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What to do if the laptop overheats?

Are known that overheating of the laptop can cause its breakage, and even full refusal. Even earlier, at the time of laptops with Pentium 1, 2, 3, 4 processors rumors as at someone the house nearly lit up went, the furniture was burned with the fact that there was an ignition of the laptop. All this could occur from - for the fact that processors in laptops of that time were similar usual, and system of their cooling too not ideal.

Already since Pentium M (Pentium Mobile) in Intel - ovsky laptops processors became less power-intensive (and therefore were less heated), than desktopovsky, also in BIOS function of an emergency shutdown of a laptop at a processor overheat appeared.

Here several useful tips as it is better to look after a laptop that it did not overheat.

If in your laptop the fan constantly works, it, as a rule, creates the irritating background noise. The fan of a laptop is, as a rule, adjusted from BIOS where there is an opportunity to expose the mode of its rotation - constantly, or on demand. Some types of BIOS call the mode with the fan which is switched off from time to time, Silent mode.

However in the majority of the modern laptops BIOS “is cut very down“ therefore you can not find such settings there. If at you everything is good with settings, and the laptop, nevertheless, overheats and the fan constantly works, means it is necessary to clean the fan which cools the processor.

As usual this fan cools at the same time a radiator of the main processor and graphic processor; in the majority of laptops it takes cold air from - under the bottoms and removes heated air sideways or (behind more rare) than a laptop.

To find this fan, you need to switch off a laptop, to turn it and on the bottom to look for a square lattice (usually under the fan a lattice square).

Whether to check the fan is littered, it is necessary to blow in opposite from usual the party of the movement of air. If from - under the bottoms the club of dust takes off - you need to clean the fan.

We carry out cleaning of the fan … the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner needs to be exposed on the smallest power. Cleaning happens so: you put the vacuum cleaner to a lattice of the disconnected laptop and include it for 10-15 seconds. Such cleaning needs to be carried out periodically.

Be careful! Do not forget that the laptop at the same time has to be switched-off. You watch that the fan of the laptop did not turn too strongly (it is heard on a sound) as it can fail. If after cleaning with the vacuum cleaner the fan constantly works for you and further - check the BIOS settings: perhaps you set to it not that mode.

Happens so that producers of laptops forget that the laptop is a portable device and can settle down, for example, on a lap at the user or on a sofa. Therefore you pay attention to where at your laptop the ventilating grate is located and whether it is closed during the work.

Also happens that laptops have no the thought-over cooling system and for this reason overheat. For example, in working situation the interval between a table and a laptop is too small therefore the fan constantly works at high turns that very much irritates.

For the solution of this problem it is possible to buy a special support for cooling of a laptop. They are two types: with fans and without. The first cost from $10, and the second $30-60. Supports with fans have one or more built-in fans which in addition cool your laptop, borrowing at this USB - entrances.

It is possible to solve this problem both cheaper and easy way: having raised back part of a laptop is higher. For this purpose it is possible to paste higher, than factory, rubber legs. Also the problem is solved in the presence of empty matchboxes, old cartridges, etc. plus the imagination.

If you were not helped by any of above the described methods, then, probably, you need to replace thermopaste. Thermopaste is a special substance which helps to transfer heat from the main and graphic processor to a cooling radiator. Over time she grows old and its functions worsen. Therefore sometimes it is necessary to apply new thermopaste. Independent replacement of thermopaste should be made only to experienced users, also keep in mind that, most likely, you will lose a possibility of free guarantee maintenance.