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The declaration of the World Federation of Hortinga

We, heads and workers World, national, regional, regional, local federations and offices, separate clubs and sports sections of a horting around the world, realizing the responsibility for present and future development of a horting in all camps we declare:

“The Horting for the sake of the world!“

1. Today we are citizens and patriots of the camp, leaders of society and heads of public sports associations of a horting - the most powerful philosophical doctrine and educational system, tomorrow others will come to our places, there will be at the management a youth which is brought up by us. From our joint efforts, how we will transfer the doctrine, traditions of the world, neighborliness and justice, fighting and cultural heritage of a horting, depends what will be the world around us, a horting family for society of new generation, and a possibility of association of people one just great purpose - peacekeeping on the earth.

We wish to have the world for all nations, healthy society, the strong and friendly partnership blossoming and the developing World Federation - a uniform family of a horting which devotes the work to business of strengthening of the world on the planet. The world Federation of Hortinga on guards of the world, and for the sake of the world!

“The Horting for human health!“

2. Understanding importance of health for each person, and the responsibility to the spiritual future of a sport a horting as improving system, we strive for the solution of problems of today, and we declare rigid and resolute “No“ - to development in the children`s and youthful environment of drug addiction, AIDS, infectious sex, to development of children`s diseases and pathologies.

Staff of the World Federation intends to direct the maximum efforts to improvement of the people connecting the life with system of a horting.

the Healthy lifestyle - pledge morally - ethical health of society and the personality.


3. Preparing youth to become future leaders of a horting in the world, we see prospect of development in strengthening of the professional relations between national federations and clubs of a horting worldwide, the relations pure, transparent, disinterested, reliable and long-term. We will be to improve constantly work methods, to increase quality of carrying out occupations, personal sports skill in a horting.

“Professionalism and decency!“ - the vital motto of the working staff of the World Federation of Hortinga.

“With belief in heart!“

4. People live and people die. After the person there is only a memory and a name. On the planet there are many religions, and all of us can have different belief, but respecting belief of other person because only trusting in God, according to his great laws of righteousness, the person is able to make the fair and right decisions, to make acts which will leave about us light memory and a reputation. The teacher - the most noble of all professions on light. Training in fighting art with belief in heart, we train in the world, we train to live. Start up

our children - our hope and our inspiration, will learn to love and believe at us in God, will transfer to the next generations this uniform way of the world and charity.

“A family - the center of human life!“

5. Realizing family value for modern society we see prospect in strengthening of institute of a family and family values. A family - a basis of moral and social foundations of society, the center of human life. In it the birth, love, happiness and the future of each of us originate. Therefore the main quality which imparts trainer`s staff of our federation to the pupils - filial respect for mother and the father.

Morality and purity of the relations - the only way for creation of a strong family, filial respect for mother and the father, people who presented to the child the world - an origin source in the childhood of such morality and true education.

“The Horting - a way to self-improvement!“

6. Each person who is engaged in gyms of the World Federation of Hortinga has to feel in a kind and valid environment of adherents who aspire to the great and light purpose, improvement of the physical and moral qualities - forces of a body and spirit!

our organization promises to support and realize programs of the government of each state which are capable to help younger generation to lead a healthy lifestyle, to become the real citizens and patriots of the country.

“The Horting without borders!“

7. Our organization lives and works as a uniform international sports family on which emblem color silhouettes of all five continents of the athletes standing in one system are represented. It is idea of equality of all nations, irrespective of skin color and religion, idea of greatness of spirit of sports meets over policy and borders. Let words of Deklaratsi of our organization, from each member of the World Federation of Hortinga will touch each fair warm heart, having supported in it fire of fight for peace, happiness, stability and an order in each country, the healthy and joyful childhood of our children, security and respect of elderly people, light memory of the ancestors buried on our earth, improvement, morality and patriotism of society.

of Horting - sport without borders!!!

“ Encyclopedia of a horting“

Eduard Eremenko

© 2010.