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How to learn the recipe of downshifting?

Downshifting appeared in ours to the country long ago, but its relevance did not pass, and somewhere, perhaps, even gains steam. The press regularly surprises with modern histories of success, having read which, suddenly office life begins to seem very hateful and boring, and crazy thoughts “and can to me too?“ suddenly begin to visit even more often. Think of thoughts, but to make up the mind to such serious step very difficult. And whether there is a recipe of how to make this courageous decision?

How in general it turns out what people suddenly decide to run from the current life? Several years of successful career, work at office - but at some moment become suddenly clear that it is necessary to make the choice. It is necessary to decide what to do with the life - whether to give it entirely to dusty office, senseless corporate games both the infinite work exhausting your brain and soul or to change something - to be engaged in what dreamed all life of.

Generally it is not so simple to change something. It is easy to become hippie right after (or in time) university and school when in general and to refuse especially there is nothing. But it is difficult to refuse the career, a six-digit salary and comfort of life. The main thing that it is difficult to refuse a predictable current of things, feeling of safety which gives the monthly guaranteed inflow of money for the account. On the one hand there is a wish to escape from all this, but it is obligatory there where there will be the same deal of things guaranteed and clear in advance. There is a wish to run, but that there was an accurate plan, B.`s

plan And, above all, apparently, well is not present the plan, but would be though the company with whom “to run“. You think that call you though someone from your friends or acquaintances - here then was would like not so terribly. So besides the plan from the sky, you wait from the same sky of the wonderful fellow traveler or the fellow traveler.

And so time passes, and there is no determination everything, and life begins to come into a habitual track. Work - the house - work - friends - entertainments and the main thing mad two-week sorties on other part of the world. And it seems it abruptly and cheerfully, also seems that it it, that that it is necessary.

And then suddenly you understand the main thing. It is at once difficult to take and break. It is necessary just to work. First of all to refuse idea to wait for the plan of B and to wait for the fellow traveler, it is necessary just to risk, to begin to work and prepare, and other will find all, already then, “on freedom“. But in any way not earlier. Therefore the best recipe - to appoint date in the far future - to be prepared. I gave myself exactly a year on it in due time. The main thing that date was accurate, though remote. And time is necessary to repay debts and the credits that by the time of departure at least not to have negative balance, and ideally at least the small sum of accumulation. I ceased to buy things which would not make sense after my departure, for example warm winter things; in general I subjected any serious purchase to one question - whether it is useful to me in a year if I am not in Moscow. By the way such process of preparation successfully distracted from thoughts and fear of that, oh - it - it that I will do after dismissal and where my plan by B.

to Appoint date in the future it was the best decision. Such date calms and gives the chance to be prepared morally. Will pass few months and fear and disorders will release completely. Also it will become absolutely comfortable with the made decision. Generally in clever books quite so also write that the most terrible, it to make the decision, and then it becomes easy and quiet at heart, but we unless trust clever books? :)

Ya began to tell the closest friends about it and though to me, perhaps very few people trusted, but I knew that for me it is important to live and work so that it is my 100% the plan. I remember as I sold the bicycle and the wakeboard in the winter, and on a question why I sell, answered that in the summer in Moscow I will not be and it is not useful to me. I do not think that among my friends there was at least one person who trusted my words, I tried to convince nobody, just continued to say what I trusted in.

6 months later after adoption of the important decision there came the finest phase. On me different options of in what to me to be engaged unexpectedly began to pour. I swept aside some, began to study some, the truth I all the same felt that it not absolutely that, but at least I knew that to me is from what to choose, eat what to begin with. Pieces of the plan of B began to develop gradually. I infinitely was surprised why earlier any of these options did not come across to me, and then I understood that they as if waited when I make the decision, a gain with it several months in the beginning, I realize it finally and for all 100%. And it turned out.

The miracle occurred on the eve of my birthday, approximately for a month one and a half about one Day of Ickx (notice, I did not have all this time of the final plan of B, but I continued to be kept calm and to trust is an indispensable condition of success). Absolutely incidentally and from which from the person I expected nothing at all, I heard the dropped idea about the interesting project in Egypt. In Egypt there was main plus - here low expenses on housing and go that will allow to live at first on the saved-up money until new life is arranged.

And by the way that you understood, I have no confidence that my project in Egypt will work well though I also believe in him. But I know the main thing if not this project, then is another - now not terribly to try something new. If to Egypt, then there is other country. And from this thought at heart becomes well and quietly. Every day what would not occur the day before, I wake up happy, happy with the choice.

Every morning I wake up and I think how it is great that I made it! And why I so was afraid to make such simple decision? And what would be if I do not accept it. And I tell every time to myself thank you that risked. It was the best gift to :) Now I can be engaged in the fact that I want when I want and where I want. And I for the first time feel incredibly free!

And the most important when I left Moscow, I calmed myself the fact that if that, I will be able always to return, find other work, back to return to habitual normal. But there is good news. Having taken one step here, before me such horizons opened what to come back to Moscow is not present sense. Only if to move somewhere further.

By the way if you in my history at least for a second recognized yourself, then here to you once again the recipe of downshifting:

1. It is terrible to make the decision and it is necessary to pass through this fear. But having made the decision, having begun to live according to it, in several months the fear will leave and to you it will become unusually good.

2. There are no spare options. If you sit and wait for the protected option, know, it can never come. In the beginning step, then options. And by the way options will surely find you as soon as you begin to live the new decision.

3. And one more illusion - about the company if you think that it is terrible to one to make such decision and it is necessary to wait for someone who will suggest you “to run“ together with, then you on a right way to a failure. This “second“ will never be. Because he as well as you, sits and waits for you. But when you will begin to act, you are surprised how you will meet many supporters on the way. Believe, alone you will not remain. But you all - should accept the scary decision most.

4. Do not wait that will be easy. Perhaps you will not be trusted, perhaps you will dissuade or call into question your decision. Just act according to the drawn-up plan. Then it will be easy, is not even present, then it will be magnificent and you tell yourself thanks. Believe me, I was on your place. :)

5. If you think of all this long ago, make it. Present yourself an opportunity to try. Moscow (or any other city) will not get to anywhere. And it will always accept you back. A secret only that you already there do not want. Too many new opportunities will open before you.