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Of what Angelique the world and who was “father“ of the last sang?

Anjelica (or Andzh of é a face in the Italian option) - quite widespread name. But especially became famous literary and cinema Anjelica.

“How many years“ to Anjelica, - it is impossible to tell. It would seem, the Italian poet of Renaissance Matteo Maria Boyardo (1441-1494) was the first Anjelica`s “father“. In its poem “Roland In Love“ there is at once Chinese (or Indian, but it is rather - Chinese, for exoticism) a princess Anjelica around whom there are various knightly peripetias.

But also these characters go back to more ancient times - to Carlovingians and the Breton epos. About beautiful Anjelica sang on streets of the cities earlier. And some adventures of Anjelica go back to antique myths. There and saratsin, and arresting to the rock, and stickings of the old hermit who hocused its potion. And continuous fights for its beauty.

The famous Italian poet Lodovico Ariosto (1474-1533) was the following author of the tale of chivalry, where Anjelica acted. Its knightly poem “Violent Roland“ (“Violent Orlando“) was written 25 years, it very confused, but everything turns around beautiful Anjelica again. Its adventures were unusual, volshebna even, they gave the soil for further development of an image: both Cervantes, and Voltaire, and Byron, and Pushkin could not pass by this story. Not to mention artists.

… Perhaps, the century will pass kind Ariost - -

In one wide and brotherly lazorye

we Will merge your azure and our Black Sea Coast.

... And we were there. And we drank medical there.

(Lake. Maldelshtam)

“Violent Roland“ is considered nearly the longest poem of the European literature. It was followed some more by works on the same subject.

This heroine remained popular in literature and art three centuries in a row. And in the 20th century new Anjelica appeared, which all of us know. It is already absolutely another, just other image, but on infinity of adventures and their some ekzotichnostimozht to be conditionally comparable to “predecessor“.

But very few people know whom was one of authors of this epic. It is accepted to call it just Serge Golon there is a husband and Anne Golon (Simona Shanzhyo`s) coauthor.

But Serge Golon there is very interesting person. Let`s begin with the fact that called him Vsevolod Sergeyevich Golubinov .

Vsevolod Golubinov was born on August 23, 1903 in Bukhara. His father was the imperial consul in Iran. There the boy also grew. Then studied in the Sevastopol gymnasium, but Civil war already roared. Vsevolod Golubinov appears in France, studies at university and becomes the youngest doctor of science in France in chemistry and mineralogy.

Exclusively talented person - a large number of specializations and 11 languages (according to other data - 15). All his life - in itself the novel which someone has to write. Was engaged in geological exploration in Asia (China, Laos) and Africa, having got the nickname “white wizard“ at some African tribes. Investigation was successful, but big money he did not acquire.

During World War II the choice did not face it: it, risking life, joined General de Gaulle. After war Vsevolod Golubinov came back to Africa. There he got acquainted with the French journalist Simona, the wedding took place in Congo in 1948. He was 45 years old, it - 27 (was born on December 19, 1921), he was the famous scientist, she is already published author (under a pseudonym Joel Dantern). So couple which showed to the world “our“ Anjelica were born.

Lived in poverty, wrote articles and books already under the general pseudonym: Anne and Serge Golon. The idea of the first book “about Anjelica“ came to mind to Simona. Whether there was a prototype - it is precisely unknown, perhaps and was initially: Anjelica de Fontanzh, official favourite of the French king Louis XIV.

Whose contribution to the well-known epic was big - it is hard to say. The wife wrote generally, historical material in libraries was collected by Vsevolod. And to divide work of this sort on “who is more“ in a married couple - the last business. The pseudonym forever remained the general. They did not divide “deposits“. By the way, experts note a wide historical panorama of novels and accuracy in details.

And on the world victorious procession of Anjelica began. For collecting new materials the family visits the different countries. Several times - Canada, year in Israel where their children studied. In their last arrival to Quebec in 1972 Serge Golon (Vsevolod Golubinov) died of a stroke. He devoted the last years to painting, studying of paints and varnishes. Anne Golon continued a series already one, despite big problems with publishing houses.

It is difficult for me to count the number of all published books and the released movies about Anjelica. There is no wish to estimate the art value of this literary and cinema production for some reason. Perhaps, it ladies`, even boulevard. Perhaps. But it is - Anjelica of the 20th century, it is already taken place culture fact.

Anne Golon considers that “ Anjelica - an international image. But on character it is really most close to the Russian woman “. It is interesting whether is then in Zhoffrey de Peyrac`s image of a hyphen of Vsevolod Golubinov? In novels Anjelica continuously left the husband, lost him, in life Anne and Serge Golon were unseparable.

Entertainingly whether there will be still some Anjelica in the future? The beauty - the adventurer loving the husband - this image was demanded. Why - it is difficult to explain. But the last century was so rich in unusual real biographies that thought up did not surprise, and “were read out“ with pleasure.

Anjelica`s image (First), from ancient Italian poems is considered a classical image of art and literature, enters all encyclopedias. It is interesting how the image composed by the French writer and the Russian geologist will be perceived through many generations?