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Whether we will cure female alcoholism?

Drunk, in an unconsciousness the man roll where - nibud under a shop in park. We got used to such pictures long ago. They - as if part of world around as trees, buses, stray dogs and cats. But if the place under a shop is taken by the drunk woman …

From where “ears“ female alcoholism grow? The woman, apparently, should not accept alcohol a priori. She is a mother (or future mother), the hostess in the house, the keeper of the family center. It has to be healthy, accurate, beautiful, at last! And what the uncombed, hardly moving language alcoholic can have beauty?

Experts - narcologists claim that roots of female alcoholism - in disappointment in life and impossibility to solve daily (and more global) problems. However, to men there is the same. Only the woman, owing to features of the organism, is involved in alcoholism much quicker.

To take, for example, the housewife. Shop - kitchen - washing - an ironing - cleaning. Routine, generally. Gray daily occurrence, and any entertainments, bright positive emotions which are so necessary to each of us. And hit the bottle - and an order! The world played multi-colored paints, life seems is not so bad. And it is imagined itself by not slaughtered gray mouse, and the heroine who “gave to the husband the best years of life“. So more simply. So more quietly.

In a “vigorous“ state of intoxication it is possible to be proud of the former progress and achievements, it is possible not to be afraid of the husband, tired and angry after work, and to be oneself. It is possible even to call and make an appointment to the former lover, and even to get new. To spit a pile of neglazheny linen, not to weld the first - everything becomes possible!

And next morning the head and the fingers are all thumbs hurts. There is a wish for nothing, nothing is impossible. Everything is bad again, worse than ever. But if a little to drink … Absolutely slightly - slightly! For “a tone raising“, for health, so to speak …

this Sore, unfortunately, is not up to the end studied by experts. Someone considers that genetic predisposition, psychological features of the personality “is guilty“, and someone in general believes that it not a disease, but “a nonsense and a whim“.

- Never to become me the alcoholic, it is simply impossible, - the familiar narcologist in private conversation told me somehow. - You understand, I do not perceive alcohol, such here feature of an organism at all. I will drink a liqueur glass of good wine at the holiday table, and to me it becomes bad, to sleep I leave. And my guests have fun, jokes tell, remember youth, songs sing. To them it is good!

But my acquaintance - an exception to the rules. Such reaction of an organism to alcohol - a big rarity. And if to begin to take alcohol almost daily, any can become an inveterate drunkard, and, for a short time: of half a year till two years. And it is not important that the lady uses: expensive cognac, good wine, cheap beer or the diluted alcohol. End one: hangover. With the dreary head, nausea, the shivering hands and invariable desire to drink. To drink at any cost.

Whether female alcoholism is so curable? “Yes!“ - one experts are firmly convinced. “Is not present!“ - chorus others exclaim.

Practice shows that treatment is possible. But - only one price: full refusal of alcohol. And any “Only only one liqueur glass, for the company!“! Even the drop of wine can lead the woman to new hard drinking.

I heard two very good phrases from women who recognized themselves dependent. “The former alcoholics are not“ and “I am an alcoholic for this reason I do not drink!“. And if to adopt them, then female alcoholism - is completely curable!