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Oranienbaum and Sestroretsk. To live on water and air … or not to live absolutely?

on August 25 at Institute of the regional press took place a press - conference under the name “Oranienbaum, Sestroretsk - Points of Environmental Disasters“. Three public organizations - “Let`s protect Vasilyevsky Island“, “City of Oranienbaum“ and the Interregional Christian ecological movement brought up a question of the next lawlessness threatening with environmental disaster - an alluvium in the satellite towns of Oranienbaum and Sestroretsk - two conformable beads of one grown dull necklace.

Why here then - and a lawlessness? Because participants a press - conferences reasonably show objective - the changes of the general plan of the city which are already approved at the legislative level and finally legalized by the governor were not discussed by sense neither with residents of this city, nor with scientists, and, as always, the decision was made just because so it is necessary to someone. Vertically.

If my purpose was to tell you about a press - conferences, then material would turn out standardly ecologically - catastrophic. We with you from a subtitle would know that “ruin ecology again, it time“, and, without having read up up to the end, would reduce slightly water in the crane in kitchen, would feed a homeless dog and would go further to twist cucumbers for the winter. But let`s everything - read because article will be not about ecology, and about us and our not killed feeling of the homeland.

Today at two seaside cities - Oranienbaum and Sestroretsk - similar problems. The administration of St. Petersburg without opinion of the chief architect, scientists and citizens makes decisions which, according to public organizations, can change their destiny radically. In principle, the beginning of the end already is evident because only those to whom it is strong for thirty can remember how it was possible to swim in the Gulf of Finland bravely. We with grief think of a symbol - the savior of the city of Leningrad - smelts which disappear from our waters. We breathe on streets of our chamber, wonderful towns what is left behind by the huge dump trucks with sand building ring road, fuel trucks rushing from Bronka by palaces and parks, and just container carriers and trucks with the illegal wood. At the same time one cannot say that was to Oranienbaum and the areas surrounding it well - the depression of the territory is visible to the naked eye.

According to V. V. Zhuravlyov, the deputy of municipal council of MO the city Lomonosov and the cofounder of MOOL “City of Oranienbaum“, a problem at the city began when with the stroke of the pen in 2003 - m to year V. Matviyenko Lomonosov was deprived by the governor the administration and subordinated to Petrodvorets. Ever since expression of military from Lomonosov began, the Basic sailor`s club, Military policlinic where 6 thousand retirees and military were treated was closed, plants went bankrupt, military institutes began to be turned, military buildings and territories were sold. Today`s administration - administration of Oranienbaum (that is, Petrodvorets) lives in Pushkin, comes to work to Petrodvorets, and in Oranienbaum there is an once a year. That culture on which not to inhale (and it is better not to breathe, it rassyptsya suddenly) - is financed by the residual principle. V. V. Zhuravlyov diluted this story and a sad joke that we now - such humanoid: the head of us in Strelna, a body which eats - in Petrodvorets and Oranienbaum … you understand that. Plus back extremities.

And now - the fresh picture of our future - expansion of borders of St. Petersburg. The foundation to it was laid when the alluvium on Vasilyevsky Island for the sake of terminals and that elite housing began to be created. And if when this project was only in the form of schemes, Vasilyevsky`s inhabitants seemed the traditional rebels who are not wishing changes today already nobody denies that the alluvium created serious environmental problems to the Nevsky lip after laying of the channel necessary for approach of liners and ferries to the terminal. However those who make such decisions nearly alone offhand, will hardly study the biosphere and tests of water from the gulf: within the resolution of January 20, 2009 - go years “About the concept of development of perspective areas (out ports) of the Big port of St. Petersburg“ are planned, and even some more projects directly connected with us - alluviums and deepenings of a bottom in Sestroretsk and Oranienbaum are already oddly realized - will “create“ the water area of the Gulf of Finland both filling up, and deepening at the same time.

It is already known that on Vasilyevsky Island hundreds more of hectares are going to wash, the alluvium in Sestroretsk, according to changes in the general plan and the submitted schemes in the presentation on a press - conferences - 377 hectares, and at us this alluvium will make 382 hectares, plus dredging works. Besides, the supershipyard in Kronstadt will also be created on alluvial lands. Of course, there are and still projects, so far secret. According to participants the press - conferences, is about long-term, continuous and catastrophic impact on the biosphere of the water area of the Gulf of Finland which threatens with irreversible ecological consequences. And it is already care not of one separately taken mother who should not let to bathe the kid to the gulf is a problem international as by quality of water of the Gulf of Finland our neighbors - Finland and Estonia are already concerned.

By words A. A. Tolkachyov, the representative of the public ecological organization “City of Oranienbaum“, after an alluvium on Vasilyevsky Island an ecological condition of the gulf already catastrophic, and further alluviums can become the last, dirtiest straw. During powerful dredging works in 2006 - m to year the huge number of a fine suspension which collected in itself harmful substances, heavy metals and oil products from the gulf came to the gulf. Then this suspension went out of dam limits to the lower part of the gulf, and in 2007 it already filled all east part of the Gulf of Finland where remains and now. Danger of this suspension is that it begins to give back harmful substances which saved up to any “suitable“ moment. Besides, such works are dangerous also that ground communities perish, and it reduces cleaning ability of the Nevsky lip.

However feature of any project started in offices of the power in the last decades is traced in a sample way: obvious danger of such projects is conducted to nobody, it just does not exist as today any expertize in our country can be carried out, approved and legalized simply and quickly - it is fictitious. The same and with public hearings which under the law have to be carried out on each project concerning locals. It seems were - we will tell, at 12 o`clock weekday. All approved, agreed with everything, and ecologists in general told that alluviums and a huge number of dump trucks and trucks on narrow small streets of Oranienbaum - are extremely useful to health of citizens. And any objections and protests. Such is feature of power system, by words A. A. Tolkachyova. So, about Sestroretsk an alluvium the country learned from V. Matviyenko in October of last year when it when she appealed to the Federation Council about expansion of borders of St. Petersburg. It would seem why the official representing executive power individually puts forward such idea and it is accepted to execution? Where the legislative, representative power elected by the people which reports to these people and first of all has to resolve such issues? Substitution of representative bodies by executive and so-called appointees is available. Especially as for alluviums today we have even no legislative base, and according to the honored architect of Russia Century. F. Nazarov, the developer of the general plan of St. Petersburg till 2015, they not only are harmful, but also are not necessary at all - in the city enough territories which can be used for housing and public estate. Even it is sharper - the architect called the project of the Sestroretsk alluvium criminal, illegal.

As for changes in the general plan and projects concerning Oranienbaum, according to it till 2025 in the territory of Bronki, Lomonosov and Kronstadt will construct in total 8 sea terminals, for them more than 476 hectares of the earth will be allocated. The most part of territories which will go under out ports is also supposed to be washed. In the downtown of Oranienbaum the alluvium under construction of the Lomonosov cargo Amber port for containers, export of metals and nakatny freights is planned. V. V. Zhuravlyov reflects that there is no cargo road from the embankment, but in 2006 - m ideologists of the project and investors declared to year construction plans of such road with a viaduct through the downtown. And in 2008 - m on small streets of Oranienbaum went to year dump trucks - began otsyp the gulf - without project and permissions. Then it was called “a warehouse of sand of LGT port“. As for the project of the alluvial port of Bronka - investors called results of allegedly carried out environmental assessment the to no - Hau and acquainted nobody with them. Under the threat existence of the well-known Menshikovsky channel which in pursuance of plans will be filled partially up and spoiled. Let`s remind that the Menshikovsky channel is a unique federal monument of park art which is under protection of the state inspectorate for protection of monuments and is considered as a unit with Nizhny Novgorod by a garden of the Menshikovsky palace.

Yes that the channel - if to assume that at least the part of the plan of such scale - a construction stage - will be realized, it means one capacious word - “industrial zone“. To speak about safety and attendance dvortsovo - park ensemble, restoration and the color of chamber Rambov it will be already useless. In the city there will be simply nothing to breathe.

In general as you understand, the subject is not new and for us is ambiguous. On the one hand, we want to live, develop and work. To behold the thrown productions, spontaneous trade and to interpret a demonstrative rating the governor of works on restoration of palaces of the Oraniyenbaumsky complex (badly subordinated to Petrodvorets?) at the same time to look for work in St. Petersburg and exhausted to come back to the hometown to have supper and go to bed - good a little. Work is necessary on the place, it has to be much, and money from construction and functioning of objects has to remain in the city. It in case we agree to “industrial zone“. (By the way, on a press - conferences the question of Ust - Lugsky port sounded: why not to develop construction there? Speakers explained everything routinely - a difference of interests of those who “staked out“ these lands.) But whether we have guarantees that the city will receive money for the development from these objects? Or its inhabitants will get only dust, exhausts and noise of construction, and workplaces which will appear there will occupy those who … manage cheaper? But most of all spontaneity of decision-making and work - who when where puzzles? Without having any scientific, design and serious motivational justification, the project is doomed. It is more similar to games of the owner of business, for one more way “stake out the territory“. And not the fact that as a result the port will be built, moreover, will be demanded and will begin to make profit. But the fact that to the city and its inhabitants it is necessary hardly even from the first stage of such imagination - the fact.

If to look at Oranienbaum eyes of the inhabitant of the planet Earth of 21 centuries, during a time when in all the civilized world the instant consumerism gives way to education, preservation of valuable historical monuments and cultures; if just to look at the map of Oranienbaum - of course, it becomes clear also to the school student: to huge ports not the place is simple here. And appeals of the City of Oranienbaum organization quite could cause approval by the counter offers - restoration of shops 15 - ti plants for the sake of the knowledge-intensive production, opportunities to return to life unique military educational institutions and, of course, transformation of the city into the tourist center what also the completed ring road will help to. Is at “City of Oranienbaum“ and one more idea - on the basis of the first exhibit “Plavmayak the Irbensky“ to create the Museum of military ship equipment under the open sky, by analogy with the museum of the Gothenburg which brings a lot of money to city budget thanks to competent decisions and opportunities for tourists and vacationers. All this is restaurant, hotel, culturally - entertaining business on which it is possible to make good money and eat very much from whom to learn. But today we know only such figures - Peterhof dvortsovo - the park complex visits 4,5 million tourists a year, and only 120 thousand reach Oranienbaum. Well, and still we read in the newspaper about a rating which the governor that the existing complex in Oranienbaum is restored very in Russian, though with accent arranges. And vice-the governor who is present at a rating in general is sure that earth of the Menshikovsky channel belong to military - but it is just additional illustration.

How to be? To whom to explain that business and worthy life of Oranienbaum and nearby unique territories lies on a surface - he is civilized, available and modern, and does not demand wild injections, alluviums and dnouglubleniye? Who needs to rumple fingers the city as the become numb plasticine right now and to fence from it an ugly figure - without thoughtful and serious projects, justifications? And what at the same time to think and do to those who lives in these parts who loves them and wants that they became the homeland to his children and grandsons? Of course, one may say, that all lands and spheres of business are divided long ago that the right hand of our power does not know what is done by right - all this so. But let`s be honest - for the rest of the life we cannot shpynyat the power. In - the first, it is lower than civic virtue. In - the second, ourselves made it such. What remains? To take a rake and the other shantsevy tool, and having blocked with itself an expensive entrance to Nizhny Novgorod park of Petrodvorets, to redirect tourists to Oranienbaum? To demand in management and administrations how in old time, experts from the same Gothenburg?. At least, not to be silent. About it was a press - conference in IRI on August 25. On questions of journalists “And what you do to prevent death of the Gulf of Finland? “ participants somehow inertly listed the finished shooting movies about Sestroretsk and the number of persons to which the Open letter - was distributed up to the president of Finland and the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. I think, such actions will not stop the one who is not interested in opinion of residents of the cities on their future. Today the main thing - quickly. Opened a point, employed the seller, dumped the prices, the goods did not make - so though sold. The rest - will be made in China, even egg will be sat out if it is necessary. To the same how to build up the real tourist paradise, it is necessary to study - from scratch.

Slightly more simply with restoration of plants and educational institutions. And with terminals as you understood, absolutely simply.

So today`s ideology of owners of territories reminds slightly puzzled, but still sleepy and very lazy huge bear who lies on a lawn, pinching stood gaping muravyyov, all in parasites and sewage, and goes, sorry, directly under itself. The president of Finland will hardly want to approach such being - from him just do not know what to wait for. And the patriarch … will wave with a censer, will read a prayer. It will help us?

(It is for the first time published in the Baltiysky Luch newspaper 03. 09. 2010)