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What to warm a country house with?

Various “houses“ are built to themselves by many animals, even fishes and insects. But here to heat the dwelling not to freeze in the dank autumn evenings or in severe winter frosts, only the person is able.

Once people were content with an open flame of a fire, letting out from the room a smoke through open windows, doors or a special opening in a ceiling. Over time to fire began to build own “houses“ in the dwelling of the person. It appeared, it not only is convenient, but also it is effective and safe.

Modern heating technologies offer the most different ways of heating allowing to do in the house at all without fire and a smoke. But heating by the burning solid fuel will be popular for a long time, especially in rural areas and at the dacha.

Why? In - the first, it provides “thermal independence“. Such element of country sovereignty. The owner maintains comfortable temperature in the house independently, being guided by own preferences taking into account existence of resources - usual firewood or coal.

In - the second, autonomous heating is economic in small housing estates and small villages. Costs of construction of the furnace, let and considerable in itself, it is much less, than the cost of construction of system of a central heating.

In - the third, solid fuel for the furnace - it is convenient. Firewood and coal can be stored out of the room, without device of special capacities and to prepare for the future for several years. Quality will remain invariable.

And at last, in - the fourth. In the long winter evenings to sit in a warm chair and it is fascinating and interesting to watch game of a flame in a fire chamber. Dance of the subdued fire causes content and tranquility, brings true esthetic pleasure.

The house for fire in the dwelling of the person - the furnace or a fireplace. Their main difference in a way of use of heat. The fireplace heats while the flame flares or coals smolder. Radiant energy disappears together with the burned-down fuel, it is necessary to throw firewood.

Together with combustion products the most part of energy of fire takes off for a chimney pipe. The efficiency of fireplaces is very low. But, in spite of the fact that by efficiency the usual fireplace cannot be compared to other heating devices, it is popular already many centuries, I hope, it and will remain soon.

Advantages of a fireplace in relative simplicity of the device and, the most important, in proximity of fire to the person. Long you will not observe the flame which is fenced off from the viewer by an oven door.

Furnaces hide beauty of a flame from the person, providing in exchange “soft“ and “long“ heat. Various designs of furnaces are united by one - they long do not let out a hot smoke from the belly, gradually warming up massive elements of a design that then gradually and evenly to return warmly to the host.

In other words - the fireplace is ready “to start execution of official duties“ right after a kindling as if the zealous probationer wishing to show abilities.

Furnaces are more similar to the slow skilled masters knowing the own worth. From them not to wait for fast heat. To heat the furnace, time, several hours is necessary. But then, after firewood will burn through, it will heat the dwelling for a long time.

That it is more on temper to you - beauty and speed or efficiency and reliability - solve.