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How the tsar in shop bought sour cream?

Somehow time on seigniorial council were asked by the tsar the lackeys:

- Somebody is aware how much in our shops sour cream trade?

Council seigniorial hooted, reflected. Having conferred, such answer was given to the tsar:

- And horse-radish knows it. We taste this smetanka, but we do not buy. He - he.

- It to you he - he, - the tsar - the father became angry. - And to my people any more not he - he. I heard that price tags in shops merchants - speculators change nearly every day. And I promised the small fry a rise in price in sizes reasonable, imperceptible for their purses.

Also the tsar went to shop the next. While went, remembered, how in its youth when it still the tsar - that was not, the roll of bread cost and a glass of fortified Moldavian wine.

“Long loaf cut it seems on 13 kopeks was, and wine rup with kopeks for three thought“, - with enty thought the tsar entered into shop, in advance having hidden a crown for a back. That did not learn.

The tsar on an entrance took the cart self-propelled and went with it on malls. Goes and for the citizens rejoices. Thirty years in shop was not and as everything changed. Sausages of one grades two hundred, cheeses as much. Brazhki counters kilometer. And white wine with a portrait imperial flaunts. And from each sold this portrait the tsar gained quite good income in treasury personal.

And in shop anonymous the tsar-father the alarm great happened to arrival.

Tomatoes green in the eyes began to redden. The carp live goggled at the tsar and saluted it. The pelmeni frozen in frunt were built. Rolls from delight from counters fell down. And champagne at all everything opened and fireworks great were right there created.

And the tsar as if does not notice all this also along ranks trade, never-ending, travels. Looks out for sour cream. And towards to it already the salesman runs:

- What you will desire, your Greatness?

“It is interesting how he distinguished me», - the tsar reflected. Also asks the salesman:

- And tell - the person is lovely, the goods in your shop rise in price day from day or how?

- Or as, the tsar-father, - fell the salesman in legs. - Slanders all this competitors overseas of Nemetchina wild. We trade, esteem, yourself at a loss if only narodishko yours was fed according to the income with the insignificant.

- Not to you, the lackey to measure the income of my citizens! - the tsar became angry. - In my newspapers it is written that they live long and happily.

- Also will die in one day, - the salesman unsuccessfully joked and at once fell, having pretended to be the dead from such impudence.

- I read now and then every morning the newspapers. - Having pretended that did not hear the salesman, the tsar continued. - A tyapericha at you in shop we will introduce laws new, anti-market. That tomorrow rewrote all price tags. And that twice, not less. Aside smaller. I will come, I will check itself!

Also the tsar back went to the palace. There was he and thought that he did not buy a smetanka. But also day not for nothing lived. To Ityit, not each tsar so cares for the people! And time already, it seems, lunch. It is time and to strive on himself. Ushitsa from an osetrinka to pokhlebat also vodka ice with an ikorochka black, on hlebushka of carelessly thrown, without hurrying to taste. And in the evening to young ladies ballet it would be advisable to glance. And …

Eh, walk, Moscow, talk, Rassey!