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Why to blink headlights, to hoot and show a fig? To drivers on a note of

“The passer drove will blink to me headlights,

to Know, ahead of traffic police with a radar …“

Sergey Trofimov. From the song “Long-range“.

Advised to write this short reference book me an interesting case.

We go somehow on “Gazelle“, the driver driving and I sit next. Suddenly abrupt BMW, a bibiknula overtakes us to draw attention, and … the driver cocked at us a snook, also twisted them in air. “There is a freak!“ - I managed to think only, and drove already turned on a roadside. Stopped, the driver jumped out. I too after it.

“Indeed“ - the driver told, feeling a hand a back wheel rather space between wheels. Got into a cabin, took out a jack and mount. Raised slightly, turned a double wheel and picked out mount the enormous cobble-stone which got stuck in space between tires. It is possible to assume only how many troubles so weighty “pebble“ could make, take off it for an inopportune moment in a windshield of the car going behind.

But from where drove knew that the fig shown - not an insult, namely the stone clamped between two tires. I ask … “So all know it. Here if he just down points a finger, this wheel is punched. And the fico to mean, clamped a stone. Put palms - spread out - the box opened. I too always it … I will blink headlights if GAI officers stand and if to thank, I will blink an emergency signal.“

Here it, driver`s solidarity. To be more exact, only driver`s brotherhood clear language. And that not all. The car, of course, is not able to speak simple human language. We do not take an exception with “matyugalnik“ of type of gaishny and other special vehicles into account.

Than we can tell something to other participants of traffic? The choice at us is rather poor. Whatever was the abrupt car, to tell something to other people sitting at wheels of counter and passing cars we can only what is visible and heard on the road, and and during the movement too. A driving and passing beam, an emergency signal, indexes of turns, feet - signals, a sound signal (horn), well and hands. It is possible to use also what is in a luggage carrier, but about it later.

So, went.

1. One short blinking driving beam. Sense double: or ask to pay attention, or thank, like “understood, thanks“. On the future - a driving beam it is better “not to tell thanks“. Accident can happen. Better an emergency signal shortly to blink.

2. Two short blinkings driving beam. Well, hto does not know it! Ahead danger, most often gaishny ambush. Well, and generally it is the international sign “reduce speed“. It is clear, in my opinion, to drivers of the whole world.

If with a double driving beam the oncoming car includes the index of turn, so from this side of the road a militia ambush or other danger.

There is an example: I turn somehow from the route on the asphalt road going turn to a hole, speed under one hundred after the route - that. And from - for turn “Zhiguli“ very quietly turns out. Two times distant blinked. Then blinker left. I dumped speed to thirty. You never know... And behind turn “KamAZ“ with metal turned over, did not fit into turn. All asphalt in pieces of iron. Moreover crane, traffic police, “ambulance“. It is possible to go only on a roadside of an oncoming lane. As I thanked then the driver of this “Zhiguli“! God grant to it everything, everything, only.

3. Short signal distant in a back. Ask to pass. If you do not hurry, pass, maybe, really it is necessary to the person. Only consider, also fans of autosetups often use this signal: behind someone asks to pass, distant blinks, and on the right expensive foreign car with in advance broken glass or the split bumper. If you do not want to pass, quickly press a brake that worked stop - signals, but you do not brake. It is checked, behind will lag behind. You brake and to whom hunting to your back to drive.

By the way if you are overtaken by the truck, especially in a night-time, blink distant when overtaking is complete and the truck can be reconstructed in the right row. Often simply it is not visible to the driver of the truck whether it is possible to be reconstructed.

4. Short distant signal sideways. Ask to pass. Or you ask. This signal when it is necessary to join a dense stream on the loaded street is especially good. You blink distant, you ask to pass. Somebody yes will brake, will pass. Let not the first car and even not the second. As a signal to the admission serves decrease in its speed or reciprocal flash by a driving beam that means “pass, I concede“.

5. To blink or to blink twice an emergency signal - a sign of gratitude or an apology. Only it is not necessary more, will think that at you really something broke.

6. A frequent blinking of headlights of counter cars - “switch off distant, blinds“. Or with light of headlights something not as it should be. Still so can warn about danger ahead.

7. Short beep - usually a gratitude sign.

it is pleasant to b to hear such. But not always. Sometimes bibikat to draw attention, for example, to point out malfunction.

8. Blinkers. Usually for information blinkers are used by drivers of long-range trucks, trucks and buses on narrow roads. If at the ahead truck the left blinker continuously blinks, so it is impossible to overtake! If the right blinker continuously started blinking - it is possible to overtake.

Well I will also repeat. If with a double driving beam the oncoming car includes the index of turn, so from this side of the road a militia ambush or other danger.

9. Gestures it is possible to show a lot of things too. the Hand spins and shows down - the wheel is lowered.

Will point to a roadside (will usually draw still attention with light of headlights or short beep) - at your car malfunction, it is necessary to stop.

Clap a palm in air - the luggage carrier is open.

A fig in your party - the stone in a wheel got stuck. Well, if you have a car with such wheels - “Gazelle“, the truck, the bus.

10. Objects in a luggage carrier. If you broke and stand on a roadside (it is necessary to include an emergency signal at once and to expose a sign of an emergency stop), let passing know that broke. If gasoline came to an end, vote with the canister in a hand. If it is necessary to take your car on a tow - swing a cable. There is no key necessary in a set - wave a key in a hand etc. of

Yes, of validity these “rules“ have no. And still, knowing them, you will avoid many troubles. Perhaps, very serious.

Still it is necessary to know one simple thing - for many such “signs“ it is possible to receive from inspectors of our valorous traffic police not sickly. And not in good sense, and just the opposite. So, for a double blinking a driving beam you can be made responsible under the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offenses. “Article 12. 20. Violation of the rules of use of external light devices, sound signals, alarm system or sign of an emergency stop. “ Esteem, it is useful.

And at parting I want to tell - do not hope for others. You will not always be understood, especially women and the beginning drivers. Try to go by rules. Traffic regulations are thought up not by GAI officers that with drove money more to take, and blood and someone`s lives. In millions of lives! Exceptions, of course, happen, emergencies and obvious psychopaths on the road presently today meet much more often than earlier.