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Whether it is necessary to place the photo in the summary?

Existence or lack of the photo - at first sight, not the most important in the summary. However under certain circumstances it is quite capable to change the decision of the employer concerning that, to invite you to interview or not.

Whether so has to is present at CV the photo? Some career consultants consider that it is wrong to place a photo in the summary. Others have nothing against. Actually definite answer does not exist: it depends on many factors.

If the employer asks to attach the photo to the summary, then unambiguously it is necessary. Pay only attention to one very important thing: the photo has to correspond to to its mission. It means that photos in a house situation or on vacation, too frivolous or, for example, deliberately studio, glamourous, etc. will not approach. Let it will be better a modest qualitative photo in office clothes and a situation, with a pleasant look and a faint benevolent smile.

If you have no such photo, it is necessary to make it. Or then it is better to send CV without photo.

Certainly, all aforesaid belongs also to photos in the questionnaires posted on the websites on work.

Let`s say you were already photographed in the necessary style as I stated above. Well, then it is possible to insert the photo into the summary safely. But only pay attention to the following important circumstance: how you will deliver it to employers?

If by e-mail, then it is necessary to reduce previously the photo that the file with CV was not too “heavy“. Besides that it will create an excess traffic to you and the employer, it also a bad form.

Perhaps, you want to unpack the summary and to bring it to the employer or to recruitment agency personally or surface mail. In this case it is necessary to take care that the printer was rather good and did not spoil your view of photos.

And here by fax the summary with the photo will not be suitable for sending : quality will be awful. So on this case it is necessary to have the same summary, but without photo .

One more situation is also possible. It can turn out that at the employer the printer badly prints. Well, in this case, probably, just not on the cards.

What pluses presence at the summary of the correct photo?

I will begin with the fact that everything that allocates your summary against the “sample“ others, already well in itself. Thanks to the photo your summary can be remembered and quicker be found better among the mass of others in case of need.

Certainly, the good photo in the summary will help you to get a job if appearance is important for this vacant post. For example, for secretaries, promoters, selling assistants, etc. of

Also on many positions where more skilled and adult employees are required, presentable appearance the worker, nevertheless, is very important for employers.

If you are a nice girl, and the employer - the man, then it also increases chances that will pay attention to your summary. However, not all recruiters and employers - men so the photo in the summary can to you and prevent.

Well, I wish you good luck in job search!