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Salads with female names: let`s try? From “Carolina“ to “Rita - Margarita“ Somebody read

at B. Raynov “Typhoons with female names“? It is the detective and, in my opinion, cool. But, I will repeat, among the salads called in honor of ladies, there is nothing shattering. From “And“ to “And“ we already walked, a pace “three crosses“, and rushed now more precisely, having slightly taken rest, we can continue.


Carolina - the name meaning “queen“. The salad called in her honor includes generally fruit. We take on couple of bananas, apples and pears, we clear of a peel, and apples and pears - and of a core, we slice, we water with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, we connect to straws from sheet salad, we fill with 4 tablespoons of sour cream. Ksyush`s

Ksenia - “the guest, a chuzhestranka“. The name came from the south Latin countries. It is no wonder that in salad execution of Ksyush does not do without walnuts (1 glass), dried apricots and raisin (on 150 g). But at first it is necessary to boil 2 chicken breasts and 4 eggs; to pickle couple of bulbs cut on half rings, having taken 15 - 20 minutes in vinegar or lemon juice (it is possible to add a salt pinch, 1 h a spoon of sugar, a little vegetable oil).

When everything is ready, small we cut meat on pieces, eggs - on cubes. Firm cheese (150 g) we rub, we crumble nuts, we cut dried apricots for strips, we drench raisin with boiled water. And then we connect all products, we dress with mayonnaise and we mix. “Ksyush“ looks elegantly with jewelry from dried apricots and greens. Salatik of “Lyubash“ to prepare Lyubash`s


as easy as shelling pears. It is enough to give a hand and to get from the shelf on a jar of red beans in own juice and sweet corn, to dress with mayonnaise and to strew with croutons with taste of bacon or a jelly and horse-radish, and is not present, so to prepare garlick.

the Marine

the Name the Marine is translated to

as “sea“. Strangely enough, salad provides exclusively “overland“ ingredients in my collection, namely: 300 - 400 g of chicken fillet and as much - grapes, leaves of 1 kochanchik of the Beijing cabbage (only leaves!) and glass of ground pistachios.

We fry chicken fillet with rosemary, and so far it is cooled, we cut in noodles the Beijing cabbage and in half - vinogradinka (without stones). We undress meat on cubes and we connect to other products, we strew with pistachios, we dress with mayonnaise, - and all this: “Marine“ before you.


is a lot of

of Treatments of value of Maria, including: rejected or rejecting, bitter, sad, stubborn, favourite and, at last, by orthodox tradition - madam. And Marusya is a tender and simple address. Salad is simple and traditional on structure too.

For it it is required to take half a kilo of champignons (and I did with honey agarics once - is not worse at all), 2 - 3 bulbs, as much salty or pickles and boiled eggs, it is slightly more - potatoes (3 - 4 pieces) too boiled (or baked).

We fry mushrooms with the crushed onions and when cool down, we add the potatoes cut with cubes, eggs, cucumbers and we dress with mayonnaise to taste. Perhaps, you cooked such salad more than once, only did not know that it is “Marusya“.


of Recipes of salad, called in honor of Nadezhda is, a lot of, but I most of all like the fact that less others it is known. It prepares from 200 g of boiled fast pork, on 1 piece of a green radish and carrots, 100 g of salty ilimarinovanny mushrooms, 3 - 4 garlic gloves. Well, and how many to put salts, pepper and greens, let everyone solve.

Meat, vegetables and mushrooms is cut by straws, we add to them the garlic passed through a press, we dress with mayonnaise, we salt, we pepper and it is mixed. Here, actually, and all. It was necessary to decorate, at least with the same greens.


the Semantic basis of Anastasius - revival. Salatik “Nastya“ is simple in preparation and does not demand availability of numerous ingredients. It is enough to have on 4 tomatoes and boiled eggs, 100 g of cheese, a glass of sour cream, well, and on a trifle: salt, greens and spices to taste. But I add still the scalded rings of a bulb and grated garlic.

We cut tomatoes and eggs circles, by a carpet it is spread on a dish, prisalivay and we fill in with sour cream mix with cheese (here in it I also put onions with garlic). From above - clear business - greens, chopped or branches as it will be wished. Natali`s

Natalya is “natural“, “native“ and as “where on inventions the nature is liberal …“, salatik, podobayushche to this statement, it is unusual, though quite just in preparation.

We cut smoked chicken quarter without stone thin straws, as well as 1 sweet pepper (cleaned, of course). We add 100 g of cubes of sheep cheese and slices or cubes of 1 jar of tinned pineapples without syrup. We stack on lettuce leaves and we water with mayonnaise to taste - a continuous skaterka, a setochka or somehow differently. Oksana

we Take

200 g of red beans (or welded with own hand, or from banks) and we fry with small chopped bulb and largely shabby carrots. Having cooled, we add shredded walnuts (1 - 2 tablespoons), grated garlic (1 - 2 clove), lemon juice (1 tablespoon). We salt and pepper to taste, we mix. That`s all.


Is considered

that this name - derivative of the Scandinavian Helge, i.e. the Saint. It is known that Saints on the guilty earth always preferred to refined food simple. Here, maybe, therefore and salatik on structure approaches to be called as “Olga“. Only it is also necessary: to crumble 2 boiled eggs, 2 pickles and greens to taste, to chop firm cheese (50 - 70 g) on small cubes, to add the garlic glove passed through a press, to dress with mayonnaise (1 - 2 tablespoons), to mix and strew with croutons, house garlick or store, then - with taste of cheese. Pamela

the name Pamela (“pigeon“) adjusts

on exotic. And precisely: salatik for raseysky edges - it is not enough to tell - it is unusual. I would give it also the interlinear name “rub on two hundred“ as the main products: firm cheese, mango and fresh cucumbers undertake in number of 200 g. The kiwi and sauce, but about it - is required still, however, a bit later.

At first we cover a dish cheese straws, from above we have cucumbers grated largely, on them thin slices of the mango peeled of a peel and a stone (oh, I do not love this occupation). Now - small crumbled kiwis, 3 - 4 pieces. Having slightly salted, we water turned sour - sweet sauce in which it is mixed a half-glass of pineapple juice, a teaspoon of soy sauce and a pinch of black ground pepper (on the fan: it is possible to add half a teaspoon of tomato paste or as much - the French mustard).

Rita - Margarita

Margarita on semantic value of a name - a pearl. In salad as “pearls“ halves of ten quail eggs and small marinated onions which are called cocktail will act (100 - 200, depending on your taste). Bought in shop earlier and marveled why it is expensive and when decided to make, so far cleaned then and understood all).

Will shade “pearls“ at us segments of the tomatoes peeled of a thin skin (it is scalded also under cold water that it was easy to remove it) and kernels of sweet corn (1 jar). That salad looked “picturesquely“, we spread on a dish: carpet from lettuce leaves on which randomly we have ingredients and we strew with greens and spices to taste. We salt, we water with lemon juice (1 tablespoon) and vegetable oil.

* * *

Well, well, - we will finish the review next time, huh?