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Salads with female names: let`s try? From “Svetlana“ to “Yana“ of

To what there are a lot of salads called by the female names! Even the most fluent review shows it. So let`s it continue we will finish, more precisely.


Tenderness of Svetlana quite corresponds to taste of salad. Its preparation requires not so much: 200 g of the crabsticks cut with straws, tinned pineapples (several tablespoons in the crumbled look), and still largely shabby eggs 4 pieces and firm cheese (100 g).

Crabsticks will make “base“ of a salad construction, pineapples - the flooring over it, will go overlapping from eggs above, and then - grated cheese. Each layer “sticks together with the subsequent with mayonnaise promazky. How to decorate? I think, something svetlenky, lemon semi-segments, for example. Or to arrange one circle of a lemon on the center as the sun, and from it - a stripe rays. By the way, the sun can smile if to represent on it eyes from pieces of sweet pepper or carrot and a mouth to ears - by means of ketchup or the same vegetables.


the Name is translated to

with Hebrew as “a date palm tree“. But there are no recipes with dates in “Tamar - salads“. The most widespread - with mushrooms and cheese, but seems to me more interesting another - with a melon. Here also I want to acquaint with it.

The preparatory work connected with a plate, only two: to boil chicken breast in the added some salt water and to fry sesame seeds. While they cool down, we tear hands lettuce leaves, small we cut several plumelets of green onions and a bunch of cilantro, we cut cubes a quarter (or a third if it wants) a small dynka - without crust and seeds, of course, and it is better not to crush.

We undress the cooled-down meat on cubes too. We connect products and polivkay gas station from 2 St. spoons of vegetable oil, it is preferable - olive or from grape seeds, a dessertspoon of honey or maple syrup, as much - balsam vinegar. Tanechk`s

Tatyana is, neither it is more, nor it is less - the founder. Salad of a name establishes her a curious combination of various products. For the beginnings we will soak in warm boiled water 100 g of dried apricots and as much - dried tangerine (if is not present, then it is possible to take a half fresh which is not required to be soaked).

While dried fruits napityvatsya by moisture, we rub the apple which is largely peeled of a peel and a core and we sprinkle a lemon, and also “polosuy“ leaves of one bunch of salad. We cut dried apricots and tangerine segments in half, we mix with apple and salad. And now - gas station.

It prepares so. We pour out juice of halves of 1 lemon and 1 tangerine in capacity from 200 g of sour cream, we add 1 tablespoon of honey, we salt and we pepper to taste and we shake up to uniformity. We fill in gas station in salad and we allow to be drawn in the refrigerator. Before giving we strew with a medley from grated cheese (2 - 3 tablespoons) and walnuts (to taste and whenever possible). Here to you and “Tanechka“.


Among new names is also it. Its value is obvious, as well as the flavoring direction of the salad of the same name. On couple morkovin and apples, and also 200 g of pumpkin we rub on a large grater, we add also the crushed filbert. In svezheotzhaty juice of a half of orange we dissolve a tablespoon of honey and we pour out in salad. Having mixed, we insist minutes 20 - 30 and we make out the whole nutlets of a filbert.


the Name Faina is translated to

as “shining“. “Shine“ to salad is obviously given by dried fruits: the cut dates (400 g) and raisin (1 glass, without stones). After steaming we connect to the chopped cabbage, we sprinkle lemon juice (1 h. spoon), we salt and we sweeten (preferably brown sugar) and we fill with sour cream (200 g).


Hilda, with Old German - “battling“, so, having the remarkable force and fighting enthusiasm. It is no wonder that salad dense, nourishing and with sharp taste. For its preparation we cut straws 250 g of boiled rabbit flesh, cubes - couple of boiled potatoes not of the smallest size, 3 eggs and 1 - 2 fresh a cucumber, thin chetvertkolets - 2 bulbs. We salt the products prepared thus and we pepper to taste, we fill with sour cream (200 g) and two teaspoons of grated horse-radish, we mix. Also it is already possible to give to a table.


Ella is a dawn, light. In salad of her name the scarlet dawn is represented by strawberry. But so far we do not touch it, and we put on endurance in cold water a bunch of sheet salad, - there will be enough half an hour, and after this time will tear it hands. We add to green shreds cubes from 100 g of ham, a fresh cucumber and strawberry. Now it is time to start sauce.

We shake up honey tablespoon, tea - mustard, 100 g of olive oil and juice of a half of a lemon. In 2 - 3 minutes prisalivay mix, we add sugar and pepper - to taste and again we shake up before full dissolution of sugar. Ready sauce is poured out in salad and we mix. As touch-up we strew a dish with culinary poppy. Emmie`s

Value of Emmie, that is Aemilia, consists in the characteristic of her bearer as self-critical person. Perhaps, in salad it expresses abundance of ingredients? - Self-criticism assumes the attentive relation to any self-manifestations. So, for preparation of a dish it is necessary to stock up with the following set of products:

boiled potatoes - 500 g;

pickles - 250 g;

fresh cucumbers and tomatoes - on 200 g;

boiled carrots, fresh apples and sheep cheese - on 150 g;

green peas and olives - on 100 g;

egg - 1 piece;

chopped greens (a celery and parsley) - on 1 tablespoon.

Besides, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and also favourite spices - to taste will be necessary for gas station.

We will begin with the fact that we will clear of a thin skin pickles, apples (without core), potatoes, carrots, and then we will cut them with cubes, we will salt, we will pepper and we will mix. From above we will strew lightly with chopped egg and we will lay out in any order thin a polukruzhiya of fresh cucumbers and slices of tomatoes, we will powder with greens. Let`s decorate “Emmie“ with a mayonnaise setochka in which “windows“ we will distribute olives: entirely, halves or ringlets. Yuli`s

They say that this name - a female form from Yuli occurring from Latin “curly, fluffy“. Probably, therefore the main ingredients of salad (meat, mushrooms, cucumbers, onions) are sliced by thin straws. The most curly, of course, will be the Korean carrot by which it needs 100 g

K we will add boiled or is boiled - smoked chicken breast, 5 large champignons, long shaving from pickles (one big or two more small), and also 100 g of boiled red beans. fried with onions. One more onion, having crushed properly, we will send to salad in the raw. We dress with mayonnaise, we strew with greens. Whether it is necessary to salt - we solve in an individual order. I would not become, and the husband salts everything still before tries.


On one, and generally more widespread version Yana - a female form of Yang, corresponding to Ioann, Ivan, on another - occurs from ancient Roman god Janus. Anyway, there is a divine component. And salad is simple. It is enough to bake couple of pieces of red sweet pepper, to clear of a peel and to cut with straws, to add one and a half tablespoons of rice and one - green peas. To salt, pepper and fill with a tablespoon of olivky oil and tea - vinegar, it is better balsam.

* * *

Finishing the fluent review of the salads called by the female names it is necessary to notice that actually them it is much bigger, of course. Dear ladies who did not find here and in the previous articles a dish in the honor - be not upset and you do not judge strictly: a framework of a format limits …

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