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Boiled! Or why we do not appreciate work?

“Art begin with respect for things“ (who told, I do not remember)

Wants to be continued, not only art, but also many other things in the person. I warn not to the coast, it will be chaotic.

to me T. Dreiser`s hero stuck in memory. To the old man who left bottoms would get / at boots of the successful son-in-law - the financier. They to it were rather small, but he was so glad to a new thing that bravely paced and proved that they just right, in any case, will be distributed over time.

Ya already undersigned for sympathies for natives of Russia in New - York. They assembled the thrown-out electronics and so forth, repaired it and sold at the similar price.

There is a popular shop “Tryoft - a Stor“. There hand over, the things which became unnecessary it is free, and sell at ridiculous, low prices In the same place. Than we there only did not do shopping! There really antiquarian things on cheap stuff meet.

But how many, I emphasize, THINGS, - good, suitable in which diligent work and inspiration is enclosed, vanish irrevocably in the abyss of dumps? Or utilization of cars. Entirely, even on the run of carat turns into fritter under a press. It seems to me that the good, red-hot, not used up glasses of cars shout and are indignant: “For what? Why? We still can serve decades! You will think, not that form or the size? What it is worth adjusting to them a new concept - carat?“.... Also A. Voznesensky`s lines are remembered: “It is possible and not to be the poet,//But it is impossible to be silent, understand,//As light strip,//Pinched by doors shouts.“ Only to replace a strip with glass under a press.

In Russia it is declared and began as - as if the program of delivery old on gingerbreads for purchase of new cars. As they are undressed there that goes on zap. parts? My IMHO. The car should count on operation with a guarantee not less than 10 years, with views of replacement of units and even on their updating. There is a wish to cite as an example sewing machines of Zinger. Some old women in 100 years regularly sew

to me it seems that people were jammed by high technological effectiveness of production of things, it would be time to regard as of paramount importance other priorities and values. With ease unusual people throw out valuable things.

Our market is adjoined by a number of offices and services (mail, a hairdressing salon and so forth, to ten). On them the wave of repairs, replacements and updates is regularly rolled. On backs at them - waste which I do not disdain “to monitor“ 2 big containers for garbage. I do not speak about sound wood of packings. Recently I caught rich trophies, somehow: electro - mobile Father Frost more than a meter high, 5 greenish, with air drawing of spring flowers of cups with Retrone U brand *, CHINA. And also 4 it is transparent - glass a wine glass in a form of a nozzle of Loval, the fact that it is necessary for beer - now decoration of a holiday table.

At the place of residence falls intermittently too. Absolutely small repair was necessary for the rotary shaking chair from a twisted rod, pulls on the antiquary specifically. Simply Venetian rocking-chair with a fresh back and a seat of juicy color became decoration of my canopy luxurious in every respect too.

The minimum of signs is already gathered, it is time to be rounded. So we have in draft?

As a call, as hippie as relic, from civilization depth a protest against callousness to things, to work, the fashion on shabby jeans, on shaggy peaks of baseball caps was. It is good to extrapolate it to cars, etc. valuable things.

But under laws of a genre we will return to nashay rams - boots. In the mentioned container, among ware I caught sound (but slightly rather big) a black left shoe. Numerous searches of right were not crowned with success and it appeared in “database“. A little bit later on the way for work I looked for a boot on a roadside. For about a week later from work I drove into a reserve lane and took a desired boot. Kakaye happiness! It was just on a leg, but brown and, the main thing, on the right leg. Askancing at torn jeans, remembering the old man Dreiser, I completed couple, having tied freely laces not to bend putting. Now I have a sharmovy couple from sound, soft, convenient shoes for an exit in St., on the yard. Annoyingly, nobody notices, appreciates.