. Get a grasp of what on labels is written. Shame.

“Green lentil“. And in skobochka, is slightly lower - “French“. “Red lentil“. And under it, the same Makar (it is good though without calfs) - “Egyptian“. Only under brown - nothing is written. Perhaps stories with which it can become a shame to them do not want to remind Italians those pages them.

But to us - that … What to be ashamed of?! 85% and 4 million poods - that not the ram nachkhat. However, about rams rather early still, perhaps. And here about lentil …

It such leguminous vegetable … Environmentally friendly in every respect. Without what reklamno - marketing exaggerations. Judge - toxic elements, unlike many other plants, lentil does not accumulate. It does not do the same with radionuclides. And with nitrates. It does not need all this “wealth“. And to us as it seems to me, too.

And here folic acid which, by the way, in lentil has more than in what other product - absolutely other question. It - that to our suffering organism - will not prevent. If moderately, of course. And not so that continuous lentil both in the morning, and in the afternoon, and in the evening. What for?! In one lentil portion already 90% of all day norm of folic acid recommended by nutritionists. Ate it and - an order.

The typical representative of the family, lentil has much in common with other bean. In it, as well as in them, there are practically no fats (at most to 2%), but it is a lot of complex carbohydrates (to 53%) and the vegetable protein which is easily acquired by an organism (to 35%). And here tryptophane and sulfuric amino acids in lentil it is much less, than in the same peas or haricot. And, unlike them, it is absolutely optional to presoak it before cooking in water. It is enough to wash also it is possible to fall asleep in a pan with the boiling water.

And the last - is quite important. If green (French) lentil in the course of its heat treatment well keeps a form, then brown and, especially, red (Egyptian) can boil soft. In order to avoid this problem lentil is also put, as a rule, in the boiling water. And here it is necessary to salt it at the very end of preparation. In salty water (as well as in slightly acidified) lentil prepares longer.

Though that it “longer“ in relation to lentil? It if, besides, to compare it to other bean, cooks much quicker than both peas, and haricot and the more so beans. Of course, depending on a grade of lentil and time of its preparation can be a miscellaneous, but 40 minutes are quite enough for any - green, red, brown.

And here about such bean miracle we, it turns out, forgot? Or exchanged it? On what?! If on a primogeniture - it still could be understood. But, is given to me that there was no exchange. Especially, equivalent. Just we lost lentil. And the roots together with it. And pride of them. Lost and forgot. So, maybe, time to remember came? And about roots. And about lentil.

No, no, no! Only not about lentil soup. You remember the captain Vrungel? Wise there was a person. Great man! “As you will call the vessel, so on it and will float“. And if decided to remember, so, maybe, we will begin with something bright and festive? Like mutton with lentil. Especially, somehow very long ago I did not get a cauldron from a kitchen locker. Here, just and the occasion is. So, we get?

Though … For a start we will be engaged in mutton. How many it to take, everyone for himself solves. Someone on half a kilo of lentil needs not smaller amount of meat. And someone has enough also couple hundreds grams. If only the meat spirit on kitchen floated. But here all have to have portion pieces approximately from one shoe block. Large. To a big piece and the mouth always rejoices.

So what is the matter? we Will please it. We were going to celebrate, it seems? Or how? And if gathered, we undress mutton on large portion pieces, we pepper them, we strew with a grated nutmeg, we put in the enameled saucepan suitable by the size, we sprinkle meat garnet juice, we cover capacity and we put aside it away for about 40 minutes.

While mutton is pickled, we clean couple of bulbs, we cut them and we slice half rings. Two - three peeled carrots we rub on a large grater.

Now it is possible to get a cauldron also. Got? On its plate. Fire - on a maximum. In a cauldron we pour grams 100 - 150 vegetable oils and as soon as it properly is heated, we begin to brown onions, constantly stirring slowly with its skimmer.

There will be onions light-golden - add to a cauldron grated carrots and 3 - 4 garlic gloves. All this, without stopping stirring slowly, we fry even minutes 5 - 7. Then we put already kept waiting meat and we cook it until mutton changes the color, turns from brightly - red in darkly - brown.

Now it is possible to fill in the fried mutton with the boiling water so that it covered with itself all contents, to cover a cauldron, to lower fire to a minimum and to extinguish. About half an hour. And as they will pass, we add well washed out lentil to a cauldron. We add some salt, we mix … we cook

I even minutes 30 - 40, glancing that lentil did not boil soft, from time to time, tasting it. Between times, we crumble what easy salatik. Type - tomatoes, onions … We get plates, tableware. And shot glasses what in a sideboard is done? At us as, a holiday today?

If holiday, then lentil there as? It is already ready? On a table it! Together with mutton. I … We start. The first toast for whom?.