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Versification secrets or How to find in itself a muse?

Which of us at least once in the life did not write quatrains? Words, stumbling the friend about the friend, developed muffledly and unclear, but pleased and warmed soul. There is a lot of reasons which pushed to approbation of in “creativity“. Someone wants “to write“ from melancholy, someone from mad love, trying to give the state and mood in such a way.

Not everyone is born the gifted poet, but to writing all have desire those minutes when there are not enough usual words to express depth of the feelings, and there are no paints showing all their brightness and versatility …

A it is so simple - to put a rhyme simple words that accents and the terminations of symmetric lines coincided, repeating in a certain rhythm.

Secrets of versification is the whole creative science which is in detail revealing all secrets before the elected fans of poetry and opening an inner world of the poet. Not to get lost in this jungle, the science was divided into the sections and systems studying and which are responsible everyone for the:

• Poetics.

• Strofika.

• Rhythmics.

• Metrics.

• Fonika.

• Prosody.

• Melodics.

ICT, foot, yamb, trochee, dactyl, amphibrach, anapaest, peon, pirrikhy, pentane, tribrakhy, logaed, anakruza, spondy, pro-clitic, enklitika, truncation, Alexandrine, hexameter … If you think that it is a word-play, you are mistaken, it also is those “tools“ by means of which the inspiration is under construction and poetic masterpieces are born.

“Verse“ (with Greek Stichos) means the word - a row, a line.

Verses happen different, there are they by special rules and differ not only order and sequence. Here example of some names of verses: rifmoid, monory, pantory, an acrostic, a televerse, mesosty, tsenton, a tavtogramma, ropalik - labyrinths continuous and only... Well, and where to us, simple inhabitants to understand such variety? Probably, also you should not go deep into such jungle at the beginning. In life maybe it is not useful, and will be able to push away from spirituality easily.

As for competent rhyming, clever people took care of this party of a question, for beginners put rhymes in special dictionaries. There is a lot of versions of dictionaries as electronic, and it is traditional - book. There is also a special program in which database the rhyme approaches any word.

In principle to master difficult skill of versification, there are enough desires and a little diligence.

For a start it would be good to examine the works of great poets well-known and not really. The more it will be read verses, the perception will be fuller. To experience poetic lines not so difficult, all have a soul, and all have it live. In each word the sense and the small picture therefore you should not wander fluently on lines searching is hidden, get a grasp of each word. As a result the lexicon will be replenished with the description of the lived emotions.

And then there will come the moment when in soul the doors are opened and on a clean sheet of paper the inspiration will be scattered. It would be advisable to hold it, having disconnected foreign thoughts and having created the special atmosphere around itself. The silence, loneliness, detachment from reality and imagination will paint a picture of what will be put later in words. Everything that will be written, will be read many times, to be governed and be corrected.

The first poem is possible and will not be ingenious. Quality - the whimsical guest also comes not at once. One definitely - the first will be not the only thing...

I wish you creative achievements!