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Whether there is an advantage from fruktovo - tea drinks?

were widely adopted so-called “fruktovo Recently - tea drinks“, intended as advertizing goes on, for improvement of health, freshness, cheerfulness etc. Personally existence of such drinks always was boundless surprising to me. Well, actually, why to package some tea drinks in beautiful small bottles if it is always possible to make fresh tea though usual though with addition of fruit?

Always it seemed to me that it - for lazy: absolutely grew lazy, even do not want to make tea, here they also were given such help. But at the same time it is known: useful properties of freshly brewed tea remain no more than 30 minutes then tea becomes useless, and even harmful. I and scalded tea with taste something, especially in bags, never buy as I suspect chemical additives. And here ready tea in a small bottle - strange somehow.

Initially producers fruktovo - tea drinks presented them as useful replacement (alternative) to carbonated drinks like “Forfeits“, “Pepsi“, “The cook - Coca“ etc. However it turned out that on structure new drinks are very similar to aerated water. That is it is the same product of chemical production, as well as the listed aerated water, but even more useless, and even harmful. These drinks contain the minimum quantity of the declared components, but excessively there is a lot of sugar.

Actually as established the organizations for consumer protection in the laboratories, instead of fruit chemical fragrances are applied there, and there sometimes it is even less than 1% of tea. The German experts also carried out the analysis of structure fruktovo - tea drinks. According to them, practically all these drinks are obliged by the taste to artificial fragrances. Sometimes for improvement of taste are used a hibiscus (a karkada, the Chinese rose), a dogrose, an orange dried peel, apples, but in very insignificant quantities. Experts noted also that these drinks do not render any special positive effect. So if tea is called fruit, it does not mean at all that in it there are a lot of vitamins. And they are not in these drinks at all.

In practice on the structure fruktovo - tea drinks are a same aerated water. There is no tea in them from 1 to 15%, fruit at all. There are there also no antioxidants similar to that contain in natural freshly brewed tea. And in the majority there are no traces of extracts of fruit even. Buyers fruktovo - tea drinks are in many respects guilty. They give in to the colourful advertizing flowing from all mass media, but are lazy to read even the structure of a product written on all labels.

And you read, and at once everything will become clear to you. And if at least one component of a product is designated as substitute something, “similar natural“, just do not buy - you are inflated. Even cold tea of house preparation if it costs more than 30 minutes, is unhealthy. Its use can lead, in particular, to formation of stones in kidneys and mochetochnik. And it is necessary to you? Therefore it is recommended to drink only freshly brewed tea and not to leave it as sometimes it is accepted, in a scalded teapot “for later“ at all. Are not lazy, make fresh!

Thus, fruktovo - tea drinks do the same harm to health, as well as aerated water of “Forfeit“, “Pepsi“, Kok - a stake“ and others, come to us from the “rotting“ West. And advertizing of these drinks - pure trick. If you like in tea taste of fruit (what personally I do not understand, well brewing tea is tasty in itself), it is better to prepare the real tea most, adding to it dried fruit and herbs, than to drink excessively high-calorie drinks with artificial additives.

By the way, me brought as a gift from Bashkiria a thyme recently, it is necessary to try it with tea. Speak, useful (the people do not lie)! So, according to brothers Strugatsky, “if you want forces moral and physical to protect, drink juice natural, strengthening a breast and shoulders!“. Because natural products it is always better than artificial substitutes!