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To smoke or not to smoke? An easy way to leave off smoking.

From where subjects undertake?

I like to write, and I am often asked, even journalists: from where you take subjects? Everything is very simple - subjects are prompted by life. Especially, when it appear in the huge city, feelings everything as if become aggravated. You catch smells somehow on - special, you see what others do not pay attention to any more. In general, all people and all cities are similar between themselves in general, but all - is also some distinctions. Otherwise it would not be interesting to travel at all.

As I live near Moscow, often I am in the capital. You wander about streets, you meet running people somewhere, including among them there are girls, women. Alas, as a rule, with a cigarette in a hand.

Here and the subject was born. Such simple and, main thing, real.

The thought in the head began to spin, it is interesting that in all the years 10 civilized already, and even it is more, the image of the business successful young man consists of such indicators as - a good education, ability to communicate, a presentable look (healthy complexion, beautiful hair, nails etc.) . And all this is reached by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In Europe you will not get a job in one decent company if you smoke. It is not prestigious!!! It is not fashionable!!! It is not useful!!! You do these harm not only yourself, but also the people working together with you and clients who come to your company.

And at us - it is cool! ridiculous as if we live at least for 10 years in lag from the whole world. By the way, China on the first place on smoking. 20% of the population of the globe and 25% of all smokers live in the country. Here more cigarettes, than in any other country are made. According to forecasts of scientists, by 2025 more than two million Chinese will die of diseases which responsible - cigarettes.

Very much “an easy way“ to leave off smoking.

I will not begin to moralize to you and to tell about awful risk for health to which smokers are exposed. That smoking leads to the expressed changes of internals and from lung cancer the bigger number of people perishes, and it in 90% is connected with smoking, all know perfectly. I will not remind also that for many years smoking people whittle away a fortune, or that smoking is a vulgar, repulsive habit, and you are silly weak-willed people. Similar tactics does not help to leave off smoking and if it helped, then all would not smoke long ago any more. My way which I will call “an easy way“ works absolutely in a different way. Perhaps, you will be difficult to believe in what I am going to speak about, but you will see as far as you were “bullshitted“ and you believed that it is fashionable and prestigious.

There is a delusion that ourselves make the choice - to smoke or not to smoke. But, you see, any smoker does not decide to become him, in the same way as well as the alcoholic, to become an alcoholic, and the addict the addict. Yes, the truth, once you began to smoke the first cigarette. But whether you then thought that you any more will never be able to derive pleasure from a lunch, meetings with friends without cigarette? At what stage you decided that cigarettes are necessary for you as air? What without them you cannot feel confident? When you became dependent on them and on their existence in your handbag? You are not humiliated by such dependence? You are not humiliated by understanding that without them you do not feel as the full-fledged person?

Girls, women, think, recognize that it so. Try to observe from outside the smoker. As the person at whom in a hand appears small, the smoldering tobacco piece curtailed into paper changes. Nicotine more than caffeine and marijuana causes psychological dependence in the person. According to scientists, nicotine addiction comes in five months.

While we are young, we think that it so, childishness that if we want, then in a flash we will be able to get rid of this habit. Alas, the big percent of the people trying to leave off smoking in three months comes back to this habit again. Recently I talked to young mother, she is 24 years old, 10 years she smokes. The girl is 2 years old, at her since the birth the nose does not breathe, doctors can make nothing. She understands that the reason for that she and with bitterness says that she cannot leave off smoking, though very strongly wants it. And, in general, I did not meet any smoker who would not dream to get rid of this dependence, just many hide it as do not believe that it is possible. Smoking is a smart trap which was invented together the nature and the person.

Mothers, well tell, you that your children smoked would like? On light there is no normal parent who would wish to the children to become a smoker, especially, if he smokes. It means that all smokers regret that they once began to smoke. Before conceiving a liking for smoking, nobody needs cigarettes to derive pleasure from communication with friends, from food or to cope with a stress. And prevents the person to leave off smoking - FEAR! Fear that anew it is necessary to learn to live without this smoldering “support“. Fear to be “black sheep“, not such as all. Fear to be oneself, be identity and to do that you want and not that you are imposed by someone.

The belief that the smoking girls are pleasant to guys more, than non-smoking is just the myth. Yes, they are more available, it is easier to give up acquaintances them. But, besides, ask any guy - he that his wife, mother of his children smoked would like. Only the full idiot will answer this question positively. All want healthy posterity. And smoking is a presenilation, a dry brittle hair, gray complexion, yellow teeth, began to smell from a mouth and from hair.

Yes, that to you to tell me, make experiment. Leave as - nibud in the morning all such pure, fragrant and approach the person with a cigarette, it is better if it is the girl that to feel contrast more feasible, the nature allocated us with special tenderness, and to go against the nature is a crime.

Now there are talks about raising the prices of cigarettes that it will be able to stop smokers. On - to a being the smoker, buying cigarettes, pays in the life, reducing it by 10 - 20 years. And what can be more expensive than life?

The essence of “an easy way“ consists that it is necessary to assess soberly a situation and, having weighed everything pros and cons, to voluntarily make the choice once and for all. Or you are captives and for the rest of life you remain in a trap, or you become owners of the life.

How many good and interesting is in this world. Now it is very fashionable to go to fitness clubs, to take dancing classes, to learn languages. Eventually, it is fashionable to be just healthy. It is one of beauty components. And it now, will be told by me to you, not such frequent phenomenon, healthy children are born only from healthy parents. Statistics shows that 70% of children of the smoking parents are born with drug and alcoholic addiction! Is it worth dooming itself and the relatives?

Who dictates fashion?

The fashion is always dictated by celebrities, world stars. Look what do they think of smoking. In principle, they can be divided into those who never smoked also on those who left off smoking. I can list their names: model of Krist Terlington, the musician Eric Clapton (organized the center for treatment of alcoholics and addicts), the actor James Bond (agent 007), the Minister of Health of Germany Andrea Fischer, Alla Pugacheva (tries periodically), actresses Penelope Cruz and Catherine Deneuve and still it is possible to call much - many names of people which appeared above the addiction. So really you are weaker or you so do not love yourself and do not trust in the forces? Try, I know, at you everything will turn out. Girls of Russia should not lag behind fashion because they are the most beautiful girls on the earth.