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Beauty is not happiness: how one is connected with another?

On the facts of an ekonomiks are known that externally attractive people get paid 20% above people with ordinary appearance, and they work for 20% easier, than all others. Though it is possible to argue with such statistics. For example, we take Hollywood stars: at them the transcendental income, but a profession of the actor it is impossible to call easy is a permanent job over itself, and some shootings are similar to torture. Nevertheless, beauty meets for 99% more often in spheres with pleasant working conditions. You saw at least one handsome working in a ditch or beauties - cleaners?

Handsome men and women are more successful in life - it is the fact. Because everywhere the person “is met on clothes“ - appearance. Beauty, certainly, is more important for the woman, than for the man. It is caused socially - ethical feature in society - patriarchy. If the woman is beautiful, then it is quite enough not to pay attention to such shortcoming as mind. Except beauty, it is necessary for the man bigger: that it was noticed and he could succeed in career. And all - to the handsome - men with smaller abilities is given a step of a career ladder easier, than to professionals ordinary by sight. Analysts counted that handsome men 12% faster do the career in the first 5 years of work.

Why people so appreciate external data of the person? Scientists made a set of the experiments confirming the fact that the person has a congenital thirst for fine. In one experiment showed to babies photos of handsome and ugly men and women. It turned out that babies considered attractive faces by 8 times longer, without tearing off a look from a card.

There is a hypothesis confirming the fact why people “prefer“ externally beautiful people. It is caused by the genetic choice. Beauty - a sign of health and good genes. As one of the defining factors of actions of the person is the libido attractive is and there will always be beautiful people. That is why people receive bonuses in life for the appearance.

Whether the clothes influence beauty? The good clothes hiding shortcomings and emphasizing advantages, certainly, do the person more nice. It is noticed that the person - the most significant part of a body of the person defining his beauty. Women concerning men have more chances to make the person beautiful - to use a make-up. And all - any ton of “plaster“ will not be able to make regular features. In fashion always natural beauty.