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of Horting as system, are an important component of the universal principles of creation of society in questions of physical culture and sport, patriotic and spiritual education of youth, revival and development of fighting traditions in the countries of the world, strengthening of health, development physical, is moral - strong-willed and mental abilities of the person by attraction it to participation in uchebno - methodical seminars on sports and applied equipment of a horting, self-defense courses on the basis of a special practical technique, and also sports competitions which are held both on amateur, and by professional rules of the World Federation of Hortinga - “World Horting Federation“.

the World Federation of Hortinga (World Horting Federation) expresses you the respect and invites to cooperation in questions of studying of universal full contact martial art a horting, creations of official representative offices of our international federation on a new sport. The new sport created in Ukraine is complex system of versatile training of the fighter ready to speak at competitions in any full contact rules of single combats. The federation has the developed and registered rules of competitions by the form of sport, the International qualification program of the accounting of degrees of a horting, the improving program of a horting for maintenance of health and good physical a form, the sports program uchebno - training occupations for training of athletes from small age of 5 - 6 years to mature age of the person, methodical developments for the aid to trainer`s structure, control test standards for professional activity and assignment to athletes of a horting of qualification student`s and masterful degrees. The world Federation of Hortinga is registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine which president elected the citizen of Ukraine Eduard Eremenko, represents the international public organization fizkulturno - the sports direction which develops and cultivates a horting in the world classification of the mixed sports and professional views of single combats. Main objective of federation is implementation of the comprehensive program of promoting of a horting as independent sport on the international scene. In rules of a horting several separate sections of competitions are included, the two-round complex of a sports duel which allows to capture a message a natural arsenal of methods of self-defense of the person which are included in the competitive program is basic of which. For fruitful work with the Ministry of Ukraine for a family, youth and sport, effective development and promoting of a horting in Ukraine the Ukrainian Federation of Hortinga was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. This sport as combat sport, was created as a result of synthesis of long-term experience and creative opening of trainers, scientists, high-class athletes of Ukraine, and with development and many other countries in the world which enriched equipment of a horting, introduced in it the most effective and rational receptions, having united the best achievements in single combats.

Thus, a horting is the representative of the new direction of the complex mixed single combat in the world (MMA - HORTING, MIXED MARTIAL ART - HORTING), but versatile two rounds of a duel significantly distinguish this sport from the others, turn a horting into the immense world of martial art, the world of knowledge of all equipment which is only possible for applying in sports fight, thanks to the developed rules of competitions what till this moment in the world it was not applied. This sports opening in the world of single combats involves in competitions in a horting of athletes from many other types of single combats, than mass character of participants on sporting events on a horting is caused.

the World Federation of Hortinga is the international public organization of the sports and improving direction which is engaged in the analysis and systematization of the best best practices of improving and fighting techniques of training of fighters by various full contact rules of single combats, development of a new perfect educational system and hand-to-hand training of athletes of various age, sex and physical data, for its application in system of training of employees of law enforcement agencies, in system detsko - junior sports schools, sports federations by the mixed types of single combat, in improving training and lechebno - recovery occupations of people of old age. In case of any your interest in training classes in our sport, we suggest to study in detail the normative documents and methodical developments of the World Federation placed in the official international site: www. horting. to org we Will be glad to effective cooperation in questions of carrying out the international sports competitions, certification seminars, other official actions aimed at the development of the mixed single combat a horting.

Presenting to the sports public a horting, it should be noted that all main basic equipment, methods of fight in a rack and orchestra seats are based on the natural natural principles of creation of a human body which allow everyone engaged in a horting to show the individual qualities put by genetics most effectively to use all rich arsenal of receptions of a horting for protection and attack, involving and putting into operation all segments of the body, the central and vegetative innervation, receptors and bodies chuvst. Nobody will be able to give to the person more perfectly an arsenal and a technique of working off and application of receptions, than the nature. This principle of selection of receptions and formation of basic equipment is taken as a basis in teaching a horting. Such technique allows to train the athletes of the highest sports skill who are successfully speaking at prestigious international competitions in the mixed single combats of the highest level. But one of main objectives of a horting is improving activity, education of the healthy younger generation, derivation of children and teenagers from harmful influence of the street and attraction them to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With this the purpose our organization developed the program fizkulturno - improving occupations for children. Improving occupations are conducted on the basis of studying of equipment of a horting, but both returnable indicators engaged, and their condition of the general physical training where in the course of occupations loading according to physiological, anatomic and anthropometrical data of children is dosed are considered.

One of important the directions in a horting is work in improving groups for people of old age. The program is directed to ozdovleniye of the person and maintenance of this state in stability. Similar occupations unite them the new vital purpose and positive emotions, and not just morally distract age people, from ordinary and monophonic pastime to which this age category of people is anyway doomed.

One of the developed programs of preparation in a sport a horting has the name “Sports Body“. This program is developed in order that at athletes who actively are engaged in this sport the body under the influence of loadings was not deformed, the backbone was not bent, it was not got specific deviations which are quite often observed in separate sports. The athlete of a horting has to be not only strong in a duel, and still have a beautiful sports proportional body, the trained esthetic muscles, an equal bearing.

the Characteristic of a horting as doctrines, techniques of education of a martial spirit and formation of the strong personality from infancy till an old age is divided into six versatile specific directions of an uzucheniye.

Directions of a horting:

- the improving direction for children, adults and people of old age;

- the amateur sports direction;

- professional league of a horting;

- self-defense for men and women;

- an applied horting for law enforcement agencies;

- a traditional horting: cultural heritage, philosophy, basic equipment and forms of a horting.

All these directions are penetrated by philosophy of a martial spirit and education in themselves inflexible will to a victory. It can be expressed in any sphere of life and life. It is visually reflected in the level of training of athletes and their fighting spirit at competitions. On tournaments of a horting the audience becomes witnesses of the real battles in the mixed single combat when duels of a full contact sport are followed by fast change of fighting situations and a variety of the gripping attacking and defensive actions from both rivals, application of all natural arsenal of methods of single combat by them both standing and lying, is absolute in any situations, observance by participants of a duel of rules of sports behavior and etiquette of a horting, manifestation of respect for the rival, refereeing and the audience by them. They transfer these worthy traits of character to life and private life, being an example of force and honor for people around. This motto “Force and Honour!“ - is the motto of a horting and the sign of respect of fighting spirit of the rival is position of the right fist on heart. The duel of an amateur horting includes a complex from two rounds which have different rules. The first round of competition is called “Force“, and the second - “Honour“. From creation of this unique complex of rules of competitions there was also a motto of a horting - “Force and Honour!“ our organization supports by

open constructive cooperation with all who have interest in formation of a horting as full contact sport on the international scene of the mixed martial arts.

“ Encyclopedia of a horting“

Eduard Eremenko

© 2010.