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Whether it is worth corresponding with the prisoner?

A are a lot of the women who were desperate to meet second half and romantically the adjusted girls, are solved on it. Find the announcement in the newspaper, begin to correspond, then try to obtain personal appointment whether go to the world`s end … So it is healthy and unsafe

- to meet on correspondence the person serving sentence in “places of confinement“?

On the one hand, it is very merciful - to support the person deprived of freedom and many other benefits of a civilization. At most of prisoners touch with the outside world is at all lost. Someone was initially lonely, the family refuses someone even during trial. Friends, as a rule, are not available for them, there are only “accomplices“ who also serve sentence in some other colony. Behind a fence prisoners can learn about the events only from telecasts. And here letters “from outside“, from not the offender, the third-party person, will come in handy. It as a breath of fresh air at the exit from the crowded, smelly chamber.

The Russian women got used to be characterized for some reason only by lines of the nekrasovsky poem: the pier, and a horse will stop, and in the burning log hut … Why it is always forgotten that our woman is indefinitely patient and compassionate? Here in it is that weak place of the Russian woman. And most of prisoners are well informed on it and with might and main use female weaknesses.

What is cost by sentimental letters on a bitter sudbinushka and an unfair sentence to it, the innocent! Or protected honor of the woman, or undertook fault of the friend. There are, of course, other options. But all of them that the prisoner is not guilty at all, and militia and the prosecutor together with the judge - monsters terrible which if only to set the good person for a lattice. And the family - monsters, believed the prosecutor and refused him, unfortunate. Therefore he starves, there is nothing to smoke, warm things is mute … the Russian woman begins to collect by

I quickly parcels, tearing off the last pennies from the cheap salary. Cigarettes, tea, stewed meat, crackers, warm things …

Very few people from them know that letters are composed collectively, all chamber. That decades exist sample, prepared a story about a hard share of the prisoner. That, receiving response letters with sincere warm words, read them aloud as entertainment. Also laugh, all chamber too. And as have fun when parcels come … And the woman waits. Waits when already favourite, the best on light and the innocent is released. Represents how it will warm soul unfortunate as they will well begin to live together …

I here at darling the imprisonment term comes to an end. Also it turns out that it has a wife who waits, and a couple of kids … for

Unfortunately, I know what I speak about. Itself worked in women`s penal colony several years the teacher of Russian and literature at evening school “behind a prickle“. And well I remember the indignation when girls approached me with requests to help to write “pismishko for the sucker“. Also we live near maximum security penal colony, in the settlement where full - it is full of raskonvoynik (prisoners who work at a factory behind the territory of a zone, coming back only to morning and evening checks). I am known, greet many as if with respectable neighbors. So it has not simply heard a lot about their cynicism, and well studied it.

By the way, the most “cool man“ the one who will swindle bigger quantity of “lokhushka“ on correspondence is considered, so, will receive more parcels from all corners of Russia.

And now history “on snack“, so to speak. As they say, it would be ridiculous if it is not so sad.

My neigbour, 40 - the summer woman three times was married, and it is unsuccessful. One drank, another beat, the third walked. Also she got acquainted with a raskonvoynik who had 2 years until the end of term. He practically lived at Tatyana. Clear business, ate, received from it good new clothes, well and, of course, a portion of caress and sex. It was released. Noted. “Darling“ cleaned its apartment and moved home … It was necessary to specify that Tatyana at that time was … police officer at mayorsky shoulder straps! From bodies it was “asked“, of course. Well though what pension managed to earn …

So, maybe, the answer to the question “Whether It Is Worth Beginning Correspondence with the Prisoner“ is already clear? Or still someone wants to be influenced by all “delights“ of such communication?